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Topic: Keely Information
Section: The Structure of the Ether and Its Subtle Forces part 2
Table of Contents to this Topic

 Highly efficient, subtle force wave patterns are inherent in highly evolved consciousness and thought patterns. Such patterns coincide with vector forces which are most efficient at connecting one entity to another; a holographic sort of information supersensible highway. In traditional Aboriginal society, people communicated almost exclusively via telepathy. The claim is stated that people can only accomplish this if there is an absence of all dishonesty about the Self. This means developing a psyche freed from the chaotic EMF flow patterns of fear and illusion. The premise of this paper, that we can elicit dramatically more positive effects by raising our consciousness (thus densifying Ether), conforms to the Aborigine's experience.

Other traditional cultures who place a strong emphasis on high ethical standards and a raised consciousness also experience "inexplicable" positive outcomes or "miracles", according to our definition of reality (science). Among the examples of occurrences which have been observed, are "unnatural" alteration of weather patterns, time and physical properties.

When the Dalai Lama fled in exile from his beloved Tibet, armed Chinese forces assisted by air surveillance were unable to find him and his retinue because of a dense mist which dissipated as he reached the safety of India. Buddhist monks and Hindu Holy People routinely alter rain patterns. Wilhelm Reich dabbled in weather and cloud manipulation in conjunction with his "cloub-buster" and "resonator tubes", an Ether flow enhancer. It was this experimentation that caused the persistent cloud cover in the Los Alamos desert which so perturbed the bomb researchers that Reich was the object of many threats and injunctions from the FDA. Eventually, he was jailed. (In addition to this misadventure, he created the Deadly Orgone Energy, Oranur, [as a reaction between his helpful Orgone Energy and a piece of radioactive material], he died while in jail.)

The development of the ability to direct Ether Force must be accompanied by a highly advanced sensitivity regarding Universal Truth. One may gain such spiritual insightfulness through highly placed intent and a Good Heart, both powerful shapers of Etheric Force patterns. If a strong foundation of keen spiritual sensitivity is not established first, outcomes of research may be destructive, even if well intended. Examples, sadly, abound throughout history.

A good first step toward developing a consciousness which is conducive to responsibly harnessing the power of Ether and the subtle forces is to cultivate a strong, densified Etheric Field with which to work. This is best thought of as being in constant development, as one can always fine-tune the cultivation of the subtle force. EMFbeyond its present boundaries. There are sufficient borders to crash, even for an adept. One's Etheric Field forms the connection to the Unified Field.Through constant cultivation of the EMF and Etheric Field, it is possible to remotely view, travel, appear or heal. Some have been able to biolocate in more than one place at a time. Sai Baba and other prophets have been able to manifest physical artifacts from "thin air" (a.k.a. the Ethers). Sai Baba also changes his physical stature from day to day.

Psychic Surgery takes advantage of a highly developed Soul's ability to reconstruct physical matter, rendering it penetrable to an open hand. On a less ambitious scale, it is possible for you to increase your inventiveness and understanding of the Universe through conscious cultivation of your own subtle bioelectric forces. You can become able to feel and know much more, and then to manifest positive energy shifts around you by enhancing your Etheric Force field.

How does this work? Ether imparts, through resonance, its ability to crystallize energy matrices from whence physical form will follow. The Etheric Body invites into the Being as much Ether as it can take. Energy leaks and sluggishness in the EMF, created as a result of negativity and fear in the vibrational consciousness patterns, inhibit energy resonance between the Ether and the Ether Body. Thus the Body feels a sense of disconnection and an inability to identify with Etheric Forces. One whose bioenergetic constitution maintains a high degree of integrity discovers that right use of these Etheric Forces can alter physical dimension "givens".

An exercise to develop your ability to nurture and "feel" your own Etheric Field follows. Growing more and more relaxed and placing your feet on the ground, feel the Earth's energy coming up through your feet. If you don't feel it, or are not sure, pretend you do. Let it flow upward through your legs, trunk and out the top of your head. Let this flow strengthen and continue. It fills you with peacefulness and a sense of communion with Earth. It feels warm and nurturing. As this energy flows stronger and stronger, you will also cultivate the simultaneous flow of celestial energy from Heaven into your crown chakra, down through your head, neck, trunk, legs and out your feet. Let the energy flows of both Heaven and Earth combine in energizing harmony. This sacred combination of the yin and yang energies creates particularly strong and high speed bioenergy vortices. These allow the physical body to simultaneously assimilate and radiate greater amounts of positive subtle forces.

The simultaneous absorption and radiation of constructive energy combines two poles, yin and yang, and this can create Neutrality. This is the Neutral Center of which John Keely wrote; the state of poised and powerful latency from which physical and other dimensions can be altered. In John's inventions, he made use of this knowledge to disassociate atomic bonds with Ether Force and created very sophisticated dances between polar and neutral force fields.

How wonderful if we could apply this information to generate energy, as John Keely did. How sublime if we could apply these principles to our own lives and consciousness. What good are the theories if they do not have practical use in elevating the quality of our lives? What are some of the more practical uses to you, a New Scientist? Please read on for answers.

Etheric Instruments of Change

Let us begin discussion of applying Ether to everyday interests by learning from two Etheric Instruments. They hold in common that they were created with intent to help humanity, to build a dream, and without intent to fix outcome to a permanent concept. These were labors of Love, devoted to discovering more about the Universe and its Nature. Both of these devices reflect the New Science paradigm; that object and subject are connected through process, and that outcome is really a step in the process. The process is awakening the Self to its divine wisdom.


