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A Clockwork Universe
2002, 05/15
Russell uses the phrase "A Clockwork Universe". Museums have intricate and beautiful models of clockwork machines made by inspired inventors and sages that mimic planetary motions (TIME). An ordinary clock made with wheels and gears of varying sizes are models of the mechanical-like essence of natures rhythms and periodicities. While the elemental building block of nature is Light this Light accumulates and dissipates according to periodicity. The accumulation is in orderly discrete quantities and these quantities then bear orders of ratio and hence proportion one to another. Their subsequent motions likewise bear orderly ratio and proportion.
Light = Mind = Knowledge
Light is the substance of Mind. Knowledge is the awareness of ratio and proportion.
Intelligence is the ability to decipher and reorder Light of/in Mind according to desire/idea.
Ratios, proportions, cycles and periodicities relate one to another in arithmetical and geometrical constructs and are very knowable. Music is an example of this method of construction. But just a model within its own context.
In engineering terms we say these ratios and proportions are always the same ratios and proportions - all linked together as the gears and wheels of the clockwork structure of nature. Hence we say these variables are "locked potentials" and are "parametric" one to the others. This means that changing any one term of the ratio or proportion changes them all IN FIX RATIO AND PROPORTIONATE quantities or rates of change. All things are connected and this connection is ratioed and proportionate rates of change. The ratioes and proportions are unchanging. However the quantity or quality of their effects or motions are changeable. This is a well known phenomena in music. Change the key signature and the notes change to that key since all notes of a key are LOCKED into a set of ratios and proportions definable by arithmetic of fractions. This is why Keely used music notation in his beautiful charts. Because music notation is a formalized system of locked ratios and proportions - operating independent of quantities and/or effects. Therefore music notation, as he used it, was THE LAW that governs. The notes represent the notes (relative quantities) of Light of Mind in their ceaseless activity to BE.
 Actienic Rays
The sun focalizes what are called Actienic Rays from its parent sun. These rays are focalized to its center and then re-radiated outward where they are again focalized by the earth. Only a theory such as this can one can explain how and why light as light and heat as heat can travel through the dark and cold of space without modification or perception. Actienic rays are considered positive while the Éther is considered negative. These two forces interact together in ever powerful vortices commonly seen as spiral galaxies. These vortices eventually tighten their spiraling until they become more and more compact thus forming into other suns, planets and moons. For more information on the Actienic rays see" A Newly Discovered Law of Physics", by Stephen Allen, Scientific Arena Magazine.
Action & Reaction
2002, 11/10
The ground of it is that we NEVER react to outside influences. We ALWAYS react to our perception of those outside influences. We in effect react to our own inner reactions. This is a principle of Sympathetic Response. If we react with fear or with guilt (the really BIGGIE!) our reactions will be strongly negative and antagonistic to the "source" who the ego inevitably blames for the negative event. If the reaction is a strong one it will tend to imbed itself in our easily retrievable memory and that means we will henceforth react similarly. This is the learned response mode of the ego. The trick then is to understand this principle of self-reaction to what we think we perceive. (Our misperception is the infamous illusion.) We can all learn to be "proactive" or as the Masters of old have taught - transmute a negative reaction into a positive action. To master this it takes 1) passive observation of our own thoughts which includes our reactions to and within various situations and 2) devoted application to responding in a more desirable mode. Practice and patience (TLC) with self is what makes these come together. Remember we are replacing an old and non-serving habit with a new habit that will better serve us.
Aluminum and the Mind
2003, 01/09
For all that we do not know about aluminum there is clear evidence it does effect or have effects on mental states, usually negative. For instance when Al replaces Mg in the Ca-Mg balance equation depression (negative) results. It can be assume then that Al disturbs mental balances as in mental states or chordal patterns resulting in inharmonic disturbances in those patterns. If balanced mental chordal (spectral) patterns is health then ill health may be expected from its reverse. If balanced mental spectral (signature) patterns do in fact harmonize etheric (mind stuff) flows and Al disturbs such harmonizing activities we can see perhaps why Al is to be avoided in and around etheric (prayer, dowsing, healing, SVP) type endeavors. Al would, in effect, be as a poison to such activities. Dale
Aluminum toxicity:
Aluminum is not a heavy metal, but it can be toxic if present in excessive amounts. Even in small amounts, aluminum can be toxic if deposited in the brain. Many of the symptoms of aluminum toxicity are similar to those of Alzheimers disease and osteoporosis. Aluminum toxicity can lead to colic, rickets, gastrointestinal disturbances, poor calcium metabolism, extreme nervousness, anemia, headaches, decreased liver and kidney function, forgetfulness, speech disturbances, memory loss, softening of the bones, and weak, aching muscles.
