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Rudolf Steiner

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Another enigma no less fascinating is that of Rudolf Steiner. Through his series of inspired lectures we are given another wonder filled glimpse of the universe. Again, Steiners concepts are not necessarily similar to the ones held to by classical physics. He gave a particularly interesting lecture in 1918 summarized and translated below by Mr. Wim A. M. Leys of The Netherlands.

"In the ages to come, humanity will develop three new occult faculties, in the same natural way as it developed her mental faculties in the past. These will be:

1. The material occultism. (Or mechanical occultism.) 2. The hygienic occultism. 3. The eugenic occultism.

(NOTE: The word "occultism", as used herein, refers to hidden yet-to-be understood knowledge. It has nothing to do with satanism.)

These faculties will not be developed by all people in the same degree; in fact they will be found separately in three regions of the earth.

I. The "West-people" of England and North America will develop the material-mechanical occultism. They will be able to create machines, mechanical devices which work with hardly any human effort; which work with the help of the "Laws of Sympathetic Vibrations." These machines will do about 90% of the work, and all the social and material trouble of work as we know it now, will cease to exist.

II. The "Middle-people" of Europe, east of the Rhine and west of Russia, will develop the hygienic occultism. This is the inborn faculty to heal the bodily and mental diseases. It will be clear to these people that life from birth till death is analog to a slow developing disease, and they will be able to use the life-and-health-giving-forces of their own bodies to overcome the diseases which now still harass mankind.

III. The "East-people" of Russia, India and the Asiatic peoples between, will develop the eugenic occultism. This means they will be able to know by intuition, at which planetary constellation conception, the act of impregnation, the sex-act, will have to be employed to attract the right souls and give them their right bodies. Also it will be known how to attract (or hold back) the wicked souls. Thus the societies of the "East-people" will become gradually better harmonized and more spiritual.

Now the situation will be so that the "West-people" (English and American) will not be able to develop out of themselves or by themselves the two other occult faculties. The "Midde-people" also will only have their faculty, and need the West and the East for the others. And in the same way the "East-people" wont possess the material and the hygienic faculties, only the eugenic.

Now for Mankind to reach its spiritual goal it is necessary that these separate occult faculties will not separate humanity in three opposing groups. Because for instance if the "West-people" only develop their material-mechanical occultism and keep it for themselves, even use it to oppress the other peoples, and hold them in their (economical) power, the West will become "soulless", bound to the material side of life on this planet.

If the "East-people" will feel hatred for the West, because of the colonial past, and economic dependence, they will become one-sided, and drift away from this earth, so also not developing with her any more. It is therefore extremely important that there will be a close, intimate cooperation between all the peoples of the earth and humanity be able to continue their evolution.

In addition to this it should be held in mind that these three occult faculties belong to the bodies. The difference between them are thus comparable to differentiations and races. The souls are above these differences, and if they realize this above mentioned brotherhood, and not only stick to their own kind, they will pass through incarnations in all the three groups.

Lastly it should be stated that, to realize the progress of the right development of these three faculties in cooperation, it is necessary that over the whole earth religion and science go together. Atheistic, materialistic science and unscientific superstitious religion are a hindrance on the path of evolution, and will obstruct the cooperation of the three occult faculties."

(Translators Note: Already one can see the intuition of the North American peoples for their future, in the invention and development of computers and robots. These already do a lot of work for man, though this is not yet the mechanical occultism which is meant above. It is a foreshadowing.)

(Q) Whereas the late Rudolf Steiner announced a threefold social order which he said it was the will of the spirit of the age to bring about, and whereas he stated that this social order would come through the free will of human beings as a result of social cataclysms, - is it within the bounds of possibility that the threefold social order of Rudolf Steiner can be brought about in this country?

 (A) To bring the threefold activity of ANY individual other than Gods will produces a PROBLEM, - whether Rudolf Steiner or whatever name! For theres only one Name given whereby man shall be directed.

 These are the characters of activities of social order, of social justice, - yes. But they shall be ever NOT as of ANY individual, but as just indicated, - that all are free, all are equal before God. The social order, the religious order, the economic order must all be for ONE God! For, know that the Lord thy God is ONE!

 (Q) Would it be good to work with this end in view? If so, what course should be pursued to bring this about?

 (A) As an individual, study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman not ashamed, rightly dividing the words of truth, keeping self unspotted from censure of the world.

 This done, with the principles, the rules, - but in the NAME of the Father-God!
(Cayce 3976-24)
The Universal One
The Universal One

Dale Pond, 1989?

(This article has been moved to the SVPwiki.)

