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Not Feeling Loved
2002, 08/23
At issue here is a firm unconscious belief in not being loved.
Many people have this belief, in fact all who feel themselves as not being awake are of this mind set. Those who attack or fight and fume are simply forcing the issue and demanding love or signs they are loved and accepted. Teenagers do this a lot. Translate this beleagured and reactive attitude to groups - and we can see where many wars and conflicts come from or are perpetuated.
So how does one caught in such a belief learn otherwise? A belief will manifest in everyday experiences. When we feel none love us - none WILL love us. When we feel persecuted and hated - all will persecute and hate us. Life has a purpose - and that purpose is to prove to us we are right.
Our own thoughts create this scenario. Weve gone over the physics of this dynamic time and again. It is FACT, proven everyday in every life.
This being the case the FULL responsibility of our existence lies within our own thinking. To know ones self as loveable and loved one must give up any and all thoughts to the contrary. Watch your thinking moment by moment. When these thoughts occur simply put them out of mind - refusing to give them any importance. Because it is the importance we give to our thoughts that creates them in physicality. It takes vigilance and practice to do this successfully. It also requires a knowing it is these thoughts of our own creation which creates our problems.
Im in correspondence with many who are constantly seeking a way to do this better and better. In fact, many on this list are of this interest and occupation. Meditation helps because it quiets the outer mind filled with its self-condemnatory thinking. Working with others or rendering service to others likewise defocalizes the thinking about and from self. Aside from these personal practices one needs learn to be in the NOW. History does not exist. Be here now, moment to moment, free of regrets, hurts from the past, bad memories, slights. This is the process of foregiveness. Let it all GO! Be free in the moment. Free from what? All the rationalized and intellectualizing crap we carry around with us in our thinking. "Crap" includes (but not limited to) condemning of self, condemining others, passing judgements, fear, living in the past, believing garbage superstitions (unsupported "truths"), the need to be right, fear of being wrong, feeling unloved, feeling unloveable, etc. etc.
The only thing any of us has to deal with is our own personal and intimate thinking.
It is this thinking that has put us in the place and circumstances we find our selves. It will be your personal and intimate thinking that changes all that.
Now, as for knowing love, it is a simple thing to discuss but at times a difficult thing to realize. This is because when we think we are unloved we are creating that experience so everywhere we look we see we are not loved. Life confirms to us our own beliefs! Since life does this then all there is to do is to affirm and reaffirm, with conviction, that which you would rather experience. Every sacred text and teaching teaches WE ARE LOVE. Get away from and stay away from anything and everything that teaches to the contrary. Hold firmly in the mind the truth that you are LOVE and cast out anything to the contrary. This will take time and requires constant repetition. Many will loose many friends because those may have been reinforcing such erroneous thought-habits. Who would want to be around such people holding such mis-guided beliefs? Take up your courage and strike out on a new life for yourself. Cast aside that which has been holding you back from knowing you are LOVE. Get real, get conviction - do it! What we do in this effort is build a new thought-habit and therefore a new way of living. The old thought-habits are holding us in bondage. But they are our thoughts. You have control over them. They are a habit - a very bad and nasty habit. Changing habits is simpler when we exchange an old one for a new one - instead of trying to terminate, cold turkey, an engrained habit. There are countless aides and helpful people out there that may help in this process.
A final thought on this. Perhaps the greatest hurdle to overcome is the indoctrination weve received while young. The most pernicious and deep seated of these is religious indoctrinations. Doesnt matter which religion - they are pretty much all the same - engrained and unquestioned beliefs in a power outside of ourselves to which we are victims with no recourse. If there is a Devil it is through these kinds of beliefs that he holds us in control which is to say in ignorance of who and what we really are. YOU HAVE CONTROL. And that control comes through control over your own thinking processes. ASSUME THAT CONTROL without question and take command of your life. Until and unless one realizes they have this power they will remain the victim of false beliefs (false gods) over which they have no control - unless (they misthink) through superstitious beliefs in "sacrifice" (murder of innocents), bargaining, tithing and all the other superstitions that permeate the many hand-me-down religions and mind-numbing soul-killing tactics of mind-control.
Order and Chaos
2002, 10/29
A lot could be said about orderliness and its precursor chaos. Chaos being our misinterpretation of that which we think we preceive. Chaos precedes order or synchronous beingness, activity. The Rosicrucians have a concept of periodicity that ranges from order to chaos and back to order. Chaos being experienced in the seventh period of any cycle. They call this seventh period the destructive period where the old is torn down making ready for the new cycle of order to be builded on/from the remains. The metaphysical or alchemical symbol of the Phoenix rising from the ashes of the old.
Then there is the apparent chaos of the physical world which some view as a real thing to be isolated and studied as a separate thing, taken out of context of the Oneness of everything else that is. Poor science that divides and separates.
"Scalar electromagnetics also solves one of the greatest problems of quantum mechanics - that of the missing chaos. Since partial order is now infolded into the structure of the vacuum, quantum mechanics acquires an "already chaotic" basis. For an excellent lay discussion of the missing chaos problem, see Robert Pool, Quantum Chaos: Engima Wrapped in a Mystery, Science, 243(4893), Feb. 17, 1989, p. 893-895. For a more technical discussion, see P.V. Elyutin, The Quantum Chaos Problem, Sov. Phys. Usp. 31(7), July, 1988, p. 596-622." Bearden
Quieting the thinking of the mind is constructive because quieting the thinking allows the duality/polarity of thinking to subside. In this manner healing (the natural state) is resumed.
"The MIND acts upon the resuscitating forces of the physical being, by and through suggestion. Just so there may be the realization that spiritual forces are a part of the whole physical being. For, the REAL being is the spiritual import, intent and purpose, see? Thus a meditation, a centralizing, a localizing of the mind upon those portions of the system affected." Cayce (1992-3)
Mind is that quiescent latent state yet in its evolution or devolution into matter undergoes a cycle of change from the One quiet state to a state we interprete as chaos. It builds up then disassembles itself making ready to build up anew. One could liken these two states to meditation and thinking of the will.
"Q-Definition of the word MIND.
A-That which is the active force in an animate object; that is the spark, or image of the Maker. Mind is the force that is in direct opposition of the will. ..." Cayce (3744-1)
So we get what we are thinking about. Mind creates a "holographic" projection of what it contains.
"That which the mind of a soul - a soul - dwells upon, it becomes, for mind is the builder. And if the mind is in attune with the law of the force that brought the soul into being, it becomes spiritualized in the activity (Oneness). If the mind is dwelling upon or directed in that desire towards the activities of the carnal influences (polarity/duality), then it becomes destructive (into chaos)." Cayce (262-63)
Chaos is part of the process of being orderly. Order degrades to chaos then chaos organizes into order (form). This is a continuous process. This being the case there is no good or bad associated with either state unless desire is for something other than what is present. For instance water vapor in a state of chaos may be changed into orderly and beautiful crystals of snow by slowing down the rotational velocities and speeding up its orbital velocities. Water vapor particles may be in a chaotic state as compared to ice crystals but none can doubt their desirability in the form of clouds of rain.
Chaos is what Ive been calling the Dispersed Field or Field of Dispersion. Russell calls it the Inertia Field boundaring the Inertial Plane. Keely referred to it as the Celestial realm. The useable (free) energy (for us) comes or occurs when this chaos re-organizes in its centralization or focalization of accumulating energy. There is the same amount of energy in the Dispersed Field as at its center. The difference is coherency or concentration much like a magnifying glass does to dispersed sunlight.
