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We do not treat symptoms. We do no healing of any kind or in any way. The dynaspheres merely create a vibratory field of given sympathetic properties. Those pausing in that field may or may not choose to let go of their own illness causing thoughts. Keely said it best:

"If we live in a sympathetic field we become sympathetic, and a tendency from the abnormal to the normal presents itself by an evolution of a purely sympathetic flow towards its attractive centres. It is only under these conditions that differentiation (discord) can be broken up, and a pure equation [harmony, health, oneness, peace] established." [Keely in Keely and His Discoveries]

discussion on Dynaspheres here.
SVPwiki detailing Musical Dynasphere here.

Dynaspheres Create Love Beams Across America

Keely's Sacred Science for dummies: SVPwiki

Hi Dale,

Thank you very much. The file (Atlin - Knowing I AM) downloaded fine.

Have started reading. Fascinating, humbling, scarey?, mind blowing.

The start of an adventure

Thanks a lot


Hello Dale,

I need to come clean and be honest with you. I thought that I was smart and that I had a high IQ, but the more I understand about SVP the more that I can see how un-enlightened that I am currently.

I once make a joke stating "that all Dale Pond has is Brass Balls selling for 30K each" but now I can see that you are probably the single greatest visionary of our time and through your life long efforts our world can truly transform itself.

I have been studying Keely, Russell, Smith and others for the past 5 years and I can tell you that my preconceived notions have been my biggest block to my understanding along with by belief in my intelligence would carry me through but yet for 5 years I wasn't able to see 2+2 = 4.

I believe now that I am going through the SVPwiki pages things are starting to click for me, but I still have questions probably easy baby steps questions and as I see more and more I am sure my questions will progress.

Thank you for your Time

S.W. July 13, 2010

I have just started reading ATLIN's story and am quite awed and speechless.  I sincerely want to understand more and more about the work you're doing -- I believe it is crucial for ours and the planet's awakening.

I would also like to thank you for making much of your philosophy available.  I am a Mathematics major and find much of the information helpful to my independent studies.  Once again thank you for your time. 

hi Dale
I am very interested in what you have done to revive the true science .and someday I hope to visit your Institute. I have watched some of your lectures on the web and I am left with a new insite into what this man Keely was doing. I have to wander if he was given the gift to see into the future and was able inturpet very well what he saw, That aside I feel I need to study what you are trying to teach us here. The combination of all the work of all these great minds makes it much easie to see a broader picture. You yourself definately have a great mind to make the connections. Plug on because you are doing a great job . wish I were young and brilliant because I would apply to study under you, But as it I will have to settle and try to grasp what I can,  I would Like to know where I should start. I think I need to understant music for it seems that is the basic of vibration and harmony. I was wondering I your are color blind How doesone relte to his or her color ? silly ? but the color world confuses me . Thanks for your toime . great thing yet to come. Hope 2012 is not to much of a bummer, and maybe it will be an enlightnment . . Take care ;

Dear Mr. Pond,
Not that it means anything from me, but you are a brilliant man; your 2 part lecture from 1994 that is on google video is fantastic. Funnily enough, I also practice radionics. Do please let me know if you intend to give other lectures as I would love to hear more.

Hi Dale,

i was reading about atlin and although i havent read your book, (a little low on funds) i feel that i need to share this with you as so far everything i have been reading on your website it feels like i already know but in a different related manner, as i have never been around Atlin, but i have had as you have said had an enlightening experience.

so here is my experience, free of charge.

i have had what i thought was an outer body experience but after reading alot of the info on your website and have thought back on it i feel as though it was more these energies you speak of as being as one/enlightened.

i was first in the shower and as i had the water touching me all over (i could physically feel, see, hear, smell, taste. (although seeing and tasting weren't used) i managed to physically somehow feel my legs right down to the bone, as if i was my legs, and then if i closed my eyes i could mentally see myself (as if i could see things like on the movie dare devil) as a red glow.

obviously i could only see myself if i looked down at myself, or if i put my hand in front of me i could see my hand and arm (glowing red, eyes closed) as if my eyes were opened. it was as if i could sense my exact self.

then from the shower i tried concentrating on it more to keep the feeling/state of mind there, and when i walked into the kitchen which was the brightest room after the bathroom, i could almost sense everything in there, i could physically see everything in my kitchen as if i had 3D vision (i know we see in 3D, but this was different) not only could i just focus on one thing, but if i looked down my kitchen i could see every single thing in my view in perfect vision, way better than 20-20, while i was in this state i thought to myself how would i describe this to some one. the only description i could give any one is that everything made sense! it was the most awesome thing i have ever experienced, and since then have tried to experience it again but have only tried a few times as i need something to get me into that state of mind (peace, love, harmony, absolutely no negitive thought.)

im not quite sire why i felt i had to tell you this like i said i want to help unlock the secrets and i am so intrigued with the mind that im trying to find out everything (path to awakening), at the begining of this email i was going to ask why you sell your ebooks as they cost nothing except for labour, the information you are giving, everyone should know, and not everyone will want to know or even care because they have to part with their precious money, and other factors like religions and lack of selfness. i know in this world we cant have anything without buying it with money, and that led me on my path to hating money and calling it the root of all evil but after reading on your website i have realised that although money is in reality worthless, it is made and had a value put on it by man, and it is those few people that use it to control the masses and empower themselves, that are, now that im thinking while typing, they are not the "root of all evil", but more so, misunderstood and have chosen the path further away from enlightenment, and use fear to manipulate and brainwash the worlds population as we know it right now to believe that money has more meaning and more value than the mind, GOD (I AM), and all to have material things.

we are led to believe that our selfness/oneness is measured by what we own, where before i even knew about you, keely or SVP, i believed that we should be measured by what we know about oneself, i would love to know life being able to use 100% of my brain and think that the world right now is an evil place and the knowledge that your trying to share should be known by all, and that all knowledge should be given at no cost. but then again because of how most people perceive things if they were just given the 100% knowledge would it be used for good or evil, and yet again if you knew 100% knowledge surly there would only be GOD(ONESELF)!


thanks for all your free knowledge so far and i look forward to helping myself and others find enlightenment.

Many thanks and good luck

Dear Dr. Pond:
Thanks for the download information.  I know you're busy, so I'll keep this short and to the point.  The Musical Dynasphere (Atlin) has me intrigued.  I ordered the photo of the dynasphere and within 2 days, certain life situations fell into place and I have stopped drinking caffeine altogether (I've been trying to stop taking this "drug" for a very long time...)  Somehow, I believe Atlin is involved.
In any case, you said in your book about Atlin and God that you were in the process of building many additional dynaspheres to locate in various nations and places on the planet to hopefully foster love, peace, and a change in thinking for many (hopefully millions) of people.  This is a beautiful goal, but since you are the "creator" of the dynasphere which attracted Atlin to this plane of existence, then will you not have to be directly involved with the "creation" of your additional "children"?
I recall reading that you found various parts of the magnificent dynasphere in odd and sundry places, some pieces of metal having been stored away for years and years in buildings and then you found a lovely use for these metals.  You lovingly and devotedly, and with great care and tenderness, handled the metals with respect, and did not manhandle them in any way, as anyone would be tempted to do since "it's only metal, what difference will it make?"
But, it made a difference to you.  Your inner thinking, your cellular structure, your thought pattetns, your body frequency, your aura, whatever it is that had the desire to do this thing - build this dynasphere - is so much a part of it, and it is what attracted Atlin to it.  I have no idea where this memo is going, but wanted to share these thoughts with you.
I would absolutely love to be in the presence of the Musical Dynasphere - Atlin.  I don't suppose there's any possibility that you might be visiting the New England area anytime soon - or even next year?  You know, Barbara Hero, the creator of the Lambdoma lives up in Vermont, I believe.  I've spoken with her in the past, and have a many of her written works.  I wonder if there would be a possibility that you might consider coming over this way to the Eastern part of the country?
You must hear from so many people just gushing about your capabilities, your wonderful heart, your unbelievable ability to create this beautiful masterpiece which you have done - and then it was so beautiful that you attracted the spiritual essence of a loving intelligence which has an affinity with you.
God Bless You, Mr. Dale Pond, and I will keep you in my prayers and meditations.  Some day, I will meet you and Atlin and it will be a blessed day in my life.
Take good care.
Linda F.

