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Dynasphere #2 installation report.
2003, 12/12
by Dale Pond
The trip to install the new dynasphere went well indeed. There were about 25 people present from around the country and Australia. Before assembly began we did a Native American sweat lodge ceremony as way of purification and preparation. This was done during the Big Blizzard of last week end - very powerful experience (my first! - Thanks, Dave!). The dynasphere was transported in parts, as per instructions and assembled at the owner's location. This was to avoid being imprinted solely with my energy but instead with the new owner's/operator's energies. Those who wanted were allowed to attach a part or tighten a screw thus adding their energy to the whole. Once assembled and tuned Dawn led us in a masterful activation session to imprint Love and Intent. This was much like Atlin's activation but different. Originally the name Symta was suggested but later the name Symael (pronounced SYM-A-EL) was settled on. Very appropriate I thought.
This new machine is finished and polished to a higher degree than Atlin so it very nearly glows. When we made Atlin we did not have much idea or comprehension about what we were about. Symael has the benefit of seven years of study, exposure to people, our opening of our hearts and understanding about dynaspheres and dynaspheric force. Because of this the new device has a magnitude more (much more) energy and power than Atlin manifests. Atlin has a mission of teaching. Symael has a mission of "togetherness". Somehow we knew this new machine would be different even though I efforted to copy Atlin as accurately as possible while adding in the new knowledge garnered from years of study. We also figured something was afoot when Archangel Michael took over as Project Manager from John Keely a couple of months ago who recused himself. Thank you, John, for holding the Light for us! The new machine is different though only careful visual inspection would reveal mechanical differences. The real difference is in the energy matrices.
We were told this machine may be accessed for rotation though no rotation was evident during my all too brief time with it. What causes rotation is Love Energy. Whenever those gathered can clear their minds and hearts they will have rotation much like we see in the Methernita model of a spiritual and loving community having full and unrestricted access to free energy. This follows what we were told during Atlin's construction: "Only those who transmute the lead of fear into the gold of Love will be allowed access to free energy."
I suppose what amazed me the most is to realize there are now TWO dynaspheres. There will be more soon. This second device demonstrates we can manufacture, deliver, assemble and activate dynaspheres and have a happy client. It further demonstrates the "Atlin Effect" is reproducible in machinery and is not a fluke but governed by knowable and engineerable principles. It's real. It is said the Holy Grail of science is reproducibility or repeatability. We now have that.
I may have more to say in the coming days as I reinvent what I've been doing. We moved from pure research into limited production - times are changing.
I feel there is a lot to be learned from dynaspheres and dynaspheric force that will be of benefit to many. It is hoped these instruments will not be appropriated by some religious sect and claimed by them as something special to any specific belief system, excluding others.
The heart-felt effects seen around these devices is remarkable. We see friendship, love, peace, learning, curiosity, joy, tenderness, gentleness and all the other positive human/social qualities we'd all like to experience more of. I can't imagine a better or more worthy project to expend one's life with.
Eventually we will have the much coveted 'rotation' and free energy. In the meantime we are given an opportunity to expand our awareness of who and what we are. We can grow into free energy and all else dynaspheric force holds in promise and potential. There is so much more (technically speaking) to all this than I'm allowed to relate publicly. (I am allowed to speak generally but not specifically about the technology from this point on.) Those close to The Work know and are excited about future developments. We've moved further along with the completion of this second device and subsequent devices will be that much further advanced in construction and effect.
It seems each device is tailored for the owners - their personalities, belief systems, intents and future missions. In this wise each person is 'grown' from within as a prerequisite of construction through personal application during construction. There does not seem to be a set regime of study or personal growth modalities. Each listens within and goes from there. Where the new owners will eventually wind up is entirely up to them. It is their path and experience. I'm simply fulfilling a role of constructor and guide/teacher up to the point of delivery. Of course, there is also the spiritual liasoning through Dawn and other clairvoyants (at owner's discretion). So the whole thing is about personal growth.
It is a wondrous thing to witness the changes in people as they go through this process. And that is only a foreshadowing of what is to come for them. If I could I'd give dynaspheres away. Their high cost of production however must be accounted for. Perhaps this cost can be reduced in the future through better manufacturing methods obtainable with better capitalization of our efforts.


2006, 02/24
Dear Dale,
When I first saw Symael I noticed a soft yet profound feeling of tranquility. Over the next 4 months I saw Symael 2 or 3 times, and the feeling was always there. Soon after that period Symael was moved into my office were I do healing work utilizing the techniques of Dr. Donald Epstein ( ) which utilize, and recognize the fields of energy within, and around us. The work I do is oriented towards the person entraining to their highest rhythm... basically LOVE, and developing the strategies to BE that expression. Once Symael arrived the increase in ease with working with the people here was amazing. Many people remarked on a bigger feeling of ease in their session that wasn't there before. I noticed how effortless it was to facilitate their process during a session, and how much quicker it was. During this time I felt different phenomenon associated with this feeling, such as lightness in my head, heart, and hands. Sometimes there were even tingling sensations in those areas, and my spine. I still feel this space of peace and ease even months after, and without all the phenomenon associated with it. It just feels "natural/normal" now. People new to the office as well as long term, are feeling these experiences I describe. Thanks for your efforts, and results with Dr. Keely's work.
Dr. S. D.