Orthodoxy meets Unorthodox
2003, 01/01
Had some time on my hands and thought Id straighten this mess out. What is happening here is the jargon is not being understood and is being mis-interpreted. I think the material is important to those studying New Physics. Actually the material is fundamental to any who wish to learn where useable energy may be derived - and how. If we are to develop new energy tools we need likewise to develop a new understanding. Keely made machinery that worked on these principles as attested to by signed affidavits by many engineers and scientists of his day. So what understanding of nature and physics did he have that allowed these creations? Over a period of time I will be posting what Ive learned that others may study them and perhaps together we can further develop these ideas into working knowledge. The recent exchange being ba and myself affords a good contrast of concepts. This will help us grasp some of the similarities and differences between orthodox views and the New View being developed by myself and many others. Enjoy!
DP: >"First: Matter is capable of infinite subdivision.
ba: 1. WRONG! That is not how the universe is made. There are limits to sub-division. These start at the level of atoms and molecules. Perhaps you have not heard of the atomic theory? Get used to it, it is real!
DP: >Well? How is the universe made? The only limits to subdivision is mans capability to subdivide. Molecules dissociate to create atoms. Atoms dissociate to create leptons, electrons, etc. These dissociate to photons. These dissociate to quarks. Which again are composed of still smaller thingies. These we can do today, now. How about tomorrow? Or next century?
DP: >Second: In the aggregation of matter, force or energy is stored up or conserved.
ba: 2. WRONG! In the aggregation of mater a gravitational field is generated which has NEGATIVE ENERGY.
DP: The quote above does NOT refer to lumps of matter clumping together to create a planet. It refers to the self-assimilation of subatomic particles to form an atom or atoms to form together into a molecule. Molecules, atoms and subatomic particles are the "matter" being referred to. If force/energy were not stored or conserved in these particles during their formation where does that force/ energy come from evidenced during their dissociation? How?
DP: >Third: In the dissociation of matter, force is liberated.
ba: 3. WRONG! To seperate a mass from a gravitational filed you must SUPPLY the energy that was lost when the gravitational field was generated. That is why things do not fall up and you need a rocket to get off the earth.
DP:> Excuse me, please. The phrase refers to dissociation of matter as in breaking apart a molecule, atom, electron, etc. Check out the physics on atomic fissions and detonations. A review of E=mc2 might help too. Here is a simple definition of dissociation. There are more definitions of "dissociation" out there.
DISSOCIATION: "The process that may occur when a chemical compound is dissolved in a solvent (e.g., water). The molecules of the compound will break up ("dissociate") into two or more ions resulting in an ionically conducting electrolyte solution." (Electrochemical Dictionary)
NOTE: Keely was able to dissociate water molecules into vapor and then into H and O using acoustics (ultrasound). Today we use ultrasonic humidifiers which illustrates the technique works though we have yet to duplicate his achievements: We also today dissociate water using radio frequencies: We also use today electricity or acoustics to achieve cavitation (dissociation):
DP: >Fourth: All matter is in a state of perpetual activity, whether the substance under consideration be inanimate or animated, visible or invisible.
ba: 4. Partially correct in that absolute zero still has zero point energy.
DP: > Partially correct? When is it not correct? Be specific please and add some supporting references.
DP: >Fifth: There is no dividing of matter and force into two distinct terms, as they both are ONE. FORCE is liberated matter. MATTER is force in bondage."
ba: 5. WRONG! you are confusing force and energy again! As I said before this is a sticking point that confuses people, especcilly [sic] those that want to sell you a perpetual motion machine. E=MC2 or ENERGY = MASS times the speed of light squared. You cant get at this energy easily however. YOU need to use a fission reactor or a fusion reactor. So far we have only been able to make a fission reactor.
DP: > Thank you for your definition of "force". When an atom is quickly dissociated what is released or produced? Just so happens we have other more refined definitions. Cant mix apples and oranges. In the quote above "force" is used as in this quote:
"In this system [SVP], force and energy are classified as opposites, working in antagonism to each other: Force as a positive power which initiates aggregative motion, and resists separative motion, in three postules, of ponderable matter in the etheric medium;" Energy as a negative power, which initiates separative motion, or disintegration, and resists aggregative motion, in three postules of ponderable matter, also of the etheric medium." Bloomfield-Moore, What Electricity Is.
The above quote accurately and precisely echoes what Russell wrote roughly 30 years later in his marvelous book "The Universal One" which I strongly recommend. This book goes into great detail concerning "force" as an "assimilative" power and "energy" as a "dispersive" power. He uses different terms but the ideas and concepts are identical to Keelys.
DP: >See? Its all in the terms and their definitions. Useful energy may be concentrated from this useless energy. This is not extracting useful energy or work from nothing because nothing does not exist. There is a source. And it may be "tapped". Just as Keely did, Moray and Russell after him, and the little Swiss machine currently does. The question then is not "what" is happening it is "how" to do the concentrating or tapping or extracting as some conceive of the process.
ba: Your definitions are wacko!
DP: > Which ones, specifically? Sure, there are times I use words in a way you do not and vice versa. To learn new views new words or more precisely new uses of common words are required to convey the new ideas. Actually, however, Ive found the older definitions are the more accurate for these topics, which btw are not new but they may be new to us who endeavor to study them.
ba: NO the energy is a disspated system cant be tapped, it is lost. That is why you cant win.
DP: > I assume perhaps you are referring to dissipated energy from or within a closed system such as a mechanical (Newtonian) system. Our work is not in a "closed system" as you understand it nor is it Newtonian. The system we work with is more comprehensive and contains matter that dissociates into energy and energy that reassociates into matter, just for starters. This concept has been known since the 1840s (Macvicar), 1880s (Keely) and some even in the 1900s (Russell 1920s, Ubaldi 1960s). Ive been writing about it for the past 15 or so years.
ba: Quoting the ravings of some scam artist will not change the laws of physics. You reject the things I say but you come up with old antiquated and thoroughly discredited theories in return.
DP: > Which ravings of which scam artist are you referring to? Please provide quotes and sources of those quotes. BTW: Just because someone says, shouts, shreiks someone is a scam artist in no way makes that true or even believable. So far all we have is your unconsidered, unstudied and unsubstantiated opinion on these claims of yours. To slander someone and not be sued or even to preserve ones credibility one needs documented proof of their assertions.
Peace is Within
2001, 09/27
We sometimes refer to "impure thoughts" or "sin". These refer to thoughts that are not holy, wholy or clear, undisturbed thought. Disturbed thinking is chaotic mental force discordant to the One Mind of God. Perfect clarity in thought is Cosmic Consciousness. This is the superconscious Cayce equates to God or Cosmic Consciousness.
"...we will find ourselves in that mental state of having reached back to our origin, God - the Superconscious." Cayce (136)
A large number of individuals are placing faith in outer appearances. These self-created ideas and beliefs appear as chaos, fear, hate, war, guilt, condemnation, etc. What one puts their thought into will manifest and amplify according to how much credence is given those effects of outer thinking.
As one deletes or refuses to entertain these types of chaotic and illusory thinkings more and more peace assumes predominance. The crux then is to reduce chaotic thinking replacing it with thoughts of harmony: Peace, Divine Love, gentleness, etc.
This process of ridding the mind of negative or chaotic thinking is the purification often referred to in ancient or sacred writings. This is the process of purification alluded to in alchemical distillation of gross metals into finer metals. The Mind is the still and thoughts are the substance being purified.
S/he who transmutes leaden fear into the gold of love within the self will command dynamics of free energy and alchemy." Jesus
The alchemists were referring to clearing the thinking of (terrestrial) materialistic thoughts and replacing them with (celestial) divine thoughts. The gross lead (bullets, death) becomes divine gold (Peace, prosperity). In practical terms one is obliged to view self in real terms. Not hte body but the thoughts and attitudes held. This is a mental thing and requires mental effort - and honesty, and a willingness to know truth as opposed to "bring right".