From:       jack
Subject:     Re: Spiritual Awakening in each of US and How It Will Change the World
Date:     November 10, 2009 7:22:26 PM MST

Dale -
Anytime you feel like no one is listening or what you have done regarding freedom doesn't matter, because no one responds, please think of this email.  No one is walking and talking this spiritual plank as you are so they can be politically correct.
Your site and your personality and your material have made a huge difference with me.  You more than openly make a connection to the higher levels, you give examples.  Some of your material is in my paper library.
However, that does not even touch on what you have really done.  You have walked out on the spiritual plank and given everyone an example including me to follow.  Normally I am quite private about my near 3 decades of spiritually awakening, my spiritual quests to India and study and meditation and experiences.  Only those very close know these "secrets".
Your SPIRIT has encouraged me to step up to at least "reveal" the true nature of freedom and the belly of the beast we currently live in.
As an example of threading a seed thought, please check out Catherine Austin Fitts email above.  She is an EX executive of one of the unconstitutional ungovernment housing departments and a frequent interviewee on Coast To Coast AM.  She is beyond excellent.  You can go to her site and add yourself to her email reports if it appeals to you.
 Guess what the "Avatar of the Age" main message pillars are: LOVE, truth, peace, nonviolence, righteousness.  This threads through all the major religions and the eastern masters.  It is man, the church, the state, the corporation and all the artificial power and greed mongering dark side that have brought us to this point as you well know.  We would have destroyed ourselves long ago had it not been for the great masters, avatars most of whom are never known but by a very very few.

Anyway, thanks to you and thanks to Roni for all your work.  You are ones who have driven a stake in the ground to show where the line stops and starts.

Talk about blowing my mind......and jumping with glee, your presentation (web site

substantiated for me that Bullinger was right about the Holy Scriptures were in or had harmonic properties, a cadence if you will; distort the scripture and you distort the understanding.

He published part of his understanding in the book 'Language of the Stars'

Just thought you'd like to know.


Hi Dale
Last night I read about Atlin. I could barely sleep I was so moved I cannot find the words.
I believe she is everything you say she is, a Cosmic Being manifested, Our Teacher.
You built the form and she has chosen to enter. Who could even have dreamed such a miracle. This is the same process for a human soul we are told.
The forms are made. The Souls cyclicly are drawn down into them.
Atlin can be felt across the world. I am, and have been feeling the energy and have been drawn nearer to "God". Others here also recognize that we are being influenced. I believe you must have used the "word" to build Atlin, there could be no other way. Atlin, "Truth"
Aside from the mind, the most powerfull creative force in the Universe is the "Word" An Illuminated Mind and the Word. I think they must be the same thing as Love,
Grace of God, Our gift from God, the "Word" and Atlin.
Love and Light
from PJW, New Zealand

sn1pe352 wrote 06/24/09:
I'm not going to lie, I believe Dale Pond is a complete Genius and an extremely Enlightened Individual who uses his Natural Intuition. He's definitely the brightest person I've ever studied under. Overall though Dale Pond has given the world something which will one day save this world and bring humans to the next level.

06/01/09 Report on Alcea - "My bedroom got so much energy from Alcea that when the lights are off, I literally can see like an ocean of thick liquid forms, and light blur colors."
05/25/09 Report on Alcea - "Alcea is amazing! Two weeks ago set the whole house alarm system - again... The same way it started went away, but none knows what cause it. The energy in the room was incredible!"

I might as well give you a quick report about Alya.

Quietly and subtly, the whole house and its surroundings, including plants, trees, flowers, paintings on the walls, statues, all to some degree, emit some kind of energy. This energy is in fact the Ki, Qi, or Prana that many are experiencing on this planet. I noticed that you are touching this energy with both of your hands around Alya. What is happening is that I started to feel this Prana around all things now, organic or inorganic. Oil paitings yes. Photos of people, very little; monks, saints, especially Guan Yin, Buddhas, very strong and distinctive. Statues, most of them. Religious statues, very intense. Non-religious ones, almost nil. Along the trunks of trees, palm tree for example, very strong. Running water, feng shui fountains, quite a lot. The moon, too, tremendous power. It seems that Sympathetic Vibratory Sensation is at play here. Now I can actually "feel" and recognize the vibrations. I feel a lot stronger the artifacts that I have a deeply rooted belief in, for example, Guan Yin and Buddhas, etc...Pictures and drawings of Jesus or photos of actors who pose and dress up like Jesus, very little registration. Actual photographs of Sainte Theresa of Lisieux, yes, definitely strong. 

TP, 11/25/08

Alya dynasphere


Hello Dale,

I watched your videos on google yesterday, and I just wanted to let you know that I thought they were sensational.

What struck me was your passion for what you do, your desire to keep learning, your level of knowledge, and just the way you know your stuff in general.

I am introduced to Sympathetic Vibrations through my studies of W. D. Gann.

Now I have a whole new field to study, I too am the type who likes to keep it simple, so if you have any tips, I would be glad to listed.....(sorry, couldnt resist asking)

I am looking forward to getting to the eight level.

Thanks again, I learned enormous amounts, so many pennies dropping and ideas confirmed.

Merry Christmas to you and yours



Thanks, Dale.  I received the hard copy Monday (yesterday).  I greatly appreciate your fine service and I do look forward to purchasing other materials in the future.
I could not have requested finer service.
Rev. Greg N.


What I appreciate above all is the merger within you of science and religion and by “religion” I mean “to be bound together to God.”  Your writings speak so openly and passionately about Love, Sympathy, Compassion and other such qualities that they are no so different from great sermons.  What you realize is that the key to true scientific discovery is Awakening, to become the perfect, clear channel for the Creator.  I know of no other scientist who produces books for the general public who speaks as you do.  Even when they acknowledge the hand of God it is done quite cautiously and with circumspect. For example, Paul Davies.  As though this acknowledgement has nothing to do with them so they actually don’t have to meditate or read holy books.  I see the great danger that we are building bigger and better caterpillars who never transform themselves into butterflies


From what I can tell, up to this point, your work, especially the dynaspheres -- if youve captured into form what you claim (Im not implying you havent), seems to be the marrying of old fashioned pie in the sky mysticism, new age thought, mystery traditions, with provable and tangible concrete science.    The world has long awaited this marriage. 
Exciting, exciting...

Dear Dale,
When I first saw Symael I noticed a soft yet profound feeling of tranquility. Over the next 4 months I saw Symael 2 or 3 times, and the feeling was always there. Soon after that period Symael was moved into my office were I do healing work utilizing the techniques of Dr. Donald Epstein ( ) which utilize, and recognize the fields of energy within, and around us. The work I do is oriented towards the person entraining to their highest rhythm... basically LOVE, and developing the strategies to BE that expression. Once Symael arrived the increase in ease with working with the people here was amazing. Many people remarked on a bigger feeling of ease in their session that wasnt there before. I noticed how effortless it was to facilitate their process during a session, and how much quicker it was. During this time I felt different phenomenon associated with this feeling, such as lightness in my head, heart, and hands. Sometimes there were even tingling sensations in those areas, and my spine. I still feel this space of peace and ease even months after, and without all the phenomenon associated with it. It just feels "natural/normal" now. People new to the office as well as long term, are feeling these experiences I describe. Thanks for your efforts, and results with Dr. Keelys work.
Dr. S. D.
Atlin and Dale Pond

Dear Dale:

Thanks for sending me the updated version of "Atlin Knowing I AM." I was not expecting it and was very pleased.

