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Text: The Perendev Motor appears to be back up. Michael James Brady appears to have significant backing Even NASA is interested in his revolutionary designs. Brady's heart is in the right place. He is designing 'technology' to be earth and people friendly. Their address is: Perendev Power International.AG 100 Auen Str, Muchen [Germany] 80469 Munich Office telephone +4989 720 1360; Fax +4989 720 13615; All the Best, Leslie R. Pastor PS: EADS (the European NASA equivalent] has agreed to partnership with Perendev. They have provided their research facilities to Brady and his new team which is based in Munchen [Munich] Germany. They have already been approached by an interested industrialist to set up a major manufacturing facility in Hamburg to mass produce the Perendev motors. Research [replication of perendev motor design] Minding the Planet Magnets Don't Demagnetize when kept within their ratings: Brady Responds to Email Question. Motor Homes Newsletter [French] [French] Investment Opportunities: $3250 for a block of 5 shares; $3.25 million for 5000 shares; Only 10% private investment is currently anticipated.. Source:

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