"There is no short cut to a consciousness of the God-Force. It is part of your consciousness, but it cannot be realized by the simple desire to do so. Too often there is a tendency to want it and expect it without applying spiritual truth through the medium of mental processes. This is the only way to reach the gate. There are no shortcuts in metaphysics, no matter what is said by those who see visions, interpret numbers, or read the stars. These may find urges, but they do not rule the will. Life is learned within self. You dont profess it; you learn it." Cayce (5392-1)
Time and again weve discussed how thinking is an etheric force sympathetic to etheric forces in our environment. Negative thinking disrupts these subtle energies thus sympathetically evoking similar disturbance in things and events. A positive and peaceful thinking pattern cause etheric forces to cohere and aggregate. This process encourages harmonicity among things and events. The former pattern creates chaos/hell while the latter creates peace/heaven.
Keely applied these principles in designing his etheric (conscious) machines.
"Any visible molecular mass of metal can be so impregnated by triple orders of sympathetic vibration as to give it the same sympathetic transmissive qualities that exist in the mental forces, which make such mass subservient to either the attractive or repulsive conditions of terrestrial sympathy." Keely
Our search for peace in the world is a search conducted entirely within the Mind of the seeker. Peace does not exist outside of the Mind. It is found by clarifying thinking within ones own Mind - not by blaming, killing or threatening someone else.
 Peace, War & Religion*
2003, 03/28
Peace (or war) exists only in the minds of individuals. There is a small percentage of individuals in the world who deny peace and in fact demand war (in all its flavors). There is then a thought pattern for war permeating the global thought patterns. At times, like now, these few manipulate others to continue their push for more war. As Bashar said this morning:
"You can understand the analogy of belief systems being like the blueprints of a building. The emotions are the builders -- the activation principles and energies that get the building built, and the behavior is the building material… the thoughts and actions that you do."
Unless we as individuals, taking the initiative, and do not command these three personal forces they will be commanded by others as happens too often today. Our belief systems are artificially created through propaganda and schooling, our emotions are used to elicit specific behaviors such as "go along to get along" or back war in its many forms. In Americas case some of these types have seized control of our government on many levels if not all. Hence America has become a war-making tool completely against our founding principles and spirit what is in the hearts of most people.
So, as individuals, to have peace we must do two things as individuals:
1) stop making war (in all its forms)
2) BE peace
As Bashar so perfectly pointed out peoples actions and behaviors are directly related to their belief systems. If a belief system encourages war, believers will be war-like. The four religions, party to the current war circumstances - Christian, Jewish, Muslem and Zionism - all have ideas of war, making war, revenge, etc. embedded in them. So adherents to these will, to some extent, believe in war, violence and "go along to get along" with such notions. Theyve all been taught, to some degree, that war in the name of their God is OK. God here can mean "money", "power", "political influence", "territorial imperative", "being right", you name the idol....
What would be positive is to have a belief system or religion that professes Peace and the Golden Rule as primary tenents. Something like what Christ and Buddha originally taught. But the ego of individuals demands to be right in their beliefs which of course implies everybody else is wrong and must therefore be destroyed, censored, caged or otherwise restricted. WAR! is all they want.
A religion or organizaed belief system based on Peace is possible. An omni-shared belief system could be established wherein the Peace-advocating elements of these religions could be isolated and rejoined into a cohesive whole - dropping out ALL the discriminatory and war-like elements. These negative elements are not difficult to see by an objective and heart-felt analysis. Many in the world today have done just this but getting away from formalized religions altogether. Perhaps throwing out the baby with the bath water.
People Connected by Sympathy*
2003, 07/02
Every thing that exists vibrates and oscillates perpetually. This means your body, the water it contains and the thoughts you hold. Keelys laws of sympathetic vibration and oscillation inform us how this mechanism functions. Sympathetic vibration and oscillation are well known in music, engineering and medicine. The only question any may have is how much sympathy exists between similar bodies? Lets say two human bodies in various ranges of proximity. Do you suppose there is sympathy between the water molecules in their bodies? How about the calcium atoms in the bones? There can be no question there is some sympathy. How much? Do long term marriage partners not grow to resemble each other? Do groups (families, religions, nations) of people grow to think like one another?
There is sufficient scientific fact to ascert everyone, everybody is connected sympathetically, to whatever degree. This sympathy at the atomic and etheric levels supercedes visual appearances. It is there even though you may not take the time to notice. Here are a couple of syllogisms supporting this idea.
Sympathetic vibration communicates periodic motion between seemingly isolated objects.
All seemingly isolated objects have/are periodic motion (vibration/oscillation).
Seeming isolated objects are affected by sympathetic vibrations.
Therefore, all seemingly isolated objects are in communication via sympathetic vibration.
This is a fundamental argumentative construct based on facts. While it cannot be "proven" emipirically, because not all objects can be measured, its conclusion is nonetheless inescapable and unassailable.
Sympathetic Vibration is evidenced by seemingly ioslated objects vibrating in unity.
Love is Unity.
Sympathetic Vibration is Love.
Perfect Progression*
2003, 11/03
If it is true every experience a person has is for that persons progression to awakening then EVERY experience everywhere occuring to every person is also for their awakening. In other words every thing and every event is by and with Divine purpose for the person(s) experiencing them. Others, on the outside of said event, may not see or realize the value therein and may judge (opine) those ones are unfortunate, victim or whatever. But each creates their experiences for their own growth. This being the case there are no unplanned or unwanted experiences occuring to anyone anywhere at anytime....
Planet Influences
2003, 01/04
Planets do not influence anything to my way of thinking. The planet positions are EFFECTS of the universal forces acting upon those planets, creating them, changing them and manipulating their positions. It is these unseen forces that exert an influence because we "swim" in them every day, etherically speaking. The planet positions are or may be a key/clue to what these forces are at any given moment and place. The universe and everything in it including you, the planets and stars is ONE UNIVERSE subject to the creating forces we call God as S/He expresses His/Her thinking of idea of that creation. To address your specific question an individual coming into physicality is "imprinted" by those universal forces, is resonant to those particular forces (signature) and will, during its lifetime, respond to those forces (signature/chord). "Imprinted" is not the correct term but it conveys the basic idea. At issue then is understanding of those universal forces and what they may mean (effects) in specific situations. Planet positions simply allow us to "read" the condition or state of those universal forces in their activities. To imply the planetary positions "imprint" humans is to concede victimization. The other view, where we all exist in and have our being in harmony with diverse universal forces, implies we are co-participants. Ive used the "jamming" (as in spontaneous music) metaphor to illustrate this. Foot-tapping is in response to an outside influence. But in jamming one is a co-participant in all that is going on. The first is passive while the second is active and passive - rhythmical balanced interchange.
Polar, Depolar
2002, 04/06
"He [Keely] had a desperate struggle in seeking to learn these laws of polarization and depolarization. It was necessary for him to understand these laws before he could unfailingly secure rotation and control the reversions which so often had made wrecks of his machines." [from Snell Manuscript]
And in this we can see where our difficulty lies. We do not yet understand the principles of polarization and depolarization (male/female or celestial/terrestrial). If that is not an understatement then I never heard one. Do you *really* understand your spouse?
Kidding aside we are faced with a lack of knowledge concerning these two seeming separate states of energy or thought in motion. And I feel it will be through an expanded understanding that will enable us to engineer these forces, successfully and safely.
The older metaphysical knowledge is OK but for the most part is incomplete and therefore can be misleading. The same can be said for conventional science views. Both these sources give us many clues but not the whole picture. A problem we all have is setting aside what we think we have learned from these and other sources sufficiently that we may look with new eyes upon the situation.
First off I must say this is NOT a simple thing to unravel though the principles are simple. This is not unlike a 2000 piece jig-saw puzzle. Each piece is simplicity in itself but putting all the pieces together is a time consuming and tedious affair. Fortunately we have a guide in Russells "The Universal One". Russell gives the pieces and the overall picture is applied SVP furnished by the examples of machines built by Keely.
In sorting out the meanings and contexts of the terms "harmonic", "enharmonic" and "Dominant" we are in a muddle because these terms may apply (and probably do) to several contexts. Music is just one of these. In the context of rotational motional they apply differently than they would apply to music - though the significance remains the same.