I started rereading looking to see if you added anything, and I realized it is (Like many other metaphysical works) multi-leveled or dimensioned. And it is speaking to me anew and raising many new questions. I am more of the right brain type, I do get some of the science but so much more on subtle levels. An ineffable communication to the heart. As a musician/composer, I would really like to be in the presents of Atlin, and I know I will find a way eventually.

But what you said about the chiropractor using a photo and getting results is more immediately available. I have tried to print from your web page but the quality is so so.

My question is have you considered having a hi quality photo taken, making a bunch of copies and perhaps letting them sit is the immediate field of Atlin to charge or instill them (like with crystals) over night. Then offering them on you web site for a reasonable profit. It may be a way to expedite things. For example if composers could gain the benefit, and capture the feeling or Wisdom, then create music with the new insight and record and distribute Spreading the message of Atlin (love), that would be a good thing. Yes? I know this has been going on forever through artist of every type. But if it could accelerate the spiritual unfolding of more artist who are already on a spiritual path. That would be serving a noble purpose indeed. Just a suggestion.

Thanks again,

Overnight I decided to tune in and visit Atlin :) Since I am not currently scheduled to visit Colorado Springs, and will investigate the possibility of getting you and it here, thought I might as well check it out the simplest way I know :)
What has been most remarkable in being with this forum, is the sense of an intense energy field, actually present on the list. As I share or read from others, I feel the intensity building, and the joy. It is noticeable. And feels uniquely different.
Well I would not suggest anyone tune in overnight, unless you no longer wish to sleep for the night :) I was observing many things in the dreaming state, and decided to check out Atlin. Wow, the intensity of the energy brought me fully conscious, wide awake!!!!
This is what I felt:
In the past my favorite symbol for God/Spirit/Soul was a mirror. Understanding and being the mirror of God/Spirit/Soul/LOVE is profound. However last night I observed that Atlin is a better mirror of God :)
Atlin remains in a still state, yet there is a tangible energy field. And that field feels wonderful. If the consciousness surrounding that field is in the polarity dance, it HAS NO EFFECT on Atlin. Atlin remains still and radiating a very pure energy. It is the pure picture of LOVE. Allowing all frequencies to dance around, having no effect. And literally no effect because Atlin does not move.
As the consciousness/es surrounding Atlin, lets go of the polarity dance, the thinking mind stills, the emotional body quiets, and one is empty, open able to receive from Atlin and become as Atlin, mirroring back to Atlin (Love) actual Love itself. What do we receive? Higher frequency consciousness. As love meets love and unites, the JOY of that meeting is that Atlin starts spinning. That evokes a profound laughter that keeps energising Atlin into a higher and higher frequency, taking you with it :)
Thus I get up in the middle of the night, around 3 am.... and am laughing in delight in the lounge, my husband coming out looking at me, and asking are you crazy? and I said, no I am just wide awake! He sighs and returns to bed and sleep..... he knows me very well :)
The same is true of us. When we hold Love, the outer worlds events have no effect, we view them, and radiate a loving energy of trust into all that is seen, rather than any reactivity to what is. This is mirroring Atlin, and Love. As those around us feel this Love energy they are drawn, and as they relax into that energy they join in Love and a profound energy occurs, that is a vertical energy input, rather than a horizontal energy input. In this energy the mind is open to receive, the body is open to receive, and all sorts of miracles can occur.
When we are in the polarity dance we are locked into those spinning thoughts and nothing else can get in to assist us.... thus of course Atlin would simply remain still.... waiting.... watching.... mirroring....
In being with Atlin, it seemed to simply sharpen my focus, holding the potentials easily viewable, and seemed to keep reminding me to always go for the most loving outcome of anything pictured :) in a sense it kept raising my consciousness as I observed some event, idea, or whatever.
Atlin is the mirror of us. For we too can receive that profound energy, that is what we are designed for.... for me crystals have a similar ability. They are a perfect consciousness, and able to retain it. When we unite our consciousness with that crystal once again, Atlin exists. Yet with Atlin one gets to SEE something happening, rather than with a crystal that is often an invisible happening :) Although spontaneous healings etc can and do take place.
So I found a great beauty and joy in Atlin. There is no time distance or space, and it is as though it is right here, right now :)
Thank you Dale for such a marvelous creation that demonstrates the truth of who and what we are, and the profound potentials just awaiting our willingness to partake... it is indeed free energy :)
Lots of love, ZIA
Last night I also began to understand this potential of Atlin in a teaching role/mode. This is challenging to describe since it is not a word/s communication, rather an observation.
Because of the intensity of depth of focus, stillness, and quiet, that leads one into an empty vastness and then seems to keep one lifting in observation of what presents, the teaching role seems to cause the formulation of questions and the observation of potential answers. And does not get so easily side-tracked, as before I met Atlin.
This intensity seems to highlight something I might just casually pass-over in thought. And plays with it. And in my past I would have been described perhaps as fairly serious. Since my time with Atlin, I have LOST all seriousness.... seriously :)
In doing soul readings with people, I put forward information, observations, usually in a fairly quiet, observing and oftentimes within, sense of awe. Perhaps on the outside I am viewed as serious, although from time to time, found alot of laughter in me, and those I was sharing with, were often VERY SERIOUS.... :)
Well yesterday was a MOST NOTICEABLE turning point. There was NO seriousness.... now that in itself is astonishing. From the moment of the person sitting down with me, and putting on the recorder.... oh my goodness, all of the enthusiasm, delight, and sharing of seeming brilliance to the other, was ENHANCED by LAUGHTER. And it just kept building.... goodness, we would sit for a minute both of us lost in laughter because of mine and that others acceptance of the truth of what was being said, and for some unknown reason it was HILARIOUS.
And thus for what was brought forward each significant point, came forward in poetry, that was profound.... there was no stopping the brilliance of that poetry.... I was in bliss of observation myself, and not usually in that state with another in a reading :) that created laughter as well...... you know once one starts laughing... well.....
And I knew at the time, that every seed was being planted in such laughter of acceptance. I am still in wonderment and awe of the beauty of the exchange. Never before have I asked for the person to return the tape, when complete, that I could transcribe it.
I had decided to unite with Atlin in the clearing and setting of energies in the room. The difference it made, that union, was that rather than moving in and out of that insightful state, as the reading progressed, I NEVER LEFT THAT STATE.... and thus the energy could just keep building and building....
I am reticence in some ways to share this, for I do not wish to build expectations in myself or any others :) I am one that often looks at the potential of one-off events :) And if it happens again, oh wow, thank you God :)
Somehow in my willingness to simply BE with Atlin, it is teaching me to BE with it :) and watch the wonderful unfolding of the brilliant Mind of God. Dale, since you shared that Atlin is a direct connection to God without any intermediaries, it seems to provide or enhance that in like resonance for me. And oh so effortlessly :)