There is only one natural supreme law of nature and when expressed for human use in daily affairs was given best by Cayce:

"The WHOLE law is to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, thy mind, thy body; thy neighbor as thyself. This is the whole law, this is the whole purpose for an experience, an activity of an entity in any given or individual experience or appearance even throughout the sojourns in a material plane." Cayce 1464-2

This law is at the root of all other laws and can be paraphrased and interpreted in many ways depending on the modes and customs of use, background and application. There are several explanations of this law herein that prove to be fundamental and interesting. The dynamical functions of the dynasphereare about as close to this law as one can get. It is assumed that one of the prime reasons for this dynasphere coming in to society now is to bring this awareness of the Law of One and how it may be used in personal and interpersonal human experience. SVP is part of the new spiritual physics. The dynasphere embodies and demonstrates this Law of One. Fractal math and Quantum Arithmetic are both closely associated with an associative and generative process more generally known to us through the Fibonacci Number Series. A given quantity is run through a formula which adds or subtracts a quantity (or quality) to the original quantity or quality thus there is an endless evolution or renewal of the original set. This fundamental process of beginningless/endless reiterative modulation synthesis is the law above described in action through mathematical procedures and is the same thing we just described as occurring with rainbows, the Dynasphere and Nature.

The activated dynasphere establishes a neutral center and then creates a coincident expanded neutral or etheric field about itself. (It is assumed this is accomplished somewhat like the engendering of a so-called impedance field in electrical parlance.) This field has the general shape of a torroid or doughnut - kind of like the two halves of the human brain or a walnut. This outreaching celestial field is sympathetic and reactive to and upon the centralized vibrations of the spheres neutral center. There are many different types, kinds, sizes and colors of streams of high energy etherized centers flowing out from the center and then returning. Lots and lots of figure eight type forms of spirally vortexian patterns weaving in and out and among themselves. This is something akin to Babbitts atom, also the brain itself or somewhat like the two halves of walnut kernel, convolutions included. After these radial forces reach a given distance (the first concentric circle or node point/ring/shell which is coincident but opposite polarity to the center) from the center they are transduced (via modulation by the opposite state of the ring/shell node) to a lower state and begin the journey back to the center. This lower state is really a change of vibratory chord (dimension) from that of a repulsive, expansive enharmonic one to a contractive, aggregative harmonic pattern. As they approach the center they become denser and denser until such a point of densification is reached that an implosion or cavitation/sublimation of the substance takes place. That means the molecular lower vibratory chordal state is phase changed or sublimed into higher states of matter and energy such as atoms, photons, etc. Nobody has ever said it as elegantly as Keely himself over 100 years ago:

"I believe sound to be a real substance of unknown and wonderful tenuity, emanating as absolute corpuscles - interatomic particles - from matter when induced by percussion. Sound has a velocity of 20,000 feet per second in vacuo, in air, 1120 ft. per second. The substance thus disseminated is an actual component of the agitated mass and were this condition to continue indefinitely the mass would eventually be disintegrated. I think the true definition of sound is "a certain order of theric flow, consisting of actual radiant atomic corpuscles ruptured from a static condition by disturbance of atomic equilibrium." Keely circa 1890

In prior material we already covered how unlimited energy is released during the cavitation process. Now we know that sublimation is fundamentally the same as cavitation and indeed the two are functionally synonymous or coexistent. The second phase of the implosion or cavitation is sublimation - the mass becomes transformed or transduced into higher states of matter or radiant energy beginning its journey outward as in the beginning. These are generally referred to as the etheric states or radial forces. These are the radial active forces Cayce referred to. These are of the higher realms of matter and energy and have often been referred to as the etheric realm or ethereal forces which means higher and finer ranges of particle sizes and higher energy states. According to Keelys quote above it is sound or more specifically discordant sound that disrupts atoms thus bringing about dissociation into higher and finer particles. Sound by rigorous definition is a succession of compression and rarefaction states. It is this vacuous characteristic of the negative phase of a sound wave that is credited with causing implosion/cavitation and is deemed to be the initiating cause of sublimation. The following paragraph references the liberated (via sublimation) particles liberated and then caught in the various sound fields surrounding the Dynasphere. Demonstrating that tenuous matter and energy are both attracted to the sphere just as other subatomic matter and energy are radiating from it. The working idea here is the attraction or vacuum state. This state is in actuality a state of super high energy widely considered as intense densification into and of the etheric (quantum) ranges of energized particles.

"The mean force acting on a rigid sphere placed in a progressive spherical sound field has been obtained by integration of the individual contributions from the velocity potential and particle velocity acting on each element of the spheres surface. Motion of the sphere under the action of the first order pressure variations in the sound field has been taken into account. The radiation force has been expressed as an infinite series of inverse powers of the source distance, each term of which is multiplied by an infinite power series in terms of sphere radius. At very large distances from the source the radiation force obeys an inverse square law of repulsion. As the source of the field is approached, the repulsion decreases to zero and then becomes a force of attraction. The extent of the region of attraction is determined both by the frequency of the sound field and by the size of the detecting sphere; lower frequencies and smaller spheres both extend the region. Even when allowance is made for an inverse square law, the attractions may be many times greater than the repulsions in the same sound field." Embleton, T. F. W., Mean Force on a Sphere in a Spherical Sound Field I & II; The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Volume 26, Number 1; January, 1954, page 40-50.

