Sympathetic Vibratory Physics -It's a Musical Universe!
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SVP Notes

  AC/DC Currents11153.html 

AC is the oscillation of the electric current. DC is the vibration of the elect

  Actinic Rays2075.html 

Actinic Rays "The ultraviolet spectrum extend

  Articles on Keely12357.html 

British Mercantile Gazette did a series of articles on John Keely from June, 188

  Atomic Hydrogen5252.html 

Atomic Hydrogen "Atomic hydrogen was fo

  Attraction & Repulsion6582.html 

Attraction & Repulsion "As regards general man

  Chemical Equilibrium4631.html 

Chemical Equilibrium "At about 1000°C hydroge

  Dispersion Forces7141.html 

Dispersion Forces "The nature of these so-cal

  Doppler Frequency3723.html 

Doppler frequency shift formula:

  Electron Gas5685.html 

Electron Gas The extremely small size of el

  Equilibrium Shift4585.html 

Le Chatelier's Principle of Equilibrium Shift (1884) "If an external

  Erhard Schmidt11981.html 

mathematics under/with Hermann Weyl, Caratheodory, Harald Bohr at Göttingen Univ

  Induction Forces7497.html 

Induction Forces "Each of the molecules def

  Induction Non-Polar Molecules7803.html 

Induction to Non-polar Molecules "The interaction between

  Intermolecular Forces7423.html 

Intermolecular Forces (Van d

  Ionic Lattice Structures6387.html 

Ionic Lattice Structures "Ionic structure with s

  Ionic Structures8283.html 

Ionic Structures "Ionic structure with sepa

  Keely Book2406.html 

John Keely Book The Inventions of John W. Keely

  Law of Electrostatics5991.html 

Fundamental Law of Electrostatics (Cou

  Law of Mass Action5025.html 

Law of Mass Action (Guldberg and Waage, 1

  Metallic Structures8652.html 

Metallic Structures "Metallic structure which

  Molecular Structures8002.html 

Molecular Structures "The specific features of

  Platinum and Water10025.html 

Platinum and Water Hydrogen and oxygen explode in

  Reversal of Magnetic Fields2846.html 

Reversal of Magnetic Fields "The force necessary to f

  Spin Angle9739.html 

Question: At what angle (speaking of golf club faces) does reverse spin (of the

  Swiss M/L Converter11426.html 

Modeled after Wimhurst generator. Has two opposing disks made of aluminum in 50

  Swiss M/L Converter ++, --11691.html 

Each rotating disk has its own positive and negative. Therefore one disk is posi

  Vacuum Instantaneously Created13149.html 

2003, 03/23 Vacuum Instantaneously Created An instant vacuum is full reversal o

  Van der Waals6867.html 

Van der Waals Van der Waals was the first (1873

  Velocities of Gases5595.html 

Mean Velocities of Gases Under identical conditions

  Water Absorption of Light3335.html 

Water Absorption of Light "The light absorption peak of
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