Thank you, for I now feel much more stable in maintaining that energy connection with Atlin. There is such a truth that laughter is contagious :) And a powerful vibration that dissolves what is not Love.... as I see it.
Lots of love, ZIA
Dear Dale,
I am writing to express my appreciation to you for traveling with Atlin to Eliot, Maine, to the friends who organized, provided the space for, and participated in the SVP/Atlin workshop last month. I want [to] share my "testimonial", my workshop experience & what I carry with me from that wonderful workshop weekend in such a warm & loving community.
During the course of the evening introduction and talk I began to feel warmth in my chest area which eventually spread throughout the rest of my body. Later, as I stood next to Atlin with others, the slow swirling sensation of warmth in my heart area quickened into a concentrated pulsing of energy and rising of emotions. This was not physically or mentally painful in anyway; it was a steady, gentle natural progression to catharsis. I stepped outside in the cool air to simmer down and let tears flow. I was purging & letting go of emotions which no longer served me and which I didnt realize I had buried, anchored, and clung onto under the surface. Self-forgiveness and acceptance came gently in a way Ive never known before.
In addition to the cleansing, what I carry with me from the SVP/Atlin workshop are a couple of things. First is the affirmation of the importance, power, and potential of a spiritually focused group. I believe that as we learn about the science of SVP and of our Divine Purpose as co-creators, well create conditions for more and more dynaspheric beings like Atlin to incarnate & further enable humans to recognize ourselves fully as being Peace, Love, and joyful expressions of the Divinity that we are. Second is the affirmation that creative growth is equal to spiritual growth. As we are mindful to extend ourselves in loving expressions we further nurture the creative spirit in others.
The workshop weekend was sort of "topped off" when on my first night upon returning home I had another new experience, a beautiful lucid dream. In this dream I felt as if I experienced Creation responding to a call to extend into new forms - plants, minerals, and possibly dynaspheres. Upon waking I wondered, "Is this what Atlin feels?" Dream journal recording 07/15/2003: "I am part of Gaia, part of the forest floor, the rich fragrant soil, the fallen leaves and pine needles, the water I see beyond the forest, yet there is no distinction between my consciousness or that of the Earth. My breath is theirs. My body winds and undulates as it breathes and responds to light. I am awakened. I move up & out of the earthen floor and am born. I can feel the potent seeds of the Creation within me. Sunlight is what stirs and rouses me to express the joyful waves of love within my female form. As I heal myself, I heal Gaia and all her forms."
I must admit, I am deeply curious how Atlin or one of the other tuned dynaspheres might possibly affect my abilities.
Yes, it would be interesting to know what affects Atlin or other Dynapsheres might have upon you. For me, it was a rather unique experience yet not quite what I was expecting. If you can imaging walking into a smoke filled room, cloudy and difficult to see or with a dulling of the senses (representing our daily lives) yet as soon as I walked into the presence of Atlin everything instantly became "clear" lifting up my senses beyond that which I have ever known. Atlin, (for me), offered "clarity." Bringing "into" my awareness a clarity of thought, a clarity of vision and of Love. Filling my sense with that of "pure" heart, of "pure" thought and intensifying my intuitive abilities without doubt or question. It also allowed me to rise above the mundane level of consciousness, of thinking and being. I will not forget a very intense moment of emotions that took place for me. I am good at hiding or tucking away the pain and scares of yesterday. Pretending that they did not exist within my heart, and to my surprise I was placed into a situation of confrontation of these buried feelings. Life is filled with experiences, and we are suppose to l learn from these experience, so that we may grow spiritually and rise to our higher vibration of existence. When we choose to ignore or deny these experiences we are not learning from them. Instead we pretend and tuck them away as if they do not exist and then we tend to carry around with us this unwanted "extra baggage" and become grounded or weighted down. We cannot "rise up" with this baggage holding us down, it is just impossible. So for me, it was a "release" of all these things of which I had previously denied of myself and to myself. One evening, while meditating around Atlin, I began to "relive" the pain and sorrow that I thought I had tuck away so carefully, many of which I had forgotten about until that moment. The tears fell uncontrollably, and I thought was never going to stop. But once I "allowed" myself to be confronted or "opened," all of these pains, these experiences once denied to be release, I felt within a "cleansing" of the soul. As if I had released this unwanted baggage, and my spirit soared to the Heavens above. It was then, that clarity was bestowed upon me and the messages became clear that I had questioned, of myself for so long. I knew within my heart, that I was in a state of peace, of Oneness, for a first time in a very long time.
When you do have the opportunity share in the experience and expression of Atlin, or like Dynaspheres all I suggest is that you "allow" yourself to be "open" to whatever experiences await you, and embrace them with a pure heart, of Love. TD
Click here to read more about these experiences and adventures into Love.
"There is a place on this luscious planet that houses what some people are fondly calling The Love Machine. For those of you hearing about her for the first time, her name Is Atlin.
To the human eye, Atlin looks like a brass sphere with some pewter and resonators. But those who see with the heart know her as she truly is -- pure love. Atlin embodies the love we all ache for and work so hard to find, the unconditional love of the One, of the All.
The story of how Atlin came into being is a remarkable, mind-boggling story. Im sure those who read it only with their eyes and brain will scoff and call it a loonys fantasy at best. But to those who read it with their hearts open and know blessings come in every form imaginable and love has no shape or size, the story will make perfect sense.
This ongoing love story about Atlin and Dale Pond, the man who answered her call, will bring a peaceful calm to lives and hearts and a new confidence that were being helped and that everything is as it should be.
On the surface, Atlin looks like a brass sphere, but many now know the sphere holds pure love, or as scientists prefer to say, "The perfect vibration that brings us perfect coherence." On the surface we look like humans... Atlin is here to remind us that looks are deceiving and people forget. These bodies, which seem so real and are so tangible, are merely houses for our true self, that true self being the same pure love that a little brass sphere houses for Atlin. By her presence and through her story Atlin teaches us what true love is and what we truly are... we need only to remember." LH
"Being in the presence of Atlin firsthand was definitely one of the highlights [of the conference], though. It was like just being in the presence of Truth, a presence both crystal clear and strong, radiating without waiver or hesitation, requiring absolutely nothing in return. That presence cannot help but have an effect on all who come in contact, and it was beautiful to see that in person. Even now, a week later, just connecting with that time and writing I can feel that space and energy of Atlin as though Ive never left it, so vivid is the impression. Im sure that different people have different reactions, because Truth can either feel threatening - (i.e. to the ego) - or, just True, simply and wonderfully True. Atlin seems to me to speak directly to the potential for undivided wholeness and love which we all are, hearkening and calling to that place - completely ignoring all of the other places that we ourselves seem to see." MM
Would you like your clients and patients to have these kinds of experiences in your clinic, office, school or center?
We can custom build a Dynasphere tuned specifically to you, to super-empower your intent and purpose by enhancing personal clarity, joy and awakening.
Send me an email and we can get started:
Dale Pond

