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Quantum Arithmetic?
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What is Quantum Arithmetic?
by Ben Iverson

Quantum Arithmetic is a system of mathematics which is cohesive and comprehensive. It uses a natural number system which uses a number base of all of the prime numbers which occur in its particular problem of the moment. All numbers in this number base are interlocked in a geometric arrangement.

There are sixteen primary identities. The first four are given the identity of "a", "b" "e" and "d". These, in the order of b-e-d-a , are the roots of its given problem, and become the number base. The other twelve permanent identities are the upper case letters A through L. They are combinations, in various ways, of the first four base, (or root) numbers, and are usually considered as one dimension, or more, higher than the base identities. They will denote linear dimension, surface areas, or volumes, for the three standard dimensions above the roots.

There is also one dimension below the "roots" b, e, d, and a. They are called "quaternions", and are the square roots of the root numbers. In conventional mathematics, these are called "Gaussian Integers". They are integers, only when their base number is a perfect square.

A problem in Quantum Arithmetic is well defined when any two of the root values, and their position are defined.

A problem can also be well defined and solvable when only one of the upper case identities is assigned a value and the name of that identity. All of the values within a given problem in Quantum Arithmetic are so intertwined that there are hundreds of ways to solve any given problem.

(Click here to see Dale Ponds notes on Quantum Arithmetic.)


by Ben Iverson

Global geometry is a system of geometric figures which are related in the discipline of Quantum Arithmetic. The Quantum Number for one figure is the same Quantum Number for all geometric figures. That is to say, a single quantum number defines the magnitude of the measurements, as they are related between themselves.

The different geometric figures can be connected globally such that their dimensions are calculated once for all of the various shapes. The shapes used are: (1) Right triangles; (2) Equilateral triangles; (3) Isosceles Triangles; (4) Triplet circles; (5) Ellipses. Each shape is calculated from a single Quantum Number.

A Quantum Number consists of four integers in a configuration, such that the first added to the second equals the third; And the second added to the third equals the fourth integer. The one requirement is that the second and third integers of the Quantum Number must be prime to each other. These may be called as "Fibonacci Configuration". But more realistically, they derive from Euclid VII, Proposition 28. Under this terminology, the first and fourth integers become, "Sum and Difference" numbers somewhat like musical beat tones. There is evidence, these numbers were used as early as 2000 B. C. in the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus.

As used, here, the Quantum Number will also be considered as being the product of the four integers. This product is then analyzed to determine all of the prime numbers in its make-up. This is the point at which Harmonics is introduced by comparing the prime numbers in two different Quantum Numbers. The Quantum Number is the energy Wave. The prime number components are the "wavelets" which make up that wave. Ben Iverson.

The Future of Science

Ben Iverson

It now seems possible to recreate some of the "miracles" which appear in our ancient history;

1) Joshua was able to cause the walls around Jericho to crumble with a blast from trumpets.

2) Jacob was able to locate the site for a well where he had to chisel down through over one hundred feet of solid limestone to find a very good source of drinkable water. He did this with his rod and shepherds staff. This well still exists.

3) A great many of the Greek legends and fables actually happened quite like the way they are described. That is:

a) Hermes constructed a lyre which was able to force Apollos herd of cattle backward into the sea and drown.

b) The transmutation of elements was an accomplished fact in ancient times.

c) The philosophers stone was created many times in antiquity.

d) And this list can go on and on.

These things are within our grasp.


How do we know these things have a very high probability of having occurred? We can assume it because there is a form of mathematics which is beyond anything in common usage today.

This form of mathematics first replaces the rules of "First principles". These rules begin with such simple statements as:

1) "The sum of two odd numbers is always an even number." The proof of that is so simple that any student can reconstruct it.

2) Other general rules also apply. They come before Euclids proofs in geometry. One of these rules is that there are four types of number based on parity. One of its outcomes is that the square of any odd number is always a 4n+1 number, -- One of the four types of numbers. Another is that the product of any number of 4n+ numbers and an odd number of 4n-1 numbers is always a 4n-1 number.-- Another of the four types of number

Many other laws of "First Principles" are eventually recovered before we come to the essentials of Euclids Geometry. Each one of these Laws or "Principles" is defined precisely and proven soundly.