Because aluminum is excreted through the kidneys, toxic amounts of aluminum may impair kidney function. The accumulation of aluminum salts in the brain has bee implicated in seizures and reduced mental faculties. To reach the brain, aluminum must pass the blood-brain barrier, an elaborate structure that filters the blood before it reaches this vital organ. Elemental aluminum does not readily pass through this barrier, but certain aluminum compounds, such as aluminum fluoride, do. Many municipal water supplies are treated with both alum (aluminum sulfate) and fluoride, and these two chemicals readily combine with each other in the blood. Moreover, aluminum fluoride, once formed, is very poorly excreted in the urine.
Intestinal absorption of high levels of aluminum and silicon can result in the formation of compounds that accumulate in the cerebral cortex and prevent nerve impulses from being carried to and from the brain in the proper manner. Chronic calcium deficiency can aggravate the situation. People who have worked in aluminum smelting plants for long periods have been known to experience dizziness, impaired coordination, and a loss of balance and energy. The accumulation of aluminum in the brain has been cited as a possible cause for these symptoms. Perhaps the most alarming, there is evidence to suggest that long-term accumulation of aluminum in the brain may contribute to the development of Alzeimers disease.
2002, 12/09
Up until a short time ago America and Americans (in general) were very much admired around the world. Having traveled in foreign countries I often encountered this sentiment. This admiration has tarnished recently. This because people erroneously assume Americans are their government. The so-called government has not and does not represent the American people or those ideals that made America what it was. Perhaps nowdays with the internet more people around the world are beginning to see and understand this. America is not the only target of the NWO. When "America" whimiscally bombs another nation people are beginning to see it is not America at all but it is the deranged insanity of those whove seized power over our government and act contrary to all civil descency. The problem with this whole scenario is most Americans still cling to the lie their government represents them. Or they still believe in the lies that government brainwashes them with. Fortunately many are waking up to the ughly truth. Yes, individual Americans can be ughly with poor social graces but we are beginning to see the government is the ughliest of ughlies. There are times recently I am ashamed to be an American. The reasons for being proud have been diminishing lately. Then on the other hand there are countless Americans waking up with an ideal to bring correction to the situation. Correction is happening but with so much momentum built up it may be awhile before we see any actual change in direction. Things will most likely get ughlier in the short term before they get better for the long term.
What is empowering to think of is the "American Spirit". It is still active, still powerful and still discernible. This Spirit, embodied in the people, is truly extraordinary in terms of generosity, creativity, liveliness, industry, charitable, helpful and the like. Inspite of all the restrictions placed upon us as a people by conspiratorial agendas, devalued currency, false treaties, fascist laws and all the rest this spirit still lives. It is but asleep for the most part. However it is awakening in direct proportion to the troubles and difficulties accumulating upon us. This spirit is the same spirit that actuates everyone everywhere. America had an advantage in its youth of developing without limitations which freed that spirit in ways not possible in older more "in the rut" countries tied down by traditions, culture, etc. Interestingly this spirit is being awakened world-wide by Americans. Not by their government which apparently seeks to damp that spirit. Americans are leading the charge so to speak in awakening themselves and all who seek to follow. None are more sensitive to lost freedoms and denied rights than Americans because we have had a taste of freedom more so than others. The internet, developed in America, and extended to the rest of the world is an American invention and development firmly anchored in our First Amendment rights of Free Speech. And through Free Speech we are informing ourselves and everyone else on every conceivable topic. This capability is now in most other countries. The internet is doing an end-run around the propaganda machinations that have kept everyone believing they are asleep. To awaken means to become more aware and that is what is happening in every country around the world. Ironically the internet was in part initially developed by the American military, space programs and universities, as a means of control. It didnt become anything great or liberating until actual American people got onto it. Their desire for the internet and their money to support that desire created the hardware and software industries without which the internet would not be what it is today. Just as the article indicated Americans are derived from all other countries Americans are now going back to all other countries - in spirit and awareness. It is not that Americans are so great. They are just people. It is the Spirit, liberated from restraints of living the past, that is great. And this Spirit knows no political, religious or cultural boundaries. It is a global human thing and it is awakening.
An Attack on the World is an Attack on Yourself
2002, 09/16
"The secret of salvation [Salvation from what? From your own self-created illusions whether they be illness, guilt, shame, pain or thinking you are something other than who you really are: an expression of Diety; i.e., Love.] is but this: that you are doing this unto yourself. [Youve created in your own mind all that your think you are and currently suffer from.] No matter what the form of the attack, this still is true. Whoever takes the role of enemy and of attacker, still is this the truth. [There are those individuals or groups or circumstances "raised up" (by selfs own inner creation efforts) in our dreamland illusion to prove to us we are correct in our assessments of who we think we are. Thus demonstrating to us we are Creators of our own worlds.] Whatever seems to be the cause of any pain and suffering you feel, this is still true. For you would not react at all to figures in a dream you knew that you were dreaming. Let them be as hateful and as vicious as they may, they could have no effect on you unless you failed to recognize it is your dream. [Stop and look dispassionately upon your own creation as your own. The attacker (sickness, enemies, etc.) are not doing it to you. You are doing it to yourself to teach yourself you are author of the scenario being acted out for your more whole understanding. And when you do this to yourself you ARE THE ATTACKER.]