This device has been referred to as a living entity by Keely a number of times. It becomes a living, breathing entity when it 1) establishes a neutral center; 2) establishes a coincident or sympathetic field about itself; and then 3) the device begins to act and react (breathe) to its neutral self (mind = neutral = dominant = superconductive = sympathetic vibratory neutral) and its coincident (environment) field. The previous Cayce quote implies that for one to be a whole being one needs to 1) love thyself; 2) love ones neighbors; and 3) love the God of thy heart as thyself. In other words, when the structure begins to manifest the Law of One it is then one with or sympathetically one with that which gives life. It takes on those qualities and characteristics we associate with life - regenerative and progressive. (Here we have come full circle back to the Fibonacci/Fractal/QA processes. Now we can see why Fibonacci discerned his number series while watching LIVE rabbits as they were progressively regenerating their species.)

Love being sympathy as demonstrated is the required connecting link for all three states to co-exist as One State having a triune make-up. The God of thy heart is the identity of the full/high neutral center as related sympathetically to all else. The dynasphere 1) assimilates to itself that which it expressed earlier, 2) expresses outward that which was assimilated and 3) is One With all that it is by virtue of its sympathetic state of existence via the high etheric, quantum, superconductive, scalar, neutral, infinitely dense, infinite velocity, etc. ranges. It is an individual by virtue of its particular neutral center chord which is different from all others that may exist.

Law of One

During my research at the A.R.E. years ago a person asked what does Christ have to do with Keely, his work and science. It took me a long time to find the answer. It is that Christ was sympathetic to all as He was Love in action. Love is sympathy which is Oneness which is superconductivity (minus any and all discords). This dynasphere and the science that builds it is Love made manifest through coordinated action both polar and depolar.

To bend a spoon one associates sympathetically with the etheric/quantum levels of its structure via the universal Mind force. Now this is not to say that one forces the spoon to bend with an outside force. This is NOT how it works. This idea is Newtonian in concept and is illusionary. (We are always fooled by how things appear to our senses.) We are each One With the Mind force that permeates the universe already. This is demonstrated as truth every time someone experiences telepathy, clairvoyance and similar phenomena. (By the way, these are all perfect examples of sympathetic vibration in action.) It is through this personal connection (the connecting link is love) we each have that the actions are induced by virtue of agreement or permission. For example, if one is to heal by laying on of the hands one asks the Christ Consciousness or God to do the healing in sympathy with the healer as petitioned. So the healer does not do the healing and neither does the spoon bender do the bending. If a healer can bring about the physical changes (transduced down from the spiritual realms) then a spoon bender can do the same to a metallic spoon. Their is zero difference except one is religiously or dogmatically acceptable.

It can be said that the dynasphere is a device based on and constructed with sympathetic vibrations or LOVE. The making of each part is conditional on the charging or conditioning of each part and component with the same energy a healer uses when laying on the hands. In this case we are laying on our hands so the parts are WHOLE which is to say healthy or harmonized or coincident to the highest ethereal/quantum/energy/mind states. (The dynasphere is then sensitive to these higher forces.) It is a direct deduction that mind permeates an individuals physical body giving it life and motion. As soon as this energy is withdrawn from a live body the body becomes dead, rigid and lifeless. So by applying the hands and imbuing the chi or zen or life/mind force the body becomes more alive and energetic. So the device becomes like a living entity which it is.

So, if you cant bend a spoon you wont be able to activate one of these dynaspheres. Negative thoughts are aberrant and disturbing to these states of energy and matter. There are old stories of Keely requesting certain people to leave the demonstration room when he was having trouble with one of his spheres. Likewise it is believed war and destructive acts cannot be waged with these devices - they simply will not cooperate with the fear, hate and destruction mentality that goes with war, greed and power grabbing at the expense of others. We can now clearly understand the old story where a young apprentice built a dynasphere under Keelys watchful eye but it would not run until Keely placed his hand on the fellows shoulder.

To paraphrase MacVicar, 1860s and Keely circa 1890, the Law of One can be viewed as having three distinct modes:

Law of Assimilation: Every individualized object assimilates itself to all other objects.

Law of Individualization: Every object tends to assimilate all other objects to itself.

Law of Dominant: Every such object is such by virtue of the higher or dominant force which controls these two tendencies.

