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The Bird and the Cat

artwork by Rita - poem by Zeke
The Bird and the Cat
I met this lovely lady...I don't think that she knows
she's the last thing that I thought of as my day drew to a close...
last night and then this morning, her image brushed my mind.
And in between, the sweetest dream and memories of kind.
In my dream, I think in Spring, we took a tranquil hike
I've lived so much in Fall and Winter, I forgot what Spring was like.
We walked along a riverbed, my hand she held so tight.
And as we stopped to hear our hearts, we held an uncommon sight.
A fallen bird had broke its wing and lay in disarray.
A Cheshire cat had picked it up to carry it away.
The cat, itself was scared and hurt. It needed help, I thought.
It climbed a tree up to a nest and released the bird it caught.
I said at first, 'How could this be? A cat would help a bird?'
and then my lady turned to me and this is what I heard.
"There are those who go through life and live on other's pride.
And then the other pays them back by casting them aside.
And then there's those who are themselves afflicted with the worst
but put aside their own distress to help another first."
I pondered on these words of hers but still could not believe
a cat would rather help a bird than ignore its plight and leave
or maybe even take advantage and cause that bird great harm.
But once again I felt her hand. She noted my alarm ...
and told me 'I see you have a grave concern to heed.
It's not so hard to understand the bird in desperate need
but for the cat who has a need as great or even more
to not only to help the bird but its instinct to ignore.
Expecting no return itself, its nature did transform.
Its instinct was destroyed, you see, by one who caused it harm.'
And so I finally understood the message told by her
to recognize the pain of those who now are where you were.
She said that she must leave me then but if I'd say a prayer
for all the people who need help to find the way out there.
And now if for a little while, those sweet dreams could be real,
and if she only knew the joy, the happiness I'd feel,
to live a life just like the dream so I could hear the word
where people find the way to love ...and a cat would help a bird.
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