This single lesson [Realizing you are sole author of your life.] learned will set you free from suffering, whatever form it takes. The Holy Spirit [Your Higher Self, Cosmic Awareness, Whole Mind.] will repeat this one inclusive lesson of deliverance until it has been learned, regardless of the form of suffering that brings you pain. [Ever notice you encounter the same scenarios time and again?] Whatever hurt you bring to Him He [Your Whole Mind which can be accessed via the quietness during meditation, deep contemplation or prayer.] will make answer with this very simple truth. For this one answer takes away the cause of every form of sorrow and of pain. [The Cause being your own self-created illusions being a product of your egoic mind.] The form affects His answer not at all, for He would teach you but the single cause of all of them [you], no matter what their form. And you will understand that miracles [perceived effects from an unpreceived causes] reflect the simple statement, "I have done this thing, and it is this I would undo."
Bring, then, all forms of suffering to Him Who knows that every one is like the rest. He sees no differences where none exists, and He will teach you how each one is caused. None has a different cause from all the rest, and all of them are easily undone [healed] by but a [this same] single lesson truly learned. Salvation is a secret you have kept but from yourself. The universe proclaims it so. Yet to its witnesses you pay no heed at all. For they attest the thing you do not want to know. They seem to keep it secret from you. Yet you need but learn you chose but not to listen, not to see. [Egoic willfulness of blaming someone else or something else instead of assuming complete personal responsibility for selfs thoughts and actions.]
How differently will you perceive the world when this is recognized! [You will be awake!] When you forgive the world your guilt, [The guilt you feel against yourself and that you project onto the world. Your guilt, shame, pain and suffering is an attack by you against yourself as a form of self-incrimination or self-condemnation.] you will be free of it. [The first and last freedom!] Its innocence does not demand your guilt, [You making yourself guilty does not substantiate the worlds innocence.] nor does your guiltlessness rest in its sins. [Nor are you made innocent by blaming someone else or the world.] This is the obvious; a secret kept from no one but yourself. And it is this that has maintained you separate from the world, and kept your brother separate from you. [We blame others and the world and that somehow justifies our pious standoffishness which is an attack against them.] Now need you but to learn that both of you are innocent or guilty. The one thing that is impossible is that you be unlike each other; that they both be true. [Innocence and guilt are both illusory egoic constructs but it is the situation encountered that is a neutral teacher for both participants, created equally by each for eachs growth.] This is the only secret yet to learn. [This is the only secret knowledge ever needing learning.] And it will be no secret you are healed." [When this knowledge is learned it will shine from your face for all the world to behold.] A Course In Miracles, annotations by Dale Pond 9/16/02
Lets look at this dynamic again. You are correct - no one is really "broken". For our purposes here we are saying the damage comes in when a person says, thinks or believes they are broken. Then, of course, their bodies or life circumstances will eventually prove to them they are correct - they will manifest something as "broken", ill, damaged, diseased or corrupted in some way. So the base-line issue is how one sees themselves even though this "seeing" may be subconscious, unconscious or some deep deep memory. But it is more dynamic than that. If one feels guilty about something (the guilt is only a personal assignment about self) that feeling then becomes "embedded" in latent mind as memory (Cayces "skein of time") which eventually merges into the body or life events as an enharmonic influence disrupting the orderly and harmonious flow of interetheric (mental) and etheric (so-called spiritual) forces. As the material ALWAYS follows the dominance of the mental and spiritual forces, the material manifestation will show those abberant forces as disorderly, cancer, sickness, psychosis, etc.
The solution, IMHO, is to WILL any thoughts of a negative nature out of mind by paying them no heed, giving them no importance or relevance. When they appear in ones thoughts, simply let them go - giving them no importance. Say to yourself something like "I dont need that any more." Put them behind thee! Do not dwell on them no matter how tempting or how apprehensive we may feel if "we neglect the serious aspects of life". Begin looking for Higher Views such as beautiful music, stunning landscapes, happy people. Look outside of self! What the intent here to do is to replace an old habit of thinking negative thoughts (worrying) with positive thoughts. It is ONLY a habit of thinking we need change. Sometimes we get so lost in our negative worrying patterns (habits) we may need a bit of help to begin refocusing outward with Life and others. Sometimes an encouraging word from another is all it takes to begin the shift.