The first invention examined will be a device named Sophigurate (So-figure-8), which was designed and built by the author. The instrument is a series of figure eight windings housed within a geometric, phi-proportioned housing of specifically simple earth materials, where Loving intent to heal is fed into a silver contact, travels through the Etheric accumulation/transformation chamber, and exits via wire to storage within a clay "battery".

The time has come for a project which presents an opportunity to physically feel and experience Ether; an entity shrouded in conceptual, theoretical mystery. Sophigurate makes Ether Force palpable.

The form of Etheric Force accumulated is Liquid Ether Force, or Love "stepped up" by sacred geometry. Its specific components are Love, gravitational strings, and karmic force. Liquid Ether Force is densified Ether that supports matrix structures which can crystallize gravitational strings. The state of latency resides within Ether to be activated by intent and consciousness. Consciousness can densify the Ether, whereas intent catalyses the matrix channels. It is stored for use as a healing non-substance, as an experimental curiosity, and for a healthful ambient presence in one's environment.

Experimental use has demonstrated clearly that physical trauma healing and neurological and other bioelectric conductive malfunctions respond with much greater bioefficiency than "normal". A sense of well-being is frequently experienced. About 80% of those exposed to its beneficial emanation physically feel sensation. The health facilitator is "taken out of the circuit", as the Liquid Ether flows where and if needed, according to karmic dictate. This is a new paradigm to modern thinkers.

Case histories regarding Sophigurate's use are available from the writer. One example is a "non-believer" who agreed to Sophigurate's use only after enduring several straight months of neck and back pain which failed to respond to aggressive, multi-practitioner, establishment therapies. Within half an hour of Sophigurate's use, the person felt the pain subside, and was able to sleep peacefully for the first time in two months. The pain-free state, as well as a dramatic improvement in spirit and personality, lasted until negative patterns of worry were reestablished several months later. Other cases show that long-range, dramatic healing is possible when an awakened consciousness is maintained.


The second example of Etheric Science made manifest comes as a group effort to research and develop a Musical Sphere, or Dynasphere which was invented and mysteriously operational 100 years ago thanks to the genius of John Keely. The team consists of several members, headed by Dale Pond. Specification, construction, and energy dynamics input from divine inspiration were contributed via the writer of this paper. The outcome of team collaboration has been the construction and development of Atlin, an updated Dynasphere.

Atlin is an instrument of Etheric dynamics who will rotate as a result of acoustic stimulation, and proper Etheric flow patterns. Research continues to discern those dynamics. John Keely left a rich legacy of ingenious research into subtle force physics, but many secrets interpreting the awesome power within every atom died with him. As a group, we are seeking to understand and demonstrate how becoming consonant with subtle forces provides an Etherphone to the Universe; being centered and peaceful nestles one within natural subtle flow patterns of consciousness, thought and creativity that avail one of understanding Truth. In this case, we are seeking to understand the vibrational triggers to create polarity mode- shifting in controlled patterns, so that subtle forces such as Ether can evoke physical force differentials that can move atoms (in the shape of our Dynasphere, for instance). This energy-to-matter dynamic is routinely seen in enlightened healing. Subtle energy can have more dramatic, yet quieter effects on physical matter than crude physical interventions. Enlightened intent combined with laying on of hands or remediating a destructive thought pattern has the power to remove cancer, and with only positive side effects. Likewise, the enlightened choice of precise pitch applied to glass can shatter it more eloquently than a sledge hammer. Our society has armed us with sledge hammers, then silver bullets to go forth into the world and overcome what we perceive as impediments to our progress. So many deleterious effects have we wrought that we are being forced to seek answers and Truth in obscure, invisible places. The visionaries always see the signs of change first. As New Scientists, do we choose sledge hammers, silver bullets, or a raised consciousness that carries our minds and creativity back into Oneness with our greatest possession: The Heart to use the forces of the Universe?

Implications of Findings to Everyday Life

In conclusion, let us look deeply into the Universe within ourselves in order to find more enlightened inventiveness to apply to our world's needs. How is this done? By expanding one's Labor of Love into a dimension that transcends the self. That dimension is Love for something greater and more powerful than things of this physical existence. This "something greater" is individually unique to each person, yet is her/his connection to the Universe and the True Soul. For one it will be the wish to help Mother Earth. For another to provide a better world for the children to inherit, and another will dedicate her work to bring increased Peace and Love into the workplace, or home. These divine driving forces are more subtle than sledge hammers or even silver bullets, and they provide the subtle energy matrices which connect us with our True selves and kindred spirits so that we might do the work we really need and want to do. Spiritual connections such as these are latent with much power. They are built through and of the Ethers. A truly raised consciousness is one's phonecard into the vast communication system that exists within the Ether.

How do you earn a phonecard to increased inventiveness, or happiness? By Loving more. Loving your work, Loving yourself enough to invest your time in people, places and activities that feed your Soul. Loving the wonder that surrounds us in the mundane.

"The Universe is really a simple place. Its simplicity outshines the most intricate and clever of man's machinations or 'discoveries of truth'. I request that all of you spend more time in scientific observation out doors where you can observe Nature each day. Such observation will yield you many insights: spiritual Oneness, a clearer understanding of chaos theory, and repeated demonstrations of wave mechanics. In general, you may increase resonance with the ambient vibratory patterns of the Nature World (who exists in greater harmony than the thinking souls). -Albert Einstein

Your continuing quest to find your own way to best help this world starts with your own Heart. Consult it frequently during each day, and ask that divine inspiration, using the medium of the Ether, be received by you for use in a waiting world in need. Since intent is a large portion of the key to understanding and resourcefulness, this request becomes a key component in realizing the dreams of the Universe that you crystallize.

Happy inventing, researching and living to you! Correspondence regarding topics discussed or consultation services may be directed to:

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