Sympathetic Vibratory Physics- It's a Musical Universe!

Mind-Centered Thought-Ring

of Motion as Electric Current

SVPcosmos2 - A. Magnified thought-rings moving around Mind-Source.
B. A sliced section of an electric current, illustrating motion around its Source of energy from which it was extended.
C. An electric current sent through a solid cable of this dimension would be a series of rings, like A and B. It would be a very weak current for there would be a large hole of no-motion within it. page 195, Atomic Suicide?
A. Is the common vortex configuration. C. Is another view from the side. How close the center is to the periphery determines frequency, size, density or pressure. The center is motionless while the periphery is in motion proportionately to its distance from the center. See Next Image. DP 11/26/00

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