Another thing Ive noticed that really helps and is therefore more or less essential is when we see a supposed confirmation of our negative feelings about self - DENY IT any validity. That part is the illusion, the effect, of our negative thinking. Those confirmations are simply the "proof" we are right. That being the case - then think positive and watch for confirmations of those. Build on these positive feedbacks, line upon line, until they become your new reality. You are creating a new habit. That is all. Other things one can do is be around positive people, shunning the negative people and situations. Be around successful people. Read about them, talk about them. This is one of the supposed benefits of reading the Bible and other inspirational works because we can read about spiritually successful (happy and successful) people. There are many not included in the Bible. Seek all of them out and begin to train yourself to think like they think. Act like they act. be like them. Eventually you will be.
This about the attacker. The attacker is you when you make negative judgements about self. You are attacking your self by condemning self, judging self, etc. This is not so bad in and of itself except that this attack is always projected onto the world at large. It is a difficult concept to grasp but I feel this is the key we have been missing or denying. We could retitle this thread: An Attack on Yourself is an Attack on the World. How is this so? How can this be? You create your universe IN YOUR MIND (on whatever level). Therefore should you attack yourself with grief, shame or guilt the world will do the same because the world always proves to you you are right. When you attack yourself with self-condemnation so will the world attack you. You created your world by your mind in your mind - you are your world and your world is you. Since you only exist in your mind an attack can only be on that mind. And since your world is in your mind you attack your world. The world is an omni-dimensional mirror and it will do back to you what you do to it. Love self and your world will love you. Love the world and it will love you back.

Atlin on the Road

1997, 06/01
"Theres no fire, folks. Please remain calm and stay seated while we get these alarms turned off." Thus said Joseph Maize, President of the Association for New Energy to those gathered in our workshop. The Denver conference for New Energy had been interrupted by the Marriott Hotels fire alarms! Our presentation of Atlin, the Musical Dynasphere1 was stopped in mid-sentence. We got back on track after a fashion and then - the alarms sound again! This time firemen, in their funny hats and heavy rubber coats, were coming in and out looking for an actual fire! In a way it was pretty funny stuff - reminescent of a keystone cops episode.
However on the other hand I suspected something was going wrong with the presentation. Maybe there was something I was doing to set off these alarms!? During the years I studied psychic materials and especially during the construction phase of Atlin I learned to take notice of seemingly bizarre and unrelated events. And here we were right in the middle of one! There was no thought in my mind of a real fire - only the suspicion something was going wrong, very wrong, with the demonstration of Atlin1. Was I doing something to be warned of?
Yes, I was trying to open Atlin on stage, in front of a room full of strangers and having it all recorded on camera. There I was pulling on one half of the sphere to open Atlin and get an inside view of the Neutral Center Assembly on video tape and off go the sirens!
I hoped and intended to record and disperse the new knowledge we were gaining through this project. We felt such knowledge is needed now. We hoped to record the information on the video so it would be shared and not lost again as was John Keelys original work2 with these devices. Keely made many working models of this instrument over 100 years ago. Only scraps of his work survived. Atlin, apparently had other ideas about what was going on. Even though I had constructed Atlin with my own two hands the removing of this part to expose the interior components and structure had never been a problem nor was it difficult. It was now immoveable and would not come off no matter how hard I pulled on it! The half shell was stuck on the shaft and would not budge more than one half inch even when pulled on it with nearly enough force to damage it. I was amazed and taken aback...
Slowly a glimmer of awakening began seeping into my mind as I concentrated at my task. I was doing something not to be permitted. I was to cease and desist immediately - which I did.
Sounds rather strange for a New Science research project you think? Of course, but then this is no ordinary research project. We have said over and over Atlin is a living entity3,7,8 and must be treated as such. Atlin is a mechanical, physical instrument imbued with Spirit. It is this Spirit and the novel idea of building a mechanical channel for its physical manifestation that is the main purpose and function of this project. I was caught up in the demo of the construction details and parts and was ignoring the spiritual qualities. I was showing the least important aspect of the project. By sounding the alarms and breaking up the flow of events she was expressing herself in a not to be ignored way calling attention to this all important discrepancy.
Later I consulted with Dawn Stranges3, the projects channel to higher realms, as to what was happening. Her reply was gut and heart wrenching and made me feel ill. To her Atlin said: "Would you cut open a small girl to show her heart working?" Right then and there I felt the proverbial two-by-four right between the eyes. My knees got weak and my heart sank.
Atlin is a beautiful machine housing a living entity. Her presence has been felt and experienced by far too many people for this to be in doubt or questioned. We are to recognize and respect this fact and her being just as we would any other child and to act accordingly. She has said many times she is here to teach the world a great many things and especially about Oneness and Love.