Then we go into Euclids Geometry. The four kinds of parity are described but are not explained, because the proofs come from "First Principles"

One of the first telling statements of Euclid is in Book VII Proposition 28. " When two numbers are prime to each other, their sum and their difference will be prime to both of them." This is the precise definition which Fibonacci should have used in his so-called Fibonacci Series. The results are what Fibonacci should have given us, but did not through no fault of his own. Had he used this definition the numbers he placed in a series, the results would not have been a series of numbers but a series of "4-integer groups" of numbers. It would include from ten times, to one humdred times as many combinations as Fibonaccis definition would ever yield.

Since this basic error is in the roots of our system of mathematics, and so basic, it causes a tremendous upheaveal in our whole system of science.

Who would ever think there is a system of mathematics which is completely foreign to our system of "Invented Mathematics"? It is so different and so simple that it is necessary to go back to the very beginnings and restudy our mathematics, before we can consider any real advancement in conventional science.

This restudy must begin at the level of Elementary School. All mathematics is intangible and metaphysical until we can apply it to material things. We enter the real and tangible world of this mathematics, when we discover its back bone lies buried in the system of Prime Pythagorean Triangles.

The system of Prime Pythagorean triangles forms a very orderly, but complex, arrangement of our number system. We find we can now be able to replicate, mathematically, the system of complex waves in a liquid when agitated by many input parameters. It can be replicated with an accuracy which conventional mathematics is unable to match.

That would be a very complex problem to solve, but there are many simpler uses where it can be applied.

By placing the Prime Pythagorean triangles in an orderly array, we learn, for the first time, the use and application of the prime number system, and the critical part it plays in natural mathematics.

We also learn for the first time, what absolutely accurate mathematics can do for us. The idea of the need for Quantum Sciences is an absolute necessity, in order to have, or Create, the orderly world about us. We can recreate the things which live only in our ledgends and fables. That is the world we are trying to study in our conventional sciences, and we are being successful.


Ben Iverson, (1985)

I was eager and young and searching for knowledge
Where best to search? I enrolled in a college.
The professor was quick with integrated array,
Statistics, and Matrix, Sets, Rings, and Boole

Tote up the polygon, Gross, Net, and Tare.
We extended the Powers; extracted the square;
Summed up the total for the integer where
The answers conflicted. The proof needs repair !

The Lemma was Euclids, a solution it lacks.
The deeper one probed, more shaky the facts.
Proofs became circular, all trivials drawn back.
Small things ignored, then white becomes black.

New terms were invented, great discoveries allege.
New symbols and forms, and new fields would fledge.
To enhance the math to the zenith of knowledge.
It grew by the year, -- more grants to the college.

Fields grew by the year, by the hour, the minute.
They passed a criteria, and exceeded their limit.
Like Zeno they sped, in search of the end.
Each step we progressed, -- paradox to amend.

Theres Plancks Constant, and pi, and LaGrangian spots.
There are circles to square, and points smaller than (. . . . )s.
We find secant, and cosine, and hyperbolic function,
Cube roots and quadratics, and lines that dont junction.

Dirichlet divergent, convergent; Roche Limit;
Rosser-Iwaniec Series; and a set with naught in it.
Greek letters; and Arabic; and sums analogues,
Hieroglyphs, and squiggles, for the math catalogues.

All this we had tried to improve,
With a rigor one could not disprove.
To Pythagoras I went,
On the Triangles descent,
And they formed a great mesh, interwove.

So this node was found,
And was on solid ground.
The Professor said, "How do you use it?"
Must it be of use,
Like a Christmas Goose?
I go back to the books and peruse it.

The Co-primality Problem, for Eulers great Function
Aliphatic chains discovered, for the toilers late unction,
Manifold; Global; Lie; and Abelian groups,
Trajectories; And mills; and coordinates for troops.

Singularities, discontinuous; Stable Diffeomorphisms;
Ellipsoids; eccentrics; declensions; and schisms.
Optics rectify photos, tip-tilt-swing and scale.
Where will it end and real knowledge prevail?

