Sympathetic Vibratory Physics- It's a Musical Universe!

Mind-Centered Thought-Ring

Size Proportionate to Rotation

SVPcosmos3 - A. represents [relatively] low potential. The gradual increase in power of expressing the energy extended from the Source, is in direction B->C-> and D. Motion multiplies as thought intensity becomes concentrated, or as electric rings become compressed [assimilated to center]. Great expression of Mind-energy by electric motion as speed of centripetal force is multiplied. Life itself is possible only through fast motion around its energy Source. Every creating thing in nature multiplies its life processes in direction from A to D. It then multiplies its death processes in the direction from D to A. page 195, Atomic Suicide?
The configuration of energy patterns pictured above apply to any and all forms of matter. A molecule is simply the same energy under less centripetal (assimilative) influence than an atom or sub-atomic unit which moves faster still. This pattern is represented in the Chart of Matter and Energy. DP 11/26/00

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