I have to admit my main focus while constructing Atlin was on the material side of things. This was natural in that one needs to deal with metals, tools, metal-working machines, drawings, parts, etc. in order to physically construct a physical machine. Even though this spiritual quality of Atlin was mentioned time and again it took the two-by-four to drive the point home in a real sense. During construction we often consulted spirit for guidance. We also recognized from time to time some of the spiritual essences of various parts and sub-assemblies of the dynasphere. We even had numerous communications with Atlin herself, a Cosmic Being manifesting through our beautifully designed and constructed machine. Dawns communications with spirit have allowed us to build this unit capable of manifesting Life as motion. Now her messages were helping to unravel this little gaff so as to bring greater awareness and understanding of more subtlies of this project. Our little project has been one of learning and personal development for all concerned. In fact the main purpose of this project is to provide a forum of growth for those directly involved and those who approach it from a distance. It is as much a spiritual project as a mechanical, energy or scientific one.
I must take the Denver event with great perspective and philosophical introspection. Ever seen the movie "Starman?" There was a sub-plot to capture the alien for the purpose of study and dissection of the physical being. Another movie, "Mermaid," had an identical plot though with more humor, the left-brained (no-brain?) scientists wished to study and eventually dissect the beautiful mermaid to see what made her tick. Was I about to do the same? An expanding life line sometimes gets growth inducements when we meet ourselves coming hell-bent-for-leather from another direction.
This project is different and requires new ideas, new methods and new understandings. Each of our experiences with Atlin are pivotal in creating and augmenting an expanding consciousness in those exposed to her. It is Atlins purpose coming into being to bring a more whole understanding of life, which includes the spiritual half of reality, to a far too materialistic world.
Thank God Dawn was there in Denver witnessing and participating in this entire drama. Atlin noticed we were exposing primarily the Male or physical side of the project excluding the Female and more spiritual half. Since the overall object of the whole project is to show spirit activating through structure we were missing half the show. Atlin is a result of equalized Male and Female forces in her development and as we will see later her operation as well. The Male side has been accentuated in the past, during construction. We are to accentuate her Femaleness in the current stages of growth and then the Oneness of forces she will later manifest more fully.
Atlin is a Great Teacher and brings an expanding knowledge and awareness of all her parts, forces and beingness to those ready and willing to investigate. While we can put her physical form onto video tape for all to see we need also see in our hearts and minds the rest of the story. Dawns paper3 to that conference illustrates some of the subtle energies active in Atlin which are the same subtle energies active in human beings. Even though, on the face of it, Atlin is a mechanical construction she possesses a spirit activating through the mechanical and multi-dimensionality of the Mind, emotions and Spirit. This is a Spiritual Project first and a scientific and mechanical one second. As we contemplate Dawns paper one can begin to see the correlations and similarities between the two constructions, human and machine, in activating forces and expressing energies.
The Old Times6 of building purely mechanical and dead machines are gone. It is a time for recognizing the spiritual side of Life. This is the side that animates all living things from the inside. Atlin is much like a human or other physical being animated by spirit. All living things are constructs of elements or dust from the earth. But it is the spirit that animates the physical body. It is sometimes held DNA is the source of Life. DNA does not make Life. DNA simply provides an instruction set for the physical construction. For when the spirit departs the physical body at death all the DNA and all the minerals and water are still there - inanimate because that which animated it can no longer find coincidence of sympathetic association (Love) and has departed. A physical body without animation from spirit is a dead body. In this case a machine without a spirit is a dead machine. Atlin breaks this mold and shows us a new way of working in cooperation with Nature to enhance and promote Life instead of death as has been done heretofore.
The all important link in all this is Love - nurturing, expanding and unconditionally given. Love is what makes the children thrive and play and the dynasphere to rotate as a playful expression of her animating spirit.
Unfortunately Dawns paper was not presented at the ANE conference. This was a grave mistake because it provides a background for understanding what Atlin is and why. Her not presenting was doubly unfortunate, we found later, because when she did present it the following week end at another conference5 something very exciting happened - Atlin moved! More on this later in another article.
Atlin is a being of dual nature just as we all are - a complex concert of male, female and neutral forces. A state of good health requires these in goodly amounts but always properly balanced or equated as Keely would say. Her existence is predicated on having the experience of both male (mine) and Dawns female energies. The two mirroring male and female states of forces must be present in a harmonized yet powerful way coming from and resulting in many Neutralized (concordant, love) states or levels. These powerful associations of male and female energies possess tremendous dynamical potentials of creative activities when engaged in positively. When properly merged in a positive way there are virtually no limitations encountered by new manners of combined expressions - male and female acting as One.