Distribution by parts, the areas bisection,,,
Integration by parts, and rotated projection,
Idempotents in rings, bifurcated resection,
Trisection of angles. How much is conjection?

Teichmullar Modular Groups, Quasimeromorphic mappings,
Oscillating exponentials, and Hilbert space trappings,
Degenerate differentials, and Hopf bifurcation,
Recombinant Inversion, and catalyzed differentiation.

By leaps and by bounds, the knowledge did grow.
Exponential growth, the knowledge did show.
Projected and figured, calculated, Hypothesized,
Balanced and numbered, And new Laws theorized.

So great seemed the knowledge, So profound seemed the proofs.
Mathematicians invented ! Could they never goof?
The answers seemed there, all prejudged and pat.
If paradox occurs they say "Thats not where it is at."

Where will it all end? What is the use?
Where is rigor found? Do we gain or lose?
I fumed and I fretted, and figured in vain.
Could it be stated differently, to make sense in the main?

Out of school to live, and to toil in world.
I thought that I should try and give it a whirl.
Math applied not to nature. I thought it that it should.
I backed up to look, and to see if it could.

I went back to Euclid, his lemma to prove,
With fractions and modules, and prime numbers remove.
Found natural numbering from Eratosthes sieve
Harmonic remainders, and did Samekh conceive.

I went back to Euclid, and to Plato too,
To do what they did, and to know what they knew.
The four number declension;
An independent dimension.
In their books numbered "seven" all of it was true.

So I found two more nodes
On these unknown roads,
And off to the Prof I flew.
" Twas all done by Gauss,
And Fourier and Strauss"
And he said, "What else is new?"

From "Samekh" to "Harmonics", tween business transactions,
"Exact Science of Antiquity", and Babylonian Fractions.
The "Elements" reviewed. Sir Thomas Heath is imputed.
The arguments of Fibonacci, are wholly refuted.

Prime numbers still puzzle, Pythagoras consulted.
The triangles intrigue, "beads" and "par numbers" resulted.
Read books and the records, and found only zeros
About Homer and Thales, and other Greek heroes.

Pythagoras, Socrates, and Plato first knew math.
"Twas Plato and Euclid which lighted the path.
Archimedes, and Nichomanchus, they carried the ball.
Rome burned Alexandria, cause the library did gall.

Much was put back together, a millennium hence,
A bit here, a bit there. It didnt make sense.
One must go into detail to get at the base
Of this whole mathematics, and give it its place.

Twas in Euclids books, papyrus burned in the fire.
The Crusades didnt help, nor the Spanish Empire.
China burned all their books, put scholars to sword.
Bishop Diego de Landa destroyed the Mayan word.

The Aztecs had knowledge, all destroyed and lost.
We say we are civilized, but such holocaust.
We know quite a bit, but is all of it true?
Our conceit may trap us. We must take a new view.

There was a gleam of light, which was brighter than bright,
And I followed the path where it led.
The proofs were all there in the ellipse and the square.
And the Prof found himself in dread.

He had long sought, a Unified Field for naught, in his hypothetical thoughts.
However, nothing would yield.
The proofs I applied, using Euclid my guide,
And there gleamed the Grand Unified Field.

I still had to fight, the Science Journals might.
Then they published a left hand compliment.
They cannot forestall the truth with a wall,
Which will foster scientific dissent.

Quantum Maths just an infant, theres so far to go.
If we nurse it along, we may see the whole show.
It is fluid and delicate, but can fleet in a trice,
The mathematicians are prideful, - their degrees at a price.

This book may preserve it, but not in our college
To be useful and helpful, and give us the knowledge,
Of the way things should be, and not subject to whim.
For Paradise Lost, the secrets within.

We need sum and difference and prime numbers too,
Along with multiplication to obtain answers true.
We need little more,
To rule the store,
Of the true natural math which the ancients knew.

This leads into science in all its implications,
Solves all of its problems; Puts each in its station,
As part of the whole of which it is a part,
So, even in Science, Maths where we must start.

If were going to last, Quantum Math shows the way,
That science works for us. We all have a say,
To search for a node,
On this unknown Road.
Much study is needed. We must it start today.