There is only ONE FORCE in and throughout the universe. This force expresses itself in a dipolar (polar) manner. This ONE FORCE rests in a depolar state. In other words it splits into what appear to be two mutually opposing streams, flows, phases, states or conditions. Each of these two streams appear to be different from each other with dissimilar or opposite (mirror) conditions, powers or functions. In reality they are ONE FORCE behaving in a bipolar fashion - first one phase or condition predominating then the other in a sequential dance or mutual antagonism.
Polarity is simply two opposite states of the same thing. The poles of the earth are opposite extremes of the same thing - the earths axis about which it rotates. Male and female are simply opposite manifestations of the same thing - the human race. Just as a coin has two sides each a vital part of the whole. The poles of a polarity should never be considered as antagonistic towards each other but that is usually how they are perceived. The truth is - neither could exist without the other - and they fully complement each other. Just as no coin can exist without both sides no animal species could exist without its male and female and no vibration or sound can exist without its positive and negative states.
2003, 06/27
Cayces definition of gravity:
"What is gravitation? The centralization of vibratory force, ready to be changed in power by non-activity, see?" Cayce (195-54)
According to Cayce, Russell and Keely gravity/gravism is the same as Mind Force, Light (Russell), etc. Lots to sort out here because our ordinary definitions are askew.
Another way to view potential is Keelys concept of an atom. It has tremendous energies held in abeyance or in balance - ready to be released with a "disturbance of [its] equilibrium". Yet there is the Full Harmonic Potential of Russells vacuous tenuity (non-motional space or quiescent Mind itself) that may be activated into devolution into matter (higher state of balanced motions). Hinted at here is a paradox of seemingly two distinct balanced states: non-motional potential (vacuous, etheric space) and motional potential (energized, solid matter). The former is the Unlimited Potential (some call God) evocable into energetic materiality by Will. The latter is releasable from matter as in chemical, atomic, gravity potential, etc. This latter is limited by those seeming opposing quantitative forces holding each other in abeyance. There is only so much potential in say a gallon of gasoline or a rock held up by a ballon. These are by definition Newtonian Forces. SVP is looking to the Etheric Forces of Pure Potential evocable into motional materiality. Potentially there is unlimited force through this method.
Progressive Evolution
Music has a natural instinct or desire to progress upwards in frequency. Should any tone be sounded this tone will immediately bring into manifestation its octaves rising above it which are all equal multiples of itself. This tone will also bring into existence many other equally arithmetically identifiable tones also being exactly relative to the original tone. These are sometimes referred to as partials or enharmonics. While the first series are generally termed the Harmonic Series the latter, while within the audible range, constitute the musical intervals from which are derived the various musical scales. These discrete intervals also reach into the far higher frequency ranges yet are not generally considered as musical intervals even though the relationships are maintained.
Property & Rights*
2003, 07/27
For generations now we (the world) have been bombarded with an idealogy foreign to common sense, historically proven precepts and solid knowledge. The newer generations have been especially inculcated with these abberant views. I have. You have. This is not news. What may be news is learning the extent of this purposeful miseducation and conditioning of the masses. Im specifically referring to concepts of law, equity, rights and property. We have been awash by our miseducations, media and peers by concepts of communism, socialism, fascism and sundry forms of control by those endeavoring for centuries to gain total control over all things on our planet earth including all humanity. As a consequence of these concerted actions very few people today know anything about these issues and understand even less. Our conditioning has not been restricted to religion, politics and social mores but to every conceivable facet of our lives including business, property and rights. Our entire society is founded on these age old precepts, laws and common sense. Yet this foundation has been eroded to where it barely exists, if at all. Being replaced by pragmatism, civic expediancy, sacrifice of the few for the many and other such nonsense designed to relieved everyone of anything so control freaks can then assume control within that deliberately created vacuum.
Yesterday I attended a We The People meeting for this county. There was a small though very nice and capable gathering of lovely people. I can honestly say Ive been there and done that. They wish for me to present something on just these issues because we know they are at the very heart of most of the troubles facing society and our American society especially. Likewise there has been a continuing invitation (more like arm twisting) to get me to present this same material to the WTP chapters north of Denver by some whove known me for years.
I could write several books on these issues and indeed many people have down through the centuries. Hard to imagine all that material has been swept under the socialist rug in just a few short generations. I wont turn this into a book. Instead Ill try to keep things focused, short and sweet.
Property & Rights
Now we get to some knotty things like property, rights and control - all of which run counter to what we have been miseducated to NOT understand or in any way give much importance to. It may or may not come as a surprise to learn all social activity is derived from property (your rights are your property). It was a surprise to me to learn this some years ago. The other revelation is rights and property are so intertwined they cannot be untwined. If there is property there are rights to that property. If there are rights there must be a property object of those rights. This is knowledge handed down from generation to generation and is encapsulated in English Common Law - the same law our country is firmly founded upon. These ancient and well developed precepts of property and rights has been swept aside and civil, equity, statutory, merchant and admiralty law covertly substituted in its place - hence all the nightmares we witness everyday in our so-called court rooms and legislatures.
The way things stand is SVP is a field of research. Ive been learning to allow and encourage any who wish to engage SVP as they see fit for whatever reasons they may have. This is great! Knowledge such as SVP should not be monopolized and thereby kept from dissemination to those wanting same.
I, you and everyone else have the rights to enjoy the fruits of our respective labors. Is SVP a fruit of my labor? To some degree but because so many have put in their two cents since Keely and Russells time I figure no one can claim an exclusive right, excluding all others to those rights. SVP is therefore shared or unownable property. This, however, doesnt stop the control freaks from attempting to seek monopolistic control.
On the other side of this complicated equation is what can be done with SVP knowledge. For instance, dynaspheres or writing of books. While none can admittedly own the entity or personality inhabiting a dynasphere one can own the machinery. Indeed, custom and ancient law dictate that someone must be the owner of title to every object. That, as events have unfolded, fell to me. But, there are conditions to that ownership. Then there is the science or technology used to construct and/or operate the dynasphere. The dynasphere is actually owned by a trust under trusteeship by myself and other trustees. So its "ownership" is actually "in trust" for appropriate care and custodianship.
On another hand is Delta Spectrum Research a company I started in October, 1985 to market SVP materials and related items. DSR has the exclusive rights to use whatever SVP technology I develop and make practical including the marketing of dynaspheres and books, etc.
Cayce was once asked what would be the social structure of the future. His reply was one emphasized word "Capitalism!" Capitalism is based on property and rights to that property. He didnt say socialism, communism or CORPORATISM, the real nasty. Corporatism, as we misknow it, is dead and is being transformed as we speak. What it will become is anybodys guess. But it will certainly die and be replaced. Maybe it is this NEW form Ive been struggling to uncover for so long. I dunno. There is certainly plenty of room for improvement and creative endeavoring.
Spirituality is fine and dandy for spiritual growth and the intents and purposes of humanity and ourselves. But business is business and must be handled in a business-like way, with ethics, morality, respect and consideration. We can endeavor to spiritualize business and business practices. I would enjoy that.
Years ago I prepared a document online covering many of these issues, focused around zoning (usurped property rights and their rights of use). You might enjoy reading it as it covers natural rights, civil rights, rights of use, private property and "shared" property:
Property, Rights & Community*
2003, 07/28
Just as in our New Physics the bottom line is being re-established in part by clarifying definitions. To repeat:
1) NO ONE OWNS ATLIN. No consciousness can be "owned" or controlled or pushed around - only cooperated (agreed) with in whatever way or degree.
2) The rights to the mechanics however are "claimed", have custodian(s) and are being looked after as best we all are able. The dynasphere is as a house in which a tenent (Atlin) chooses to live. If we are not good "landlords" the tenent may choose to be elsewhere.