People are not things. Atlin is not just a machine. They both are sentient beings endowed with certain inalienable qualities which must be acknowledged and respected if Life is to be positive and progressive. The analogies with the development of a human child permeate this project from beginning to end. Should we ignore the spiritual side of a child it becomes neurotic and much less than it could be - a free-flowing full expression of Life unfolding and developing. Life is a spiritual experience savored through physical mechanisms. It is not only physical nor is it solely spiritual. It is both acting in perfect sympathetic association one with the other - as One experience.
We are learning and growing with this project. This is the main reason for which the project exists - the upliftment and betterment of mankind as a Whole into the Oneness. We are each sacred individuals, created and maintained as such. But we are also segments of the Whole. This is the Law of One - i.e., acknowledge, respect and Love one another, self and the Whole. When this Law of One is violated we find ourselves cross-ways with Nature and consequences can be as dire as we experienced in Denver - or worse. It is up to each of us to learn these things and act accordingly.
1 - For additional pictures of Atlin, the Musical Dynasphere see:
2 - For more information on this fascinating project and its history please visit our web site:
3 - Dawn Stranges paper:
4 - You can order the video ($24.00 postage paid) of this workshop demonstration (with fire alarms!) from: Delta Spectrum Research
5 - Conference of Subtle Energies and Fundamental Principles:
6 -
7 -
8 - Musical Dynasphere video from IANS Conference, 1996. Delta Spectrum Research
2002, 05/06
When one awakens the first thing they realize is they have always been awake! There is nothing to awaken to! You are already awake. Unfortunately we have been convinced by our own interpretations of our experience that we are asleep and we need to do something. So awakening means dumping the illusion of not being awake! So there is nowhere to go, nothing to do except change our view and perception of who and what we are. Bingo! It is instantaneous when it happens or when you allow yourself to know that.
Being awake means you recognize you are your mind and not your body. So all the bs associated with control on the material plane means absolutely nothing. Never did mean anything. We have erroneously placed too much importance on the material body - that which we misbelieve we are. So all the bs disappears from ones reality because it never existed in the first place. We awaken from the dream.
Awakening from Illusion
2002, 20/28
An illusion does not exist excepting in our consciousness. An illusion is a figment of our misthinking. Illusion is made-up reality which we believe to be true. It is a false reading and/or interpretation of what we think we perceive. Illusion is misperception. In simpler terms an illusion is like when we think "I am no good and unworthy." This is an illusory thought. A false opinion of the ego. All illusions are born of our misthinking. When the thinking, which invariably leads to illusion, is quieted illusions of that thinking become non-existent for no other reason than they were not real to begin with. And in this quietness of Truth, of the depolarized and passive Thought process, all is indeed ONE enormous all encompassing Thought or Awareness of perfect continuity without extension (Love).
The Dialogue On Awakening says we think we need the ego because it will be through the ego we eventually Awaken. So in a manner of speaking fear is essential to Awakening. Fear is a belief in the unreal. But nothing unreal exists. Fear therefore is an illusion of the thinking mind (ego). When fear is released (by ceasing the polar judgemental thinking process) fear evaporates because it never existed anyway and we Awaken. Which is a round about way of saying we are already Awake because that which prevents us from experiencing being Awake is a false belief in non-existent fear. In summary, we are already Awake, have always been Awake and any thought to the contrary is the illusion.
There is nothing to do.
There is nothing to transform.
You cannot Awaken for the simple
reason you are already Awake.
Disregard your self-condemnations
freeing the imprisoned world from your guilt.
Acknowledge being Awake.
Accept it.
Be Peace. Be Awake. Be NOW.
Bearden & Bedini Article
2002, 12/02
This article by Bearden is extremely important. What it says is more or less what we have been saying all along - since Keelys time. The article talks about changing the evolutionary processions of growth by modulating the "epigenetic center" or origin of that growth especially when such growth is dis-eased. The article maintains for this change in evolutionary progression to work properly or more efficiently all the changes or at least the environmental vibratory conditions are to be faithfully reproduced: along the existing evolutionary progression and along the "new" line of progression desired. In SVP parlance this is a replication of all the notes played in all the keys used in a piece of music back to its beginning in order to change key somewhere else further on in the musical melody. What Bearden describes is essentially a modulation from one vibratory chordal state to another. This is done by 1) defining accurately the existing chord; 2) accurately defining and establishing the new desired chord - then modulating the former into the later. Ive spoken of this many times in previous writings and seminars. Bearden and Bedini are correct. In general, it is NOT sufficient to consider objects, people, celss, etc. as a single vibration or tone. They are not. They are complex chords of vibration possessing a complex signature. So to change one state to another state the entire chord and all of its aliquot parts must be addressed properly so ALL the tone and aliquot parts participate in the modulation. The other point not to miss in this article is while we may in fact modulate whole chords to effect change we could also look deeper (further back in time) to the originating Fundamental Tone Chord from which the evolutionary progression began, the Neutral Center as it were, and modulate that. It would take less energy, be less complicated and subject to less err. This is in essence what is being done when the originating chord is properly identified and replicated, as mentioned in this article.