Weve pillaged the land and poisoned the sea,
Chemicals found galore in every specie.
Weve spoiled most our wells, but conquered disease,
And were buried in garbage, and drowned in feces.

The salmon are gone. The forests deplete.
The land surface is paved with hard concrete.
Technologies run wild
Like a wayward child
The future shows only defeat.

The Nations are arming, to not be outclassed,
Petroleums is limited. Its sure not to last.
Many people are starving. Its hunger not fast.
The world still lives in fear of a nuclear blast.

So heres to a future which is bright and not gray.
The way its intended, like a sunny day.
We will do all we can, avoid a mistake.
Develop it well, our futures at stake.

{Reprinted from "Pythagoras, And The Quantum World, Volume II"

Publisher - I.T.A.M. Portland , Ore.

- A Division of Delta Spectrum Research}

Subject: Re: Book sales on the Internet

Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 01:44:44 -0800

From: Ben Iverson


Dear Dale: I am posting this to Electric Sheep and another party, Tom Jones on Electric sheep, but it will serve to answer your questions, for now.

T.J.>>> "The funny thing about this "Age of Aquarius" thing, the changing "Millenium", and even the Turn-of-the-Century supposedly having Cosmic significance is that they are all artificial constructs, based on nothing more meaningful than a numbering system Modern Man has set up to mark the passage of time."

ANS: It is not quite that "pat" Tom . The aged of Pisces began to fade 50 years ago and the age of Aquarius started coming through. It will continue to come through until it is full blown in the next 50, or 100 years. Each Age continues for 2000 years and one slowly phases into the next, in Earth Time. Each Age is without time in the Ętheric world. It is timeless. Before Pisces was another Age for about 2000 years. It was the age of the Hebrew dominance. There were many little kingdoms continually at war with one another. The Age of Pisces was the age of Christian dominance. That dominance is now fading, hence the turning away from the Catholic religion, (and Protesant), as is noted in their failure to recognize and comply with the Third Fatima Prophesy; As noted first by the breakaway of the Protesant movement; And as noted by troubles in the Priesthood, including pedaphiles. Now there is an active movement to remove Pope John Paul prematurely. The Russian Orthodox want him assassinated. The College of Cardinals want him to retire "for poor health" and some want him simply replaced. Such was the age of Pisces.

The age of Aquarius will be the age of mentalism. beginning with the validity of Intuition, and to bring all religions together under the One God concept. It is true that less than one percent of the people can see that. There are perhaps 10,000 in the U.S. who are becoming fully aware. There are probably 2 or 3 milion, world-wide, who are beginning to become aware, (that is to wake up to reality of Unconditinal love, and the necessity for eradicating their hate, fear, and greed emotions). When that happens, amazing things begin to happen.

Per example: My wife had a serious stroke about 6 weeks ago. That is the reason that I have not been on Sheep for days at a time, (and havent responded to you earlier.) At first I was spending up to 14 hours per day with her. Now I spend three hours in the middle of the day and another three hours in the evenings. That means that 4 times each day I travel a route which covers the full length of Greenburg Road and the full length of Oleson Road.

There are 11 traffic lights on that section, and even more on some of my alternate routes. First I dowse which alternate route to take if the two roads, particularly around Washington Square, will be worse than the detours. It is Intuition which controls the Dowsing. The next step I take is to ask (most would say "pray") that all traffic lights will green just for me. On my return a few minutes ago, two of the lights were red but changed to green within 10 seconds.

But more fantastic was that I had no traffic ahead to hold the green light at two of the intersections. They regularly begin to cycle to the next light after no car has gone through for 5 seconds. Those two lights held for me to travel the 1000 feet to the light and have time to get through. Cars were waiting on the cross-road, but the light turned green for them only after I had cleared the intersection.

Preposterous? Not at all! This is only one trip, and remember I had made this trip approximately 175 times, in the past 6 weeks. It has happened that way on most of my trips, and even before that. There are less than 0.1% of the people, (10,000 in the U.S.) who have wakened enough to understand what is going on.