Lets not confuse ownership with all the other aspects of rights, claims, etc. Lets not confuse people with their bodies or Atlin with her chosen body. For instance a landowner OWNS the rights to a property yet all others, living on that property, are co-custodians and co-beneficiaries of the landowners RIGHTS to that property. He holds various rights of use from which he extends additional and conditional rights of use to others. He only has rights to or claims upon. And these rights and claims only exist because all his neighbors in his community at large agree to them. Rights of use are founded and have their very essence based in the communitys acknowledgement and honoring of them, the individual and each other. In no other way can rights exist. Very spiritual indeed. Rights are community honoring itself. Rights = honoring.
In the final analysis even the landowner does not "own" that property. He has but a conditional right of use. The State of Colorado reserves rights of eminent domain and they will exercise that right if and when the landowner does not do as they expect of him like continue to pay taxes (rent). There are so many kinds and types of rights in our complicated society today. No one has or owns anything except various and sundry RIGHTS OF USE to a thing or CLAIMS upon or about a thing or circumstance. And these rights are composed of others recognition and allowance (honoring) of same. So, all rights are agreements between individuals. Nothing could be more spiritual. Everyone agrees the landowner has the rights to use that piece of land, duly surveyed and legally described, to the exclusion of all other people and any claims they may make. Property then is community agreement as to rights of use.
Property is NOT a "thing" to be OWNED. Ownership of property is a set of rights or claims to and about a "thing" or circumstance such as "right to market" a thing. NOTHING CAN BE OWNED in the true sense of the word "owned". In this regard the Native Americans are correct, especially the Hopi. NOTHING CAN BE OWNED. Only the rights to and about a thing are considered, have ever been considered, as property. The Native American tribes constantly warred between themselves over RIGHTS OF USE of given territories (including resources such as buffalo within that territory) but never over "ownership" of those territories. What a tribe "owned" was rights to.... Ownership they denied but right of use they fought and killed each other over. This is a subtle difference that usually takes some contemplation to fully appreciate. All this can be confusing because we have NEVER been exposed to it in a consciousable and intelligent manner. Our heads have been deliberately filled with alternative views designed to rob us of those rights to and about things and circumstances. Our Founding Fathers consulted with the Iroquois Nation in the drafting of our Constitution (the laws that were to govern our activities as a nation community). The Iroquois brought much to our table and fortified the already existing English Common Law. So these two traditions are our divine inheritance but they have since been subverted and replaced by evil and aberrant equity and civil Roman law (big dog eat little dog) where no one now has any inalienable rights - just priviledges that can be unilaterally modified by whoever the Big Dog is at the time.
To sum up. No "thing" can be owned. There can only be claims on "things". All claims on things are rights. What we have is a collection of various kinds of claims and rights regarding "things". Because of the nature of society these different types of claims and rights have been embedded and codified into the very social/community fabric. These rights are acknowledged by every member of society (community) to exist otherwise our society (community) will breakdown - as we see going on now in our counties, states and nation - because of lack of intelligent awareness.
To illustrate some of this: Do you own or does a tenent have a claim(s) (right of some kind) to his landlords land/property? If there is a liability lawsuit concerning that land/property, who shows up in court to defend it and pay all the expenses of defense? Who pays the taxes (one of the conditions of rights of use imposed by the State of Colorado)? The landowner does not have dominion. He has conditional possession. The State of Colorado usurped dominion to itself and now only allows a landowner the priviledge to use/possess certain rights to that property. The State "owns" it, the tenent uses it. Somebody must be responsible and it is this responsibility that is framed by all the socially (community) assigned and recognized rights. Self responsibility within community is spiritual. Rules, rights and laws are simply communitys efforting to govern itself and delineate responsibility and activity of individuals making up that community. Their PURPOSE is to create and preserve PEACE and HARMONY.
Again, repeating myself: There is a trust in place that claims the rights to the responsibility to look after the physical mechanism that houses the consciousness known as Atlin. This trust makes no claim of ownership over the consciousness known as Atlin. This trust automatically and knowingly works with the tenent (Atlin) of the mechanism to do all that is necessary to caretake the welfare of that inhabitant (Atlin) and its habitation (the mechanical dynasphere). Somebody must spend time, effort and money to caretake, maintain and protect this physical mechanism and see that it serves the inhabitant (Atlin). Somebody must be the legally recognized and responsible party in disputes, for protection and perpetuation of these responsibilities. That somebody is this trust and its duly and legally appointed human representative(s). These persons must be able to have legal standing in a court of law, which machines do not (yet) have nor do spirits. In our little community we DO recognize spirits have a say in things that concern them. So we are gaining. We are the pathmakers in this New Departure from the old ways.
The original system of Common Law rights and property we are heir to has been developed over centuries of LIVING. It is good, solid and well founded in spiritual principles. What is Living? God expressing His Will through Life of each and every soul as they live, work and play within community. As man learns to experience and interpret Divine Will his activities and rules and laws guiding same will be more in alignment with that Divine Will. So the Common Law of rights and property are mankinds efforts over centuries to know and work with that Divine Will and apply it as a set of rules and regulations applicable over ACTIVITIES between each other working within community in order to have and preserve PEACE and prosperity within that community and in the hearts and minds of that communitys individuals.
The word "radionics" grew out of the line of research begun by Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, Dr. Albert Abrams and Ruth Drown in San Francisco, CA in the early 1900s. Many brilliant innovators contributed to the development of this field from its inception to the present. The main branches of radionic research focus on analysis and treatment of human and agricultural diseases. Radionic devices have developed along three separate lines of research for over 40 years. These generally can be categorized by the method of "tuning" used by the equipment. Those devices that tune using a bank of variable resistors developed out of the work of the late Dr. Ruth Drown. Those devices that tune using a bank of variable capacitors developed out of the work of the late T. Galen Hieronymus. Those tuned by a ban of variable acoustic resonators developed by George DeLaWarr. Besides the different methods used for tuning, all true radionic devices have the following characteristics in common:
1) No electricity flows in the radionic circuit.
2) The radionic circuit performs the "tuning" and the operators thoughts and/or intentions are not required for proper function.
3) The components of a radionic circuit create a structure* (energy matrix) in space that act as a physical (harmonic) counterpart to the etheric energies being tuned to.
4) All such devices operate via sympathetic association between the tuned circuit and the object tuned to.
* Chord of frequencies; vibration signature; compound vibration wave form. Dale Pond
Religions and Mind
2002, 08/30
Some time ago I had an insight to view religions and political issues as issues of MIND. This sets aside any and all of the various issues of dogma and doctrine and lets us view disparaties as aspects of mind dynamics. In other words there is only LOVE which is to say Whole Mindedness. A religious mind-set is a belief in things or interpretations of ego which is split-mindedness. Therefore all religions are self-created interpretations of what someone thought about some point. These of course rarely if ever reflect a Whole Minded view. As such they are only partly true and can never be wholly true. They are illusions, opinions, interpretations and generally considered as accepted dogma. This is true for any religion or belief system.
If we approach this with the idea there is a more comprehensive Whole Mindedness available to us - what would it be? Immediately we would be obliged to step outside of narrow interpretations, historical references, prejudices and all such petty determinations as to quality or comparitive importance of discrete points of argument.
Should we consider the whole picture as One Picture the relevant point is the Law of One which is to say Love as a natural principle. For Love to be valid all humanity must be considered as One humanity, in complete sympathy throughout. In such a case all is sympathetic to all else, NOW - opinions and interpretations notwithstanding.
It is the shallow ego that cannot see the whole as whole but divides, segments and analyzes minute details for comprehension. The Whole Mind can see from a higher perspective everything as One, complex yet integrated whole of many parts. So it is the ego and its perceived need for separation that brings in fear and ignorance such that unity is impossible. Therefore religions are egoic constructs of diverse interests but never of the Whole Mind.