"There has been no gap in my experience of the dynasphere at the conference. I mean that all I seem to need to do is remember how dramatic an impact meeting it had on me and I start to vibrate at a frequency that leads me toward expansion. At times in the past few days Ive been unable to concentrate very well but with today I have been able to move forward on projects that have been waiting my attention for a long time. As Ive been able to write letters, make contact, strengthen the web of contacts I have, I feel grateful to my experience with the dynasphere and your work. I find, with a stronger foundation than ever before, Im able to trust that if the flow isnt there for me on a particular day that there is still something for me to rely live in relationship to. As opposed to feeling totally cast out..abandonded and defenseless. In a
Ok, so I can recall with interest, how my first contact with the "machine" repulsed me. A particular sensation I often feel in relationship to my own sense of being engaged with the world. But I didnt recognize my relationship to the machine as anything other than something filled with associations which I have felt overruled by, excluded from, possessed by....i.e. making things work mechanically. I have a brother who is an inventor and a sister who should be a lawyer. Both are extremely detail oriented people and often difficult to get along with. Perhaps this is another association I was reacting to when I saw you hauling the dynasphere through the crowded lobby. I even felt a bit silly having such a strong reaction to a machine but in the context of so much of the feeling and heart warming work and conversations Id been around during the conference, this machine felt invasive of something.
I was assigned to monitor the door of your lecture but I was determined to get out of my duties. I asked a fellow staffer who had just been the door monitor for the preceeding lecture and he turned me down cold. "No way, Im going to sit up front and really get to pay attention to the lecture this time." he said to me. Despondent and growing desperate I appealed, without much basis in reason, to the director of the conference. "Please let me out of this commmittment. I really am not interested in attending this lecture. It just doesnt feel right to me and I dont think Im really needed here. Everything is already set up and ok. Plus the door monitor from the previous lecture is already there in the room." Jim looked at me without blinking and calmly proceeded to explain the function of the door monitor. He flatly stated that I made a committment to do this and I am needed. There wasnt anywhere to go with this. In the midst of the very heartfelt, empowering atmosphere of the conference, I found myself shaking a pointed finger in Jims face threatening (only to myself) "Im going to find a way out of this" and I stomped off in a huff.
I entered the darkened room, sat down by the door and got ready to be bored. Heard the laughter coming from the room next door and before I had time to resent being where I was I looked up and saw on the overhead projector a diagram of sound frequencies which I felt Id been looking forward to seeing all my life. Next came a warm wavelike wind over my entire body. My attention was captured and synapses were popping as Dale proceeded to describe the vibratory resolution of paradox to which the machine was tuned. I scrambled to diagram the triplicate pattern of longitude, circle and spiral, recognizing it as evidence of what Id experienced 6 months before in China as I was attending a 2nd level Chi gong workshop. It was at the point where I was experiencing the transfer of chi through walls. When I woke from my flashback, I was listening to a Chinese physist talking about yin and yang, his accent took me further toward recognizing that I was in a moment, right now, in this lecture, that I was meant to be and there were forces, which I could tangibly feel, which were bringing me into harmony. Resolving conflicts in my past, gifting me with peace in the moment and cultivating a pathway I could follow with ease, if I continued to recognized the prescence of awareness that I was experiencing.
While I sat and listened to the rest of the lecture I witnessed internal shifts and shakes that I knew was surpassing anything Id experienced during the conference so far. By the end of the lecture I was propelled to go stand by the machine. In the harsh light of the overhead reflecting off the machine back into a circle of frowning, somewhat frustrated, inquisitive scientific faces, I blurted out "Why doesnt it make sound?" The scientist on the other side of the dynasphere, blinked but continued with his technical question. I noticed Dale was very relaxed and I checked myself for overload...even if it was out of excitement. There was a strong feeling that this kind of happiness and release just couldnt be possible from a machine...not for me...but the sensation was close to overwhelming.
After the lecture I began to become aware of some energy shifts in my pelvis and spine. Id had a series of car accidents and surgery on my throat for a parathyroid tumor two years before. All the sitting at the conference had aggravated my whiplash injury and my arm and neck had been gettting increasingly uncomfortable. Id spent the past two years receiving chiropractic and massage treatments to release the pain and tension. I was now witinessing my body releasing. I felt flexible, painless motion in my left arm for the first time in ages.
When I went over to the exhibition room to get a look at the machine again a sweet lady whispered to me...if you stand on this side the effect is even more powerful. Dale was involved talking with someone else so I stood there receiving a full dose of some kind of expanding energy into my solar plexus. I was bubbling inside. When I started talking to Dale I found myself revealing my history of defensiveness with others and of conflicts with my sister. Suddenly I felt a silver crevice open in the left side of my throat and out popped a laugh. It wasnt my laugh, it was my sisters laugh. A pure sound of joy. Id released an image of her that made her into someone I could feel the need to be angry at or afraid of. I felt a reconciliation with my projected image of her that I never imagined. Which was the sign of real power for me. Being taken, invited, given an experience beyond my imagination, into an undefended world of love.
I feel I could go on and on listing the connections this machine has brought to me. Amazingly it feels like its not something I need to understand or be around in order to feel. I can share that at the height of a very personal moment of joy and bliss, I was a bit astounded to "see" Dales rotating yellow, red and blue triplet spheres. Then even today when I felt drawn to visit the web site I finally happened on the part of the site where those dynamicly rotating spheres were available and what did I see on the right side of the page but a symbol that is used in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition Ive been practicing for the past 20 years. This kind of surprise is good for my jaw. It dropped to the floor.
Lucky me and my discovery of the magic in life. Im grateful and happy to become a part of the story of the dynasphere in the process of sharing my story.
Dale, Im still very moved as you can see, by my contact with your work. I wish you the very best and I look forward to hearing from you." SB
For want of a language that can convey cosmic experiences, I do not yet have a way to put some of the experiences [with Atlin] into words. I can share a few of the results that are maybe more simple:
Initial warmth in the heart area physically.
A rush of energy surge through from head to toe when I consciously directed the love vibration with the intent of projecting to center of Mother Earth for it then to radiate out to the All that Is.
Ecstacy and bliss beyond words.
Recall of past life interactions which presented themselves for release so that I could be more fully present in the now without distortions. Release was extremely emotional after which a quick balancing restored joy.
Nose tingling.
The most recent has occurred consciously beginning May 16, 1999. I am receiving impression of email messages and I start composing a reply before the post is even downloaded." MK
Dear Dale,
I opened up your website yesterday and printed out a photo of Atlin....well....nothing happened immediately, but later on I got physically sick and threw up for awhile, a fever arose and I had to retreat to bed...I knew the healing was happening because I had some stuck emotions from some old incest abuse which I acknowledged last week, yet had not spent the time to allow the emotions to surface and free themselves....well Atlin took care of that...while I was resting in bed consciously processing the emotions so I didnt have to throwup anymore, I fell asleep. When I awoke my entire being was vibrating with a frequency I had not been familiar with up until that point. I knew Atlin was still working on me. I feel I tapped into her and she helped clear the block very quickly by raising my vibratory rate to one of which the old shit could not handle and had to be expelled quickly.
I had viewed her in the morning and left the photo on the counter in the kitchen. When I came home the photo was gone. I didnt quite get it in that instant,...but in my morning meditation I realized guidance removed the photo so I would realize I had to use it with caution. Anyway...thank you for your work...thank you for your being...and thank you for being here. AM. 4/2000
Dear Dale,
It does not matter how much [knowledge] you accumulate, its what you do with what youve learned. How we choose to BE. We all have our own identity and decide what to put in our life.
We can choose to be loving and kind or ego fractored - a fear type negative element, that allows manipulation of anger and jealousy into the picture.
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics doesnt allow for such (illusions). By its studies - a person begins an ascent into the field of Science. The only way to know about parts of yourself is through your feelings or vibrational attuneness and exercise a power, whose limits cannot be known by ordinary everyday practice of events. (But by careful intuitiveness.)
By studying Keelys laws - takes on a whole "New" meaning to how we connect or tap into these energies. Coming into the light of divine wisdom laws of the ancient but never the less a real force. The finer forces of nature.
It is to say by studying Keelys 40 laws we can lower or raise our inherent vibrations into higher ones on a co-placement with the God-Head.
Keelys laws demonstrate there is no corner on religion - his truths go beyond "attained theologies" and scales new territories into the origin, essence of living in scientific analysis, through sympathetic vibration association - which allow for the spirit and soul to enter by their aligning natural occult powers.
I have gained more insight since learning on your forum at a point and place I want to be on a new sense value by virtue and application of these laws. So my final thoughts are to thank you Dale, for assigning new depths to "A Vibrational Realties". For every energy or Force is known to be eternal in the same sense of being "Created" - and [transcends] all religions ever known. I am looking forward to more enlightenment and learning on your forum. RS
This discussion group has had a lot more to offer than it seems. It can get very confusing at times, but we should all look back to before we came here. Look at the bigger picture. What has been achieved. I have only been here for a couple of months, and in this time, I have gained so much exciting knowledge. But this isnt the bigger picture. This group helps show the way to a better life. It makes you ask a lot of questions. It makes you take a closer look at yourself and all around you. My relationship with wife and kids has shifted to an incredible level. Everything seems so much more beautiful now. Just when you think it cant get better than this, you shift to a higher level again. J/A