The other 99.5+% dont even know that anything has changed. They are smug, and even insolent, in the thought that they know all there is to know, but of the knowledge they have, less than 0.01% of it will be with us for another hundred years, into the Age of Aquarius. Most of it is illusion because it is based on sensual input, and often untrue, or incomplete and sometimes actually backward, as in the case of Lord Rayleigh, and Fibonacci. These crowds have become separated from their spirit, from which the intuitions arise. They really need a little exposure to the NWO as expressed in the Executive Orders. The one thing the NWO did not take into account is that they think that money will buy them the world. Increased spirituality will give us a new world absolutely free, and that will upset the NWO apple-cart.

T.J.>> "Given that we Humans are an accident, arising to dominance on this planet, due probably to the freak accident of a meteorite striking the Earth, killing off the dinosaurs, it is highly unlikely that anything that we could create would somehow be automatically in synch with the Celestial Plan. Only self-inflated, egocentric little beings would posit otherwise..."

ANS: It is all illusion. Every accident is planned in the spirit world to guide us in the right direction. That is why several people will come up with the same idea or invention at the same time. Everything we do is first instigated by the spirit world, and we think we are smart. Instead, we are like the fish who thinks water is the full extent of the world.

My wifes stroke was brought about to clear some of her erronious BS from her brain. It has done that because the entire right half of her brain is no more. There is nothing left to guide the left half of her body, or of her eyesight. She has had a major change to her personality, for the better, and she is recovering.

Let me bring in the Neurophone which allows even deaf people to hear through their skin. I reasoned that if the Neurophone could create a new sensory nerve pathway from the electrodes placed on my skin, can create a new nerve pathway through the 7th cranial nerve, that it could create a nerve pathway from her paralyzed leg to a new part of her brain. I applied the electrodes to her leg and the results were almost immediate. She recovered sensual nerves within two days. But to use her useless leg she must also develop motor nerves and learn how to use them. That phase is beginning and she stood on her two feet just this week. A few new motor nerves are activating some of the paralyzed muscles.

I have no intention of putting you down Tom but I am glad you raised the questions because the spirit world told you to raise them. This was necessary because many others needed them raised. The spirit world brought about the Neurophone. Then it got me to obtain one and learn to use it, in advance of the need. Then my wife consented for me to use it on her leg, at the urging of the spirit world, but she did not know that. If there ever was a skeptic, she was one, but some of her skepticism was eliminated from her B.S. in the first place, in destruction of a large part of her brain. It, (the BS), is now being replaced somewhere in her brain through her experiences in recovery.

Most of my past postings on Sheep, fall in this changeover from the material world. With the Age of Aquarius we will find a full physical and material world, joined together with the metaphysical world. It makes quite a change, and we must become accustomed to it. C-Dev didnt say it but I do live in an entirely different, but much larger world, and am enjoying it immensely.

I entered this new world when I became an adult 60 years ago, but I did not realize it for the first 50 of those years. In those 50 years I was given many unusual experiences, but there is no conflict between the two worlds.

Had there been a conflict I would never have been able to take over a mottley crew of 100 to 125 Engineers and Technicians in Alaska in helping to convert Alaska from a Territory into full Statehood. Immediately after three years of that, I then became Chief Engineer of one of the oldest petrochemical companies in the western U.S. supervising well production thru to marketing with more than 2500 service stations on the entire west coast. I am not just bragging. What was remarkable was that I have only a highschool diploma and several years beyond that in night schools. This was enough to become certified and licensed in three state as a Civil Engineer, which is unheard of today. In the last examination in competition with 200 engineers licensed in all other states, I came in, in the top 1 percentile. This was, of all places, California, one of the hardest states in which to become licensed.

Also, in that same 50 years I was given the "secret?" which is behind Sacred Geometry which will become the foundation for all learning in the Age of Aquarius. I have published six books on it.

There really is no chaos in the world of our knowledge when we start with truth. The chaos is apparent only when the brain is so small and we refuse to use more than 5%, (actually 1%) of what we each have, and fail to realize how much of that is sensual illusion and trash.

When we are fully ensconced in the Age of Aquarius, all who have made the transition will look back and say, "How could we have been so dumb?" For those who have not made the transition, there is always the NWO which has one goal to reduce world population by 2/3rds or more. I, for one, am looking forward to a very bright future. Ben Iverson

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