Sympathetic Vibratory Physics -It's a Musical Universe!
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John Keely's Laws of Harmony

  Law of Matter and Force2887.html 

"Coexistensive and coeternal with space and duration, there exists an infini

  Law of Corporeal Vibrations3660.html 

"All coherent aggregates when isolated from like bodies, or when immers

  Law of Corporeal Oscillations4059.html 

"All coherent aggregates not isolated from like bodies, oscillate at a

  Law of Harmonic Vibrations4257.html 

"All coherent aggregates are perpetually vibrating at a period-frequency cor

  Law of Transmissive Vibraic Energy4530.html 

"All oscillating and vibrating coherent aggregates create, in the media in which

  Law of Sympathetic Oscillation4860.html 

"Coherent aggregates immersed in a medium pulsating at their natural pitch simul

  Law of Attraction5044.html 

"Juxtaposed coherent aggregates vibrating in unison, or harmonic ratio, are mutu

  Law of Repulsion5223.html 

"Juxtaposed coherent aggregates vibrating in discord are mutually repelled."

  Law of Cycles5442.html 

"Coherent aggregates harmonically united constitute centers of vibration bearing

  Law of Harmonic Pitch5829.html 

"Any aggregate in a state of vibration develops in addition to its fund

  Law of Force6050.html 

"Energy manifests itself in three forms: Creative, the vibrating aggreg

  Law of Oscillating Atomic Substances6358.html 

"Coherent atomic substances are capable of oscillating at a pitch varyi

  Law of Sono-thermity6460.html 

"Internal vibrations of atomic substances and atomic molecules are capa

  Law of Oscillating Atoms6837.html 

"All atoms when in a state of tension are capable of oscillating at a p

  Law of Vibrating Atomolic Substances7028.html 

"Atoms are capable of vibrating within themselves at a pitch inversely as the Dy

  Law of Oscillating Atomoles7181.html 

"Atomoles oscillating at a uniform pitch (determined by their uniform size and w

  Law of Transformation of Forces7654.html 

"All forces are different forms of Universal Energy unlike in their per

  Law of Atomic Pitch7749.html 

"Atoms have each a different and definite pitch, at which they naturall

  Law of Variation of Atomic Pitch by Rad-energy7999.html 

"The higher harmonics and overtones of projected rad-energy are of a pi

  Law of Variation of Atomic Pitch by Electricity and Magnetism8384.html 

"Electricity and Magnetism produce internal vibrations in the atom, whi

  Law of Variation of Atomic Pitch by Temperature8559.html 

"Atoms in chemical combination oscillate with increasing amplitude dire

  Law of Pitch of Atomic Oscillation8778.html 

"Atoms not isolated and in a state of tension between forces that oppos

  Law of Variation of Pitch of Atomic Oscillation by Pressure8987.html 

"The frequency of atomic oscillation increases and diminishes inversely

  Law of Variation of Atomic Oscillation by Temperature9265.html 

"The force of cohesion diminishes inversely as the square of the distan

  Law of Variation of Atomic Oscillation by Electricity9611.html 

"The electric current destroys cohesion and chemical tension directly a

  Law of Variation of Atomic Oscillation by Sono-thermism9890.html 

"Diminishes the tensions directly as the quantity of heat developed, an

  Law of Chemical Affinity10218.html 

"Atoms whose atomic pitches are in either unison, harmonic or concordan

  Law of Chemical Dissociation10406.html 

"If the pitch of either atom, in a molecule, be raised or lowered; or,

  Law of Chemical Transposition10606.html 

"New molecules must be harmonics of the fundamental pitch."

  Law of Chemical Substitution10781.html 

"(too complex for brief statement)" Commentary Marc

  Law of Catalysis11055.html 

"The presence of harmonics and discords." Commentary

  Law of Molecular Synthesis and Combination (Organic)11506.html 

"The molecular pitch must be a derived harmony of the radicals. Scholi

  Law of Chemical Morphology11544.html 

"The angle of crystallization is determined by the relation between the

  Law of Atomic Dissociation11992.html 

"Overtones of high rad-energy pitches produce separation of the atomole

  Law of Atomolic Synthesis of Chemical Elements12156.html 

"Harmonic pitches of atomolity produce association of etheric-atomolic

  Law of Heat12540.html 

"Atoms under the tension of chemical combination oscillate with an ampl

  Law of Electro-Chemical Equivalents12564.html 

"An atom vibrates sympathetically under the influence of electric energ

  Law of Cohesion12865.html 

"The cohesion between atoms diminishes directly as the square root of t

  Law of Refractive Indices13285.html 

"A table of the refractive indices of substances indicates their molecu

  Law of Electric Conductivity13365.html 

"Electric energy is transmitted through homogeneous bodies with a compl
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