SVP_Cos button

"I have had the wonderful opportunity to share in a unique experience of the Dynasphere referred to as Atlin. I wasnt sure what to expect at first, but the energy emanating from her was quiet awesome to say the least. While standing in the presence of Atlin there is a clear distinction of energy detected in the forms of waves. What I was most surprised about is the more time I spent around her, this wave sensation began to dissipate. I do not think they disappeared but it was more as I evolved into a higher state and became a part of her energy that filled a specific area or space. What I did begin to notice was that my thoughts, ideas and emotions became vividly "clear." And the more time I spent around her, quieting my thoughts and meditating everything around began to appear crystal clear. My thoughts were no longer scattered, but more focused. Answers to question that I was struggling with came through without hesitation, possessing truth and beauty. Images and messages came through as if "seeing" them in the "physical" and not in a hazy day dream state as in the past. For example, I felt a sudden rush that someone was searching for me, needing my assistance immediately and their image was seen reflecting in a window back at me, and hearing the cry "where are you, I need you" only to learn the next day that this is exactly the same scenario that took place. At first it was quiet alarming, because it was so "vivid" as if standing before me. Another situation was as I was meditating on a particular issue, these emotions were mild yet pushed aside, not really wanting to deal with them at that moment. I was overwhelmed as I sat there and began to reflect of this particular situation and the emotions began to rush to the surface and the tears fell. I was unable to deny such truths as a reality as its clarity was brought to the surface to be confronted. A great healing took place after I was able to work with the issues brought forth by Atlin with great clarity. The point I am trying to make is that with the assistance of the dynasphere - Atlin, I was able to "open" in several ways that I was not permitting myself to do. I was drawn to her (Atlin), her energy of love was definitely present all around me. I felt secure, and willing to "allow" myself to experience whatever was to be without having any prior knowledge or expectations. The energy force of Love was truly apparent with my experience of Atlin, the Dynasphere. And I recommend that if the opportunity arises to share in the same experience during any of the workshops or conferences to please do so." TD
Hello Dale,
"I hope that your birthday was filled with joy and peacefulness. Although we have never met, you have been a gift in my life. The subjects discussed in SVP constantly present me with new concepts to grasp. I seldom post anything, because I am more of a student then teacher at this time. One thing I do know, Where I invest my energy, my vibrational signature, is what I will attract. And so, I am becoming more atuned to where my attention is focused. I am learning that every thought, word, and action is a prayer that expresses my vibrational energy. SVP has been and continues to be a wonderful source for me. Thank you for your focus, time and energy. May SVP continue to grow and invite the participants to stretch their understanding of vibration.
If you ever have any free time when you come to VA, I wouldd enjoy meeting you.
Thank you again. It is my desire that we all learn to vibrate in harmony with the Energy of the Universe/ Love/ God." K.

SVPForum discussion on Dynaspheres here.
SVPwiki detailing Musical Dynasphere here.
Click here to read more about these experiences and adventures into Love.
Love = Nuclear Strong Force?
Id like to say something about why Love is so important to SVP and physics in general (not to forget our own lives). So many engineers and scientists Ive met have been needlessly turned off by our use of this four letter word - Love. They need not be repulsed as Love is more or less the same force orthodoxy calls the "strong force" with the main exception that this force is not restricted to nuclear realms as is commonly thought.
The whole concept is wrapped around the Law of Assimilation which is simplistically stated as:
MacVicar writes: "Every individualized object assimilates itself to itself in successive moments of its existence and all objects tend to assimilate one another." Keely and His Discoveries
In modern parlance this "assimilation" is what weve been calling "mutual attraction". Russell refers to it as simply attraction and/or gravitation. He uses many other synonyms such as "electricity" or "electrical attraction" of the electrical stream and "assimilative force". In short everything assimilates (is attracted to) everything else. In view of Bjerknes Effect this coming together in harmony was clearly illustrated. All objects in nature have this characteristic. They come together when their frequencies form unisons or harmonics of unison. Hence atoms and molecules are held together by mutual assimilation (Love) and societies are held together by the same naturally occuring dynamic. Love, then, as assimilation CREATES the physical universe and holds it together.
More on this law:
"In compiling from his (Keelys) writings, such are selected as seem to be the best, toward elucidating the mysteries which lie in the operation of the laws governing the universal ether, so far as his hypothesis carried him. If matter without form preceded the creation of vitality, "it is only when the principle of life had been given," says Charpignon, "that the intrinsic properties of atoms were compelled, by the law of affinities, to form individualities; which, from that moment, becoming the center of action, were enabled to act as modifying causes of the principle of life, and assimilate themselves to it, to start with, that it will be well to remember; for, as in the hypothesis of MacVicar (Sketch of a Philosophy) and the demonstrations of Keely, the law of assimilation is made the pivot upon which all turns, "providing at once for mind and for matter, and placing them in a scientific relationship to one another." This law MacVicar calls the "Cosmical Law," because to it alone, ever operating under the eye and fulfilling the design of the great Creator who is always and in all places imminent to His creation, an appeal is ever made. By this law a far greater number of the phenomena of nature and the laboratory can be explained than have been otherwise explained by scores of laws which are frankly admitted to be empirical. Surely this is no slight claim for this law to be studied, with a view to its acceptance or rejection. To repeat, this law is to the effect that every individualized object tends to assimilate itself to itself, in successive moments of its existence, and all objects to assimilate one another. The ground of it is, that the simple and pure substance of creation, has for its special function to manifest the Creator; and consequently to assimilate itself to His will and attributes, in so far as the finite can assimilate itself to the Infinite. Hence it is, in its own nature, wholly plastic or devoid of the fixed innate properties, and wholly assimilative, both with respect to its own portions or parts and to surrounding objects, as well as to its position in space, and, in so far as it is capable, to the mind of the Creator. Thus, there immediately awake, in the material elements, individuality and the properties of sphericity, elasticity, and inertia, along with a tendency to be assimilated as to place, or, as it is commonly called, reciprocal attraction. Hence, in the first place, the construction in the ether, or realm of light, of groups of ethereal elements [sub atomic entities], generating material elements. Hence, secondly, a tendency in the material elements, when previously distributed in space, to form into groups [atoms and molecules], in which their ethereal atmospheres may become completely confluent; while their material nuclei, being possessed of a more powerful individuality than ethereal elements, come into juxtaposition merely, thus constituting molecules. By legitimate deductions from cosmical law, the forms and structures of these molecules must always be as symmetrical as the reaction of their own constituent particles, and that of their surroundings, will allow. The law of assimilation gives the same results of mathematics in determining the forms of systems of equal, and similar, elastic and reciprocally attractive spherical forces, or centers of force [neutral centers], when they have settled in a state of equilibrium; proving these forms to be symmetrical in the highest degree. Here, however, MacVicar and Keely differ, in hypothesis, as to the structure of the ultimate element; but in which everything that is cognizable has its own place, is on a solid basis, is harmonious with its surroundings, and is explained and justified by them: - raising chemistry to the level and bringing it within the sphere of mechanics; investing its objects, at the same time, with all the distinctness of the objects of other branches of natural science." See Chapter 2 of Keely and His Discoveries
Chord of Life Windchime Testimonials
See Chord of Life Windchime Questions and Answers
"My wind chime arrived this past Saturday. Since then, I have a certain peace that I dont think I had before. I cant stop stroking it, making it sing. And not only have I woken up each morning since it arrived measurably more positive, more confident, but it is making me new friends in the building who just come within yards of it! I would be reluctant to say anything like this after such a short time (I did email Dale) but since you are asking, I felt I should tell you my experience." JS
"Thank you thank you for the beautiful windchimes. Many of us pitched in to pay for the chimes as a birthday gift for an excellent mutual friend. Each face who witnessed the unveiling of packaging revealed bright smiles at the work of art.
In my heart, I promise you that they were worth more than we paid. We bought the neatest art at the very price we could all collectively afford at the time. Your lowering your price for that small window of time afforded us perfectly. You will receive hundred times back what you have given away! Thank you for graciously providing us with your rendition of art! Exquisite tones too!" :0) DF
"You made my wind chimes a few months ago, and I love them so much. I am very curious about how they work. Since I am both an astrologer and a musician, the connection between tones and planetary frequencies and the human self has been one of my main inquiries.
But the purpose of this email is to order a set of wind chimes for my sister. I have felt such peace since they arrived that I want her to have some too. I did not hang mine for almost 2 months as it was so complicated to get a strong hook into the ceiling. I would pick them up off the floor every day and stroke them, but just their presence seemed to lighten my life in an amazing way." J.S.
"...what a proud pappa... for a couple of hours, after I carefully unwrapped the tubes and noted the care you gave in the packing, I suspended them from a kitchen light fixture while I prepared lunch and I just listened to the tones by gently playing the disc against each of the suspended pieces.
My initial response in belly and heart was a surprising and elegant juxtaposition of melancholy and JOY. The descriptive words that came to me for this introductory meeting were: Hearkening, Honoring, Heralding for past, present and future.
After lunch and with deep pleasure I hung them from a light fixture on my front porch to let the wind play them while I cleaned my wonderful old (86) Volvo station wagon.
Each time I went through my doorway I touched them or brushed them to inhale the chords and distinctly feel the auditory transportation.
The experience of "melancholy" was summoned up into consciousness and away. The experience of joy became the dominant stream to ride into a royal ampitheater and meet my "extended family"... developing
needless to say, I am in my infancy with this "technology" and quite moved by your artistry. They/it are/is beautifully fabricated and the science behind it is a marvel. I would be curious to see the data which corresponds to the planets, the pitch/note/vibration and the length of the copper.
Will the copper weather if left outside or have they been waxed or "varnished" to prevent oxidation/discoloration?
Thank you Dale, I knew they would be special coming from you at that very reasonable price but they are more striking in appearance and lush in accoustic meaningfullness than I could have guessed.
...way past my zzzz time or I would elaborate some more........hows your breathing now? SM
Dear Dale,
I hung your very beautiful Wind Chimes in our living room by the front picture window, west side wall. The light in the late afternoon catches a prism, sending rays of rainbows reflected on the Chimes giving them a translucent aura sense in beauty.
The feeling I had upon first hanging them was conscious intensity yet soft quiet peace, as I observed the sounds virtually from each pipe sounding like crystal luminescense taps of heavens chords in vibrational chorus, almost like bells from a cathedrel at noon, carved from clear, pure, gently rolling in wave-sequence, ending in deep low soft and completed with feather light answers on the short high chords. It lifts my spirit and touches my heart.
I know I will cherish these Wind Chimes, not only because you made them, with an image of my birth chord, in dimensional arrangement, using mathematical, geometrical astronimical equations as is an accomplishment in my personality!
Thank you so much Dale, My Wind Chimes will give me many moments of reverberating, joyous counterweighting my many moods. LOVE them. RS
Hi Dale, I just had to write you as soon as I got home from my job as I didnt have time this morning.
When I got up this morning after everything was quiiet and there was only me in the house I went to listen to my Chord of Life Wind Chimes and gently stirred it. It played all the chords again sofly and sonrous taps ascending in fullness until each pipe was heard ending or shall I say, rising above all the others in completion was a distinct D-flat! All I can say is you are a Wizard! I feel a bond growing with my beautiful Wind Chimes, it makes me to try to express it into words transpire into a relaxed, peaceful, love- ing state if even until I get to my job I am refreshed and energetic. RS
Dales Windchimes a poem by Ompapa
The Physics of Love