Walter Russell explained it: "God divides the stillness of His omnipresent Oneness into mated pairs, and simultaneously multiplies their power to simulate His omnipotence and omniscience through fast centripetal motion. He then unites His mated pairs to simulate His Oneness, and simultaneously multiplies their speed of centrifugal motion until they disappear into His omnipresent stillness." Universal One

So we now see more of what we are doing with this device. Here will be living, breathing proof of the Law of One almost exactly as described in John 16:16,28. This will herald the merging once again of the divine spirit of Love back onto the earth plane to work and be with mankind once again. The Full Harmonized Chord of One differentiates into two being harmonic (female/night) and enharmonic (male/day) and the Dominant Neutral. These are active and remain such until merging again with the Grand Neutral once again.

Is not this a Most Wonderful and uplifting (spiritualizing) project?

Another way to express how the dynasphere works is that of establishing a resonance with it and the earth. The B flat resonators are supposedly tuned to a basic earth vibration which Keely has always referred to as B flat. The dynasphere becomes a node upon the vibrating membrane of the earths vibratory matrix. (This is not unlike how an iron magnetic really functions - the iron differentiates (as though it were a prism) the harmonic polar flow of the earth.) The sphere performs its function more or less identically to that of a coil in an electrical circuit. Once the B flat resonators have been tuned properly the sphere causes an amplification of this fundamental earth tone. This unamplified node point is part of the unstressed space/time stretching almost like a membrane. As the amplification takes place the space/time begins to take on a stressed condition (pumping a scalar or phase conjugate wave as Bearden would say). When a powerful standing wave matrix is formed via amplification by the sphere it (the etheric vapor) will be differentiated and polarized by the Acutators creating as it were a virtual crystal surrounding the Neutral Center. These virtual crystals, not unlike the nested Platonic Solids, are of immense energy densification on the etheric realm of matter and energy and are capable of unlimited energy transduction. This node point being now differentiated polarized becomes the stressed space/time locus. Once the wave matrix is differentiated it cannot regroup itself by virtue of the Actuators and Tri-tone resonators working through the device. The orphaned enharmonic and harmonic flows will make every possible effort to resume their cozy (full harmonic) association. This action then resulting in rotary motion because they naturally seek the previous associative state but are prevented from doing so. One might say the functional dynamics of the dynasphere would then be in a constant state of agitation. As long as the physical structure of the dynasphere maintains its functional associative matrix the detoured and then refracted earth tones (terrestrial currents) can not reassociate. So herein lies a clue as to speed/power/direction control and on/off capability.

The Law being spoken about is the Law of Life which is the Law of One manifesting in and through each of us to varying degrees in our associations with each other. It is also reflected from each other as the basic law of society for centuries known as the Common Law or mans natural law of dealing naturally with each other. It is organic, flexible, subtle, powerful, simple and elegant. Sound familiar? This law is the very same used and engineered in our dynasphere.

Part of the reason we, as a society, are in such difficult and stressful social relations as also our personal disturbances is because we have lost sight and understanding of the Law of One. Who am I? is just as important as What is my relationship to my neighbor? This is the Law of One in social circumstances. So just as we are striving to understand the Law in its actions through the dynasphere so too are we attempting to answer the outward manifestation of the Law.

What has happened is we have lost Our Law and our understandings of it and have adapted a bogus, fraudulent, counterfeit generally referred to as Roman Civil Law. This so-called law is no law at all but instead is a collection of private opinions and dictates used publicly. The so-called case law is nothing more than one persons opinion about someone elses opinion which in turn was based on yet anothers opinion. This is like the orthodox Jewish Talmud. The same holds true for the sacred doctrines of science. We have all been so well fooled we do not know the difference between fools gold and gold of Truth. This false set of doctrine does not recognize an individual as being a live and thriving entity. On the contrary it considers all persons as dead, non-thinking chattel to be used up and thrown away. These ideas are at the root of so many social ills. War grinds up and throws away. Large commerce grinds up and throws away. Large political machines grind up and throw away. All this because there is no love of self as your neighbor and no recognition of higher powers. All this because there is no love at all - only taking and preying upon others which translates into self-consumption and destruction of society because society is the collection of us all as individuals. All these disputes with Life and Purpose manifests through everything we create such as our technology, machines and behaviors. We spend national treasures on war, disease management (ostensibly called health care), death and destruction. Where are the expenditures for Life, health and happiness? Our machines prey upon the natural resources both for intake by draining off oil, etc. and as output in the form of pollution. They breathe in and breathe out sickness and death. Our society is based on death and destruction - not Life.

This dynasphere on the one hand and the public issues on the other hand will help us sort through this mess of illusion to sift out these universal Truths. We will be lead directly to a place where we know, understand and can use these truths in machinery, service to others and personal endeavors. For the first time since who knows when we will be introducing technology, philosophy and Truths based on Life, Love and Light instead of death, dis-ease and destruction. It is time.

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