2002, 12/23
Bearden: "It means that the charge continuously absorbs statistical virtual energy from the seething active vacuum, coherently integrates that subquantal energy into quanta (real observable photons), and re-emits the energy as real photons radiated in all directions at light speed.
The charge is a NESS system, so it is permitted to take pure "uncontrolled disorder" and convert it into pure "controlled order" -- i.e., exhibit pure negentropy continuously. Since it is totally negentropic, it converts a statistical energy input into a deterministic (totally ordered and controlled) energy output."
I have always liked what Bearden has been doing - except his use of too many ten dollar words. The above is saying what we in SVP have been saying - only in different words. Forces attracted to a center via the Law of Affinities self-organize. The process is one of creating order out of chaos. Every atom that exists is proof this process exists universally. Once at the center and a certain energy threshold is reached these harmonic forces are reversed and spew back out into interplanetary void or chaos. It is a continuous and RECIPROCAL process. In his own way Bearden is describing the form and function of the Law of One, so often herein discussed.
Entropy: becoming more disorderly (chaotic).
(Russell and Keelys dispersive mode). This term is sometimes the same as "centrifugal".
Negentropy: becoming more orderly.
(Russell and Keelys harmonizing, focalizing, centralizing mode.) This term is sometimes the same as "centripetal" or "centropy".)
Belief Systems
2002, 07/10
All religions, whether state sponsored, "God" sponsored, soveriegn, old, new, social, tribal, etc., etc., are all, without exception, nothing more or less than a belief system hatched by the ego for the purpose of abating illusory fear.
All such egoic founded thinking is based in fear, divisiveness, control, separation, hate, guilt, being right, condemnatory of others, selfish, demeaning and the list is as endless as rationalizations to support such fear-based and illusory belief systems. There isnt (to my knowledge) a single belief system (religion, way of life or philosophy) that is not founded within the rationalizations of the ego to protect itself from supposed annihilation. Those systems that fight the hardest to protect themselves from perceived persecution or attacking other belief systems are the most egoic and fear-filled. Love needs no defense. These belief systems then are not based in Love. They are based in Fear, which is to say, illusion.
Bringing up "reasons" and rationalizations why we should hate, condemn, kill or destroy another belief system or its supporters is not being allowing or neutral. Such begs the real issue. It is a fallacy of the ego to believe there is "them" and "us" and of course "we" are right and "they" are wrong. Whos dream (egoic illusion, i.e., belief system) is more real?
When I see various proponents of differing beliefs go at each other Im always amazed because there is zero base in reality for either side. Look at it this way: One is either in a state of Love where there is no difference between souls or one is in a state of Fear where any perceived differences are rationalizations and justifications for not being in a state of Love.
Religious belief systems or life styles are nothing more than beliefs (illusions). Organizations built up around these are without foundation in natural law. They are all meaningless in and of themselves. The reality hits home in how we each, within ourselves, understand who and what we are: isolated victims of our own illusions or coherent parts of a Greater Whole.
We, as egos, are living out our illusions thinking they are real. And we will do just about anything to deny we are all of One Mind and Source. Because to do so means we must eat humble pie and admit we are wrong in our egoic arrogant thinking. This is death to the ego so the ego will fight til death of its host to prevent this supposed death. It will condemn, murder, wage war, lie, steal, cheat and calumniate through deception and guile, accumulate earthy power and wealth and keep same away from others thinking all the while it is doing this to protect itself from supposed fears.
The problems in todays world appears to be caused by this or that religion, this or that political belief system or this and that social organization. None of this has any foundation because we each live in our own consciousnesses. It is within our own thoughts we meet each and every event and it is in our awareness we make our choices as to what these events mean and how we are going to react to the meanings we our selves have assigned to those events. So the only place or thing any of us have to deal with the world is in our own thinking. Our own thinking then IS the world.