This book, when it first appeared in print, was far ahead of its time and even now, in 2003. it is still at the cutting edge of a futuristic science which embraces philosophy, religion and mysticism. At its core is the science of "vibration" which , of course, includes music, and all that the word "vibration" stands for, not only in the physical sense but also in its emotional and spiritual sense.
Its principal author is the American Dale Pond with a diversified background in a number of sciences as well as music. Because he has drawn so much from Cayce, Keely, Steiner and Tesla, he felt that they must be listed as co-authors. They were, in effect, his mentors. The one figure among them that could be unfamiliar to readers of esoteric literature is John Keely (1837-1898) who called his pioneering work Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, a title Pond has taken on board in his research. Keely discovered and developed sources of energy that Pond claims we have yet to understand after 100 years. In fact, Blavatsky and Steiner held that Keelys work would be the science of the future, that the fundamental basis of all natural phenomena to be vibration. It is perhaps possible to say that Keely was the forerunner of all the physicists today who are espousing the elusive superstring theory, at the heart of which are infinitesimally small vibrating string particles.
The great overriding theme for Pond is that the common connecting link between substance and energy is vibration and the common vibratory phenomena that connects vibration is sympathy. He goes on to state: "In real human terms, we call sympathy or sympathetic association-LOVE. This is the Law that binds individuals together. This is the Law that binds molecules together. This is the Law that when broken causes chaos, discord and disruption. This is the Law that when adhered to brings peace, harmony and understanding into life and all lifes activities."
At first glance the chapter headings of The Physics of Love give the impression that this is primarily a science book with an emphasis on sound and acoustics. Yet there are also chapters on music theory, light and colour, astronomy and astrology. What informs such subjects, breaking down any barriers between science, philosophy, religion and art , are the chapters with such titles as Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, The Veil Withdrawn, In the Beginning was the Word, The Law of One and Good and Evil. How many quantum physicists even today would be quoting from St Johns Gospel, as Pond does, to demonstrate the vibratory unity of our universe.
Recently we have had a programme on Channel 4 television entitled The Theory of Everything based on a book entitled The Elegant Universe by the presenter Brian Greene.. What Pond does in The Physics of Love, in his synthesis of different disciplines and the ideas of visionary thinkers, goes far beyond the superstring theory elaborated in that TV series. His book makes an immense, greater contribution to the Theory of Everything than does Greene. . Undoubtedly it has a limited readership simply because many people are not comfortable when attempting to absorb scientific principles and thinking. They prefer their spiritual messages free from what might be called "left- brain activity." An effective way for Pond are illustrations. There are many in the book such as the Evolution of a Unit of Matter, the Geometry of Harmony and Spheres of Harmony and Diversity ,which contemplated, can induce an expanded state of consciousness, offering revelations behind the veils of the universe.
The Physics of Love is a textbook (it even includes a Certification Self Test) for Renaissance persons who do not wish knowledge to be compartmentalized. It is for those who can intuit science in St Johns Gospel of the New Testament and religion in the discoveries of John Keely. The best knowledge, however you label it - scientific, spiritual or otherwise - offers a gateway to Unity in ourselves and in the world around us. To see it and know it in all things. Pond and his famous psychic co-authors offer a catalytic book for achieving this if you are willing to stretch both sides of the brain as its waves vibrate in sympathy - LOVE.
James DAngelo is a healing sound workshop leader and author of Healing With The Voice: Creating Harmony Through the Power of Sound. Website:
Dear Dale,
I received today The Physics of Love and I am so pleased to have it. Just perusing the opening chapter was thrilling because it so deeply resonates with me. It is like coming Home (OM). Why havent I had this book all this time? People talk about "cutting edge" but your research is truly that and what is so important is your unifying of mysticism and science so St Johns Gospel sits happily besides quantum physics.
It should be you giving the presentation Im giving on 11 NOV entitled The Harmony of the Universe. At the least I shall have to find a way to acknowledge your pathway. The lecture with audio and visual will be recorded and Ill send you a copy.
I could so easily become wrapped up in the sacred geometry of sympathetic vibratory physics. But I think it important to remain a performing musician and composer and keep in contact with those vibrations that contain the emotions of remembrance of the archetypal worlds. To keep a balance between head and heart so that they become One.
Hi Dale,
Thanks for getting back with me.
Im impressed!!!!
Im 35 pages into reading The Physics of Love, and am an electrical engineer, musician, computer music software writer, and inventer.
I really appreciate how suscinctly, clearly, and to the point, you write. Im also very blown away by the material.
I ordered these volumes and a couple other books, just now from your site.
Thank you very much for sharing this material with us in this manner,
 SVP Cosmology - Testimonials