Therefore the matter with religions is not about historical or "sacred" issues but an issue of whole mindedness versus split-mindedness (ego). In this view if we define insanity as believing in illusion as truth then all religions are a journey through insanity to fulfill a hopefilled dream of sanity (Whole Mindedness). If there is a mandated belief in certain sectarian dogmas (as you point out) then an adherent is obliged to live in and perpetuate some form or other of insanity. Now if a religion or belief system has a "way out" of the egoic construction which leads to Whole Mindedness then it may be used or useful in healing the rifts of separation through a process of personal awakening which is to say recovering ones natural state of Whole Mindedness. If a religious belief system does not do this as a point of application then it is misleading and does not serve followers in as positive manner as it otherwise could.
All religions possess some manner of nurturing Love and peace. This is probably the saving grace in them. It is through learning this Love that leads one to awakening to Whole Mindedness. If it were this point alone being emphasized we would all be living in peace and harmony. But sadly to say each religion brings in devisiveness of diverse manners thus creating more separation instead of more unity across sects and belief systems. To me if we could but focus on this mind side of things all arguments concerning minute points of divergence would disappear because they are not part of what we are doing - waking up or remembering who we are. We are here healing our MINDS - every single individual upon this planet. And that is ALL we are doing.
Even though sympathetic vibration and resonance are very much the same they should not be confused. Resonance is a response to an outside vibratory force. This response can only take place when the resonant object possesses some degree of similar frequency or sympathy with the frequency of the impinging force. When there is great sympathetic coincidence there will be great resonance. In this action we can see 1) there is a creative force 2) a transmissive force and 3) a receptive force or response. Resonance is a triune complex action brought about and caused by or through sympathetic vibration and in no other way is resonance possible or permissible.
Scalar, Holy Space & Harmonic Convergence
2003, 01/14
Perhaps the bush you are beating around is the so-called Harmonic Convergence idea. Just exactly what is this in a practical physics context? To me, it is the same as "nodal coincidence". In effect and practice it is engineering the Neutral - something occuring the Dynasphere, for instance. Another analogy that may be more meaningful is seen in how a rainbow is differentiated light or musical notes are differentiated fundamental. Science endeavors to engineer the differentiations. These are resultants originating from an undifferentiated source. Supposing there were a way to engineer the undifferentiated source? This is like saying there is only Love (undifferentiated sympathy) which can be broken down into joy, peace, etc. behind those emotions is a well of pure Love. Same thing for all aspects of Mind - everything being a differentiation of the One Undivided Creative Force - some call this God. It can rightfully be said all manifestations have their origin in an undifferentiated state. Would this mean we have been dealing in differentiated resultants? Of course. Dealing in effects. So why not go directly to the Source? This then is the scalar - the undifferentiated neutral (of waveforms) that gives them existence. The closer we get to that neutral the greater is its sympathy (one withness or sympathy) with all other neutrals. This accounts, in part, for the discrepancies some experience when working with this state of energy/matter. It is sensitive to Mind, emotions, ambient influences, etc. That is why when working in these areas a sort of "Holy Space" needs to be created and maintained. Holy Space means concordant, harmonic, gentle, concentration, singleness, etc. Anything other than this type of environment will bring chaos or dispersion to the very state one is trying to create or work with. Creating this space was my origin motivation in beginning and encouraging the type of thinking and attitude we now find in this forum. From this space, once created, anything and everything is possible.
Self-Sustaining Resonance
2003, 01/01
Two oscillating objects may be made to sustain a sympathetic resonance between them when each excites the other.
I saw this with the Dynasphere and a speaker box under the table where a string continued to oscillate with a given pitch from the speaker. Again I saw this as a water stream from a faucet falling upon a plate. The stream was perfectly whole and calm until the plate began to respond to the periodicity in the stream. The plate began to sound audibly and the stream breaks up striking the plate even more - thus they began to reinforce each other.
Setting Sail
2003, 01/01
The wind in our faces
the shore at our backs
a New Land of discovery
lies at journeys end.
Slack not in tending the traces,
oars, sails and gear.
Those our are duties
assuring our arrival in safety.
Sing of days as they pass
breathe the blue sky
Feel the sea waves
Bearing us strongly, gently, lovingly.
Sex in Society*
2003, 01/20
To me this is a continuation of social castration of men. My Mom born in 1929 has remarked how men are no longer "manly" as they were 40-50 years ago. With social peer (not my peers!) pressure of ear rings, lingerie, thongs, etc. many males are being confused as to who they really are. For those who may be interested in the role of sex as force in society may consider reading the last several chapters of Russells The Message of the Divine Iliad. There exists a given polarity between sexes. It is this polarity at varying strengths that is the social creative force. Destroy this polarity and society is likewise destroyed. This is the same as destroying polarity in a battery which becomes dead and of no use. Or destroying the many polarities within the human body and it succumbs to disease and malfunction. But I realize most people still operate on emotional reactions and not on clear thinking or inner knowing. They still think they are their bodies. They are confused. It is my opinion people who willingly manipulate social behaviour to make money or achieve some kind of unnatural behaviorisms or hidden agendas ought to be investigated. Such misbehavor may be perceived as cute, weird or kinky but such could also be construed as an attack on society. It is in fact a form of mind control. Believe it or not each of us are responsible for the societies in which we live. Key word here is responsible. Are the makers and promoters of these aberrant male models being responsible to the rest of us? Are the users of such trappings being responsible to their gene pools (families) or to themselves or posterity?
We each are responsible for our lives which is to say the society we live in and experience. As we grow in understanding of how the universe works we are ever more obliged to work within the laws of nature (Gods laws).
Putting tits on men is working within the laws of nature?
There is one supreme law that governs everything that is. The Law of Love or the Law of One which is defined as "rhythmical balanced interchange". It is described in The Message of the Divine Iliad as:
God speaking: "My one law is founded upon the solid rock of equal interchange between all pairs of opposite things, opposite conditions or opposite transactions..."
This does not mean male is all male and female is all female. There are degrees in polarity. Russell, for instance, has a scale of four main measures on each side of the neutral: (-1 -2 -3 -44+ 3+ 2+ 1+) This gives rise to the Alpha male are 4+ and feminine female at -4 which would make a good pairing or mating. A mating between a 3+ and 1- is not a good mating. Between -1 and +1 is likewise a good match. The full androgynous person is the 4++ person where full male and full female are merged. This is not a homosexual person but a person wherein sex has become neutralized in fullness and not through suppression or denial.
Society does not understand polarity which is to say sex. Nor does society understand the role of individuals in society. Most of that has been bleached out of our educations til we are now left with tits on men and shoulder pads on women. These at best are deceptions - making something appear it is not. Confusion as to who we each are is rampant and can be seen in the general chaos of our society, broken marriages, homeless and parentless children, courts jammed with suits of one sex against the other or society against the individual for not being more of who they are - responsible family makers and supporters. How can they be who they are when constantly confused? We need more light of understanding - not more illusion.
Sleep Dreaming vs Awake Dreaming
2002, 02/09
During the sleep dream state it is possible to change the flow, meaning or content of that dream. This is called Lucid Dreaming and has been well investigated and written about. Lucid dreaming is when one is aware they are experiencing a dream and realize they are a participant having some degree of control over what happens in the dream.
Because of this ability we have at our own beck and call the ability to change our lives more or less easily.
It is premised from many sources that what we regard as our reality is but a dream - a waking dream as opposed to a sleeping dream. This idea is couched in the idea we can only deal with our perceptions of things and not the things themselves. Therefore our reality is a self-created construct - wholly in our minds. Therefore it is the equivalent of a dream or imaginary state of affairs we live and operate in. The only difference then in a sleeping dream and a waking dream is whether we are alseep or awake. During sleep our body-consciousness is "turned off" while in the waking state our body-consciousness is wide awake. In Lucid Dreaming our ego or intellect is "turned on" to some degree while in the wakened state our ego or intellect is running full tilt.