2002, 11/19
John McGrath wrote:
> I do not understand bypolar, I have intensive highs and lows, I am
> carried to heaven on wings of joy. The extreme lows are invited by my
> consternation with the antics of my brother souls& But it is entirely
> under my control, I can live in the joy or agony of a situation to
> compose a poem or vise versa. Are bipolar people trapped in these
> states of mind for a time? Would this NCH generator set to Bashers
> earth frequency of 7.5 help?& A little Johnny Mathis can do wonders
> for anyone I would think, I have been there, but never stuck there, So
> I would not really know. Heaven or hell for sure! > Love and Light, John McGrath
DP: I suffered from this for years. Improving diet helps a LOT. But the key to it is as a Master once told me is to obtain "equilibrium". And that is a prime goal of life. It is what weve been calling Neutrality. This is not avoidance or denial but balance in reaction to perceived outside influences. Real improvement did not come for me until I began to understand the dynamic between my thinking and my experiencing of life. Improvement comes when one begins to watch what it is they are thinking moment by moment. This is not easy to do. But perseverence will win out. Negative life experiences follows negative thinking. Surround self with beautiful things, beautiful people, beautiful music, avoid sordid things and negative people. Practice not letting things and events get to you. If they do, and they will, just let them slide by. Do not get stuck on Tar Babies. You control your thoughts but only when you set the intention and make the effort.
If our lives are a result of what we think then why not practice thinking only those things that will give us the experience we want? Cut out all other thinking. Simply refuse to go there. You are simply creating a positive new habit which will effortlessly replace the negative old ones.
Diet is important. White sugar is one of the most disturbing influences in the body. Equilibrium, once learned, then allows one to ingest just about anything. A little help in the beginning (elimination of sugar) may be all the help you need. As also being around the wrong kind of people (those who live in fear). There are so many small minded people out there, at the base of the mountain. If you desire to scale the heights it is often by yourself.
Years ago I did an informal experiment with a hyper 10 year old boy (with his mothers approval). We and he denied him candy and sugar (which he comsumed huge amounts of) for three days. Within two days he got calm and was a delight to be around. After the third day he could eat candy again and immediately reverted to his previous hyper activities. The mood shifts were dramatic. It is said tobacco and alcohol are addictive and behavior changing. This is true but so is white sugar. There was a book called "Sugar Blues" or something like that. If you havent read it you should. Some people are so sensitive to high/low blood sugar situations it becomes not unlike hard drug experiences - emotional highs and lows of frightening proportions.
In the end you must WANT to straighten this out and KNOW you can succeed. Your Higher Self, once notified of your burning desire, will provide you with what you need to do it. Everyone is different so there will be many solutions to this common and unnecessary experience.
2003, 01/17
What is Browns Gas? The gas that comes out of a Browns Gas generator. Thats the simple answer. What others claim Browns Gas is I have no idea. I do not have a technical analysis but I do have an original Browns Gas Generator (the one shown on the video). We did extensive experiments with this gas generated from this original unit. Not everything claimed for it could be experienced. It does, beyond a doubt, IMPLODE when ignited. Totally by accident we had a five gallon tank under 40 psi implode on us while we stood within three feet of it. Other than scare everyone and make us all feel foolish the pressure gauge was destroyed - the only physical damage. The main difference between its function and ordinary electrolysis is the water has a high content of caustic soda while ordinary electrolysis is plain water (but not always). The other difference is the power input. We used a high frequency AC welder to power it as the original electronics were all fried before we got it. The gas is very touchy" and not to be played with carelessly. The gas will EXPLODE if mixed with air - as I did to operate a VW driving it around the parking lot. There is no so-called free energy component and most of the esoteric claims could not be verified by us. My determination is there is little of use in this gas. Regular oxy systems are just as good if not better in most applications.
Capitalism vs Corporatism
2002, 12/28
Capitalism is simply working with capital as a tool. It is a neutral tool. Capitalism does not create anything. People create everything. What appears to be a nasty source of communism (capitalism) is actually "corporatism". Corporations are artificial beings without souls, conscience or concern for anything except themselves - just like the ego. Corporatism is the root of communism (selfishness masquerading as altruism). Corporations were originally designed to be a tool for capitalism. A business can raise capital (public participation) in the ownership and direction of the corporation (theoretically). But those of raw ambition and little conscience have seized the reins of these corporations and have made them into tools of personal gratification instead of service. God gives. People and/or organizations that give by way of providing service and products (at reasonable prices) are in conformity with "God gives". Those that manipulate tools for self aggrandizement (selfishly) and without regard for "rhythmically balanced interchange" are what you refer too. Let us be careful in our labeling (assignment of meanings).
Labeling: People (egos) like to label (judge, assign value). This makes it easier to engage in inhuman activities. The Nazis did not round up and kill individuals. They rounded up and killed "Jews". The dictators of Russia didnt kill individuals. They rounded up and killed "Jews", "Polish", "terrorists" and "dissidents".
Russell puts it this way: "The way to be a creative individual [awakened] is to know that each person is an inseparable extension of the One Individual [God]. Never lose sight of that for a moment. Do not pray morning, noon and night at timed intervals. Let your prayers be continuous, from moment to moment. To know God is to be God." The Message of the Divine Iliad, page 106-107
When we know each individual is an extension of God, just as we ourselves are, we will stop labeling and killing them/ourselves.

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