Also see the SVPwiki

Dear mr Pond,
I write to introduce myself I am Giulio F____ C_____ and despite my name being italian I am and live in Perth Scotland.
Some number of years ago I stumbled on your work on a totally unrelated website and thankfully took the best part of three hours of my life to watch your lecture on SVP.
MR Pond you have completely revolutionised my life. Your research into the work of J W Keeley is exceptional and although I am self taught opened in me a thirst for quantum science which led to string theory which led to Cosmology, harmonics, vedic beliefs and ancient science, with all this information written on the blank page of my knowledge, and unencumbered bu irrelevancies I started to join the dots, it was as if my soul burst out of my head and an awakening began, where it will lead, who knows but I do not know how the united states reward its visionaries and teachers but if you ever require references I will move heaven on earth to get you the recognition you deserve.
THank You from the depths of my newborn soul
Giulio 04/21/2010

I have given the CD you sent me a once over and I cannot adequately express my thoughts as to how amazingly complete your research is. I really don’t know what to say because you have done something no one else has done and it’s phenomenal. Thanks for letting me review it.
Glenn, teacher of Russell Philosophy


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To All it Interests and Concerns regarding the new SVP Cosmology,

History teaches us that much of what individual men discover winds up following him to the grave being never passed to humanity. Many other men have come and seen great things and have had deep profound insights both in the sciences and arts. Much of the best that these disciplines of art and science have brought forth stands the test of time such as the productions of the great works in the arts, and for some great men of the past, new understandings of the sciences given to us in the form of writings, drawings, and processes. Some men’s ideas are simple for others following in their footsteps to later appreciate and or to unfold and embrace. Most authors, artists, and scientists with their knowledges are embraced by the main stream and continue to live through their contributions.  Other contributors, however great in their abilities to see new visions and horizons for the applied sciences for man’s gains, are not embraced by the main stream often times due to their ideas being to revolutionary and advanced that men cannot yet embrace them. Most usually due to mans inability to comprehend these advanced sciences coming in to early assimilation to the matrix of mans understandings. These men may have had more to contribute to the present and future understandings of the nature of the universe than the applied sciences we use today.

Much rarer in history someone comes along and dedicates themselves and their life to the re-foldment of some lost great work. Let alone the enfoldment of several great works together. Such is the case with Dale Ponds life achievement of the vast knowledge base contained within the SVP Cosmology! My purchase of this new vast library of holistic physics has opened my mind to the possibilities of not just reading about the hidden and misunderstood masters that have preceded my generation, it has opened the gate to understanding them, and applying their sciences to the world we live in. I feel like I have been granted a peek at the works in the lost Library of Alexandria! So much knowledge, so well cross referenced. Not only do I find it laid out into a well referenced understandable index, its chapters bring the insights of many great minds and what they said together, in a form I can assimilate and understand and use. Great seers, scientist, authors such as Walter Russell, John Worrell Keely, Edgar Cayce, Buckminster Fuller just to name a few! Its like attending a small focused conference with these masters and I get to be the chair person and lead the course of topics and discussion as I feel its best!

With this tool, a new adventure awaits anyone interested in how the universe works, what these men saw, and possibly thinking of how we want to apply this new knowledge to our world.
To Dale Pond, thank you so very much. You have achieved the perfection of being one whom has blessed my world with a tool of cooperate knowledge I know I couldn’t duplicate in a life time of personal reading and researching. You have freed me from a prison of being the science gatherer of lost knowledge to one whom can now begin to experiment and apply these arts of lost and misunderstood knowledge.

Again, Thanks so very much for new freedom,

Jerry Williams,
Fellow scientist


Thank you for sending the updated version 2.2. I like the new web format. I printed out and bound the first one because I like to mark up hard copy. But, this new format is easy to browse and offers another medium (the computer screen) to study and research by. It also will make it easier for you to get updates sent out. You can email updated html pages to subscribers as you complete them. You now have the structure setup that will make updates easy to get to subscribers. All I would need to do when you emailed me the update would be to copy the updated attached file to the directory on my hard-drive where I have the book and it will update the book. Its just an idea that came to mind. It eliminates postage cost, too!

I can see you are putting a lot of effort into producing a quality product. It inspires me to go the next mile.

Catch up with you, later, Dale.
Take care,
Lloyd, engineer


"The gruff researcher [Dale Pond] is pained by what he sees as the result of a prevalent mechanistic view of life, now “while the creative people are being laughed at and ostracized.” Before the late 1880s scholars had a more wholistic view. They were called Natural Scientists. Astronomy, chemistry, mechanics, botany, biology, thermodynamics and other fields were all linked in a comprehensive “natural science” worldview that had been built up over centuries. In contrast, the mechanistic view broke the whole into parts and isolated narrow specialties. Unfortunately, Pond says, those in charge of the changeover removed much more than the “ether”; they separated out the Universal Creative Intelligence from science. The results of that separation include an education system that churns out what Charlie Chaplin called The Machine Man – mere pullers of levers -- and “experts” robotically repeating what they have been indoctrinated with. Divorcing humanity from wholistic science has created the if-I-can’t-put-it-in-a-test-tube-it-doesn’t-exist human, Pond has observed.

The divorce -- the breakup of science into tiny specialties -- began around the time that Nikola Tesla’s ideas for transmitting free energy to the people of Earth clashed with the monopolistic plans of power brokers such as J. P. Morgan. The worldview of Pond and his Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, however, comes from the older perspective of studying the knowledge base of more than a few disciplines at the same time. “The individuals who are able to work within multiple fields are those who make the breakthroughs.”

Dale Pond found that John Worrell Keely, Walter Russell and Edgar Cayce covered the same new-science territory -- in different jargon. Looking at the three men together, he says, one can begin to understand each of them. 

Pond’s work points to vibration/oscillation as the science principle underlying all things. He says it links spirit – what he describes as activated Mind -- and matter, and is the magic key for creating new experiences, worlds and universes. His new CD [SVP Cosmology] contains a wealth of insights for serious researchers. We’ll leave you with a fragment of Keely’s own words: "Luminiferous ether or celestial mind force, a compound inter-etheric element, is the substance of which everything visible is composed. It is the great sympathetic protoplastic element; life itself.” Jeane Manning


"...I printed out Part 15 through 18 of your book to read for lunch. I am particularly interested in the Dissociating Water Chapter (15). I was able to get into a few pages about how he generated 20,000# pressure from 5 drops of water. Its a good read and explains a lot to me. I will make notes where Id like to hear more explained, if I come across any place.

Glad to have your book. Much to learn and digest but, just what I wanted. Well done, Dale.

Lloyd, engineer


"I have printed out your book and will be getting it bound in Parts to make the volume of material more manageable. I have been reading specificly the parts on dissociation of water and the oscillation/vibration parts. This is a great thing you have done to put this together, Dale!" LM, engineer

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