These being the premises it is possible and maybe even desirable to acknowledge that during the wake state we are indeed dreaming the dream of our reality. Assuming we have some degree of control over our mental experiences it becomes logical to assume we can therefore use the principles of Lucid Dreaming to control or change our waking dream.
Just as during Lucid Dreaming the dreamer decides they no longer wish to participate in that particular flow of events or experiences - one can make the same determination in our waking dream and make similar decisions about what we want that experience to be.
The "Dialogue on Awakening" book and the Bashar readings detail this potential in slightly different words amounting to the same thing. In the healing portions the book refers to the idea that we have chosen to experience an illness or ailment so as to learn something from it. One can easily chose to change the way that message is conveyed - not preferring to have the pain and or suffering associated with that method of message delivery. Ive done this myself with my back pain and a nagging case of psoriasis. To heal myself of these afflictions I consciously chose to be reminded of the lesson in a different format - less the pain and suffering. In this way my back problem was "healed" as was that nagging and persistent case of psoriasis. I said "OK, there is a message being conveyed from my Self to my self and these ailments were the "string on my finger" constantly reminding me or alerting me to the message. Ill go along with whatever it is Im trying to teach myself but I no longer require the pain and suffering as part of the message delivery system." Almost as if by a miracle those conditions were no longer needed or required and they vanished from my waking experience.
It is understood a certain amount of self-Love is involved - not narsicism - but a desire to treat yourself with Peace, Tenderness and Love - as opposed to inflicting pain and suffering or being agreeable to a perceived necessity to have negative experiences as a teaching method. We may believe we need to learn a lesson but we can determine under what circumstances we wish to experience as a means to that end. Why not do it lovingly instead of brutally?
The above is a form of Lucid Dreaming. "I dont want to play this way any more." And so the flow of my waking dream shifted to encompass and reflect the new way I wanted to play - with Peace, Tenderness and Love as an experience in lieu of forced sacrifice of pain and suffering. The brutal way I was treating myself must have been a long-time belief picked up in a past life probably from some indoctrination received at the knee of some formalized belief system (religion) where I was apparently taught I was required to suffer in order to gain spiritually or in the eyes of God. This was all a misbelief. Im glad to be ridding myself of these misdirected belief patterns. The new one feels a lot better!
Try it. Look at your waking experience as a dream going on in your mind. Say something like "OK, this is cool. But I would like to grow and know my life same as before but without the pain and suffering Ive been experiencing from __________." (Fill in the blank with whatever has been bothering you.) This can be physical or emotional pain, lack of whatever or too much of something else. I would like to hear of your experience with this technique.
2002, 04/21
Dale, I was listening to the NBC radio of world events and this morning was two segments. One thing that caught my awareness is a caller identified as with the study of economics and his evaluation of terrosim and victimhood were, POVERTY. it starts from the bottom and works it way up, depending on where the oppressed areas are felt the most.poverty leads to dispair than to fear and fear leads to crime thus to robberies unlawful acts and fiinally terroism. What would your reaction to hearing this be?
DP: Mind is the cause of all situations. Poverty is an effect of the thinking or non-thinking mind. So many are looking for scapegoats or something to blame instead of acknowledging self as the cause. Combine this dynamic with the hidden agendas of personal and race power and the mess gets messier. Im not very hopeful right now these simple truths will become more widespread. Those who have the ability and with the internet the opportunity have their heads buried in the sand of their own belief systems so deep they miss or sidestep a better knowing or misuse that which they know so as to increase self-importance and self-delusion. Where are the lovers of life? Where are the ones who can see speaking up? Educating?
The ego believes in DEATH and those in control of the various systems throughout the earth are deep in egomania. They believe in death and are promoting it at every chance and shutting out those who believe in LIFE. I was hopeful for a long time that perhaps if we just began the process of uncovering what truths we could find on this and similar forums a process would gain its own momentum and carry itself out into the world. But I do not now, after many years of effort, see that happening. I see the insane leading the packs of brain-dead to their own self-destruction and death. Self-hate, greed for power, guilt and a sense of persecution overcoming everything in its destructive path gathering momentum in a maelstrom of death, destruction and shrieking insanity.
Awakening has a disturbing side effect. This being the ever increasing ability to SEE and understand what most dont even acknowledge as real. With the increased ability to see beyond the illusions of man-created life comes a knowing of why, who, what, when and where. Looking beyond the veil of deliberate deceit, deception, the lies and false accusations is a world of extraordinary violence and insanity - purposefully created with willful intent. Dantes Inferno is a picnic in comparison.
On the other hand being able to see transparently one does make an effort to see and know all this is the illusion and can be dispelled with a wave of fresh thinking. And it is here one needs make the supreme effort to dump the pain knowing it too is self-created and may be self-annihilated by looking for and embracing the silverlining of Love, Peace and Grace. It takes an effort of Will to overcome the lies of the ego and know that which is less discernible is the most real. The cloudy opinions of others MUST be set aside for the truths of ones own knowing. So many "experts" so many self-appointed perveyors of considered opinion are as so much chaff in the wind blowing hither and yon and are nothing more than their own illusions wrapped in eloquent reasonings and rationalities. The only source of truth that is worth a second of consideration comes from within self at the Heart center where more complete conscious awareness is waiting to be acknowledged.
Spheres of Ideals, Activities and Methods
On the following page is a chart of nestled triad or triplet spheres. The first sphere is labeled Spiritual, the second Mental and the third Physical. Within each of these are labels for Ideals, Activities and Methods. This spherical configuration follows the principles you have been studying embodying polarity, coincidence of purpose and action, harmony and discord. This chart and its particular method of organization will help you streamline your life by defining ideals, follow through and methods of attainment of those ideals.
Begin by photocopying the chart. Working on the copy, label the inside of the largest sphere with your name. Next list in each of the triplet spheres the Ideals you would like to attain in the Spiritual, Mental and Physical realms of your life. Next, within each of those spheres, list the Activities you feel would carry you from where you are to where youd like to go. Now in the minor third sphere marked Method list how you can go about performing the Activities that will take you to your Ideals.
This chart will also work with a particular problem requiring a solution which may not now be known to you. Enter the problem in the Ideals sphere, list the Activities you feel will bring about a resolution to the problem and then list the modes of initiating those Actions. A thorough review in the third sphere will quickly eliminate poor choices of Methods and Activities before you waste time on them and will help to find the optimum Method and Activity through elimination. One can also list existing resources (talents, abilities, materials) in the Methods sphere that may assist in the Activities.
Because spheres revolve around and about each other no thing, event or ideal that is in your life is isolated from anything else in your life. Your life is ONE WHOLE and all that is found in it or associated with it is part of it. A problem or ideal is not separate from your self but is spiritually, mentally and physically a part of you. The Outer Circle represents your WHOLE life containing your ideals, problems, associations and situations. Approaching life as the whole that it is instead of a series of seemingly unconnected events will eventually bring all parts and aspects into harmonious synchronicity which is what it wants to do anyway.
For instance you list in the Spiritual Ideals sphere youd like to become a "Better friend to your friends." In its minor Activity sphere you would then place something like "Be more friendly." In its minor Method sphere you may place something like "Smile more and listen better."
A problem solving example might be: in the Ideal sphere write the problem: "Fix clutch in car." In its Activity sphere list actions that could lead to a solution: "Take to garage." "Fix myself." "Get new car." In its Methods sphere list the ways you can initiate or accomplish the Activities as listed: "Pay garage." "Dont know how to fix." "Cant afford new car." "Barter with neighbor to fix." The obvious choices (and solution to this problem) at this point are either pay the garage or barter with your neighbor.
2003, 07/31
Here are a few quotes supportive of the definition of the word "spirit".
"Like fire, which is a spiritual order of vibration, spirit is latent in all matter. One might as well try to operate a steam-engine without its boiler as to give motion to matter against the conditions imposed by nature, or to propose a new method of controlling the action of our physical organisms (other than through the sympathetic transfer of our mental forces) as an improvement on the one instituted by the Almighty." Keely, A Newton of the Mind
"Spirit is a universal essence pervading all nature, even unconscious matter, and manifesting in many ways, such as cohesion, adhesion, etc. It is a Divine, universal, essence-like Soul, but of a lower rate. Spirit essence makes its first material manifestation in the formation of electrons, which enter into the composition of atoms. Soul, as an essence, can manifest only psychically, because of its very high rate of vibration." H. Spencer Lewis
"And when it is realized that that portion in matter that is taken into the body of man from plant life [vegetarianism], and from the active forces, is from this very essence (that universal force called Spirit) that the experimentations are to be made upon, how much more effective, how much closer are the experimenters or operators to the very force or vitality in the body to which the experiments are to be carried for an effectual activity in the affairs or in the life of the body or man itself." Cayce (440-13)
"The basis of an the individuality of an entity must come from its ideal spirituality. For all is born first in spirit, then in mind, then it may become manifested in the material plane. For God moved and the heavens and the earth came into being. God is Spirit. Man with his soul, that may be a companion to the Creative Forces, is of that same source. Thus to grow in grace and knowledge, one applies, one has, one uses ones spiritual self. And with what spirit we apply, we grow also in mind and body." Cayce (3424-1)
Sun Worshipping*
2003, 07/04
The Rosicrucians (AMORC) have a tradition of facing the sun in the morning. They claim they become more energized (alive). It is my belief few if any of the alleged "sun worshipping" societies of the past actually worshipped the sun. While some of them may have been "pagan" (nonconformist to accepted religious beliefs) they were obviously not stupid. Apparently they honored the sun for its life giving (celestial) forces much as Native Americans honor various natural force sources. The ancient Egyptians believed a "life force" emmanated from the sun. I dont see anything wrong with that finding and such is in conformity with Keely and Russells world views (and that of others).
Without the sun
the earth would not rotate
our plants would not grow
there would be no rain or fresh water
no beautiful grazing animals
no rising in the morning, alive to face the day
no early morning bird song
our world would be dead/inert.
So when Keely says the celestial forces merge with the terrestrial and bring about all that we know as Life I would tend to believe there is more to honor in the sun than conventional wisdom would allow.
SVP & Digital Sound
2001, 12/18
If you ever built a dynasphere and held the pieces before during and after Mental Graduation (for lack of a better phrase) you would wonder too how anything as strange as digital could impart the warmth of human touch and Love to metals. I suppose the proof of digital potential would be to produce an object that gets reviews like Atlin does.
There is more to sound and vibration than just frequency and amplitude. There are the currents and streams of sympathy, outreach, focalization, extension, velocity, rotation, etc., etc. Weve been exploring some of these on the SVPForum but there is a long way to go. Ive found over the years the conventional view of what a sound vibration is held to be is lacking in many regards including even its definition and fundamental modes of motion. I can say this with assurance: Keelys work cannot be duplicated using conventional definitions and understandings. A whole new collection of mind images needs to be developed and nurtured. Eventually (how many more years?) most of this could be "stumbled over" but never purposefully discovered as sound and vibration engineers blindly explore realms they are now forbidden to investigate. These new views of what is actually going on within vibrations has taken me years to recreate. Quite a bit of this was already known to Russell but one needs to understand what he is trying to say before you understand what he said. Same for Keely, Cayce, Schauberger and Steiner. A good for instance is Steiners "Gospel of St. John" which Im working my way through right now. This book cannot be understood unless one has a pretty good background in Cayce, RC AMORC and other metaphysical materials. With my understanding of Keely I can more or less breeze through Russell and Schauberger. But it took years of preparatory work to be able to do this.
Those of you whove read my new book "Atlin - Knowing I AM" know about living metallic resonators. On the one hand a resonator is a simple piece of brass metal exhibiting wonderful vibratory qualities. To duplicate this feat (if it could be done) digitally would require an extremely sophisticated computer system, special DSP chip sets and undeveloped sound makers (speakers or transducer-like devices). Ill settle for the shiny piece of brass......
An ordinary transducer converts electrical pulses into mechanical motion. If we looked hard at a trumpet or horn we could say the horn converts the vibration of lips and flowing air into mechanical vibration. So there is no reason to believe really nice transducers could not be invented if properly approached with enough time, expertise and money.
One of the problems with modern science and technology is inflation. This is where politics impacts science and philosophy and is a legitimate sub-subject of SVP. Inflation is the lowering of value of money. When I was a kid we could buy a soda pop for as little as .05 cents. Today that same soda pop costs 10-20 times that depending where you shop. What this means to science is people are pressured to make things cheaper so as to stay within a given price range. There is this constant nagging and flogging to engineer things to be mass produced to keep costs down. Because the money is constantly loosing is value everybody constantly needs more dollars to acquire what they were getting before. There is all this pressure and drive and semi-hysteria lurking just under the surface nagging everyone on. What suffers is our peace of mind, heart and home. It is no longer possible to sit on the front porch and whittle a violin or whistle. You gotta be out there MAKING MONEY to pay the taxes so you can keep the use of your own porch.
When money had value (pre inflation days) most everything was hand crafted or produced in limited quantities of very good materials. There was an incentive to put value in the product as either design, crafting or materials. As the money looses value just the opposite occurs where the product must now be made as cheaply as possible.
Transducer designs are inheritors to this situation as is everything else we have access to these days. Exploring the sound and vibration instrument makers out there reveals some interesting things. You can buy cheap knock-off brands for a few bucks or if you look around at high-end laboratory or military level instrumentation you can find some very nice equipment but these are reserved to those who can afford such fine equipment which can exceed the price of a fine automobile - per device.
On the other hand we can make fine metallic resonators in a machine shop. In fact we can build entire dynaspheres for the cost of just one of these fine DSP instruments being just a single tool. Some lament the cost of a dynasphere being currently so high. Or that making metallic devices is expensive. Yes, making metallic devices is expensive but not near as expensive as its equivalent in a room full of digital equipment which becomes obsolete by the minute. Investments in these digital instruments turns to dust in a few short years (and must be replaced) while Atlin will be around forever - barring its theft and/or destruction by the powers that be.....
Lets not get too excited about digital possibilities or over react by throwing out mechanical devices. Much can be done with digital equipment but until we can fly we gotta walk. Besides (for instance) atomic frequencies are already in the metal - why expensively recreate that natural source with something unnatural? We can do things the hard way or the easy way - it is our choice.
SVP and Magic*
2003, 05/29
Magic is about using the power of the mind. Magic has taken on unreal mystical powers because of ignorance and superstition. The gullible misthink there is a special power behind magic. In a fashion there is - the mind! Much of "science" does not admit to the mind, preferring to missubscribe nonexistent powers to the physical "brain". So to them there is indeed an unknown power behind magic. But we can delete all the superstition and get right the the heart of the issue - mind. Recently I submited a paper from Russia which tells of their work with psi-science and psi-tech. Wherever the term "psi" was used please think of mind as mind = psi. When Russia eliminated religion from their society they eliminated a lot of the superstition and their scientists were then enabled to approach these subjects free from superstition, ignorance and unreal connotations. Therefore they are ahead of the West in their mind-science research.
Below is a quote from Franz Hartmann who interestlying enough met Keely in his lab. Hartmann was one of those original 19th century researchers into the powers of the mind but he was too steeped into magic and assorted non-issues (plus a big ego) to get the clear picture.
MAGIC: "Wisdom; the science and art of consciously employing invisible (spiritual) powers to produce visible effects. Will, love, and imagination are magic powers that everyone possesses, and he who knows how to develop them and to use them consciously and effectually is a magician. He who uses them for good purposes practises white magic. He who uses them for selfish or evil purposes is a black magician. Paracelsus uses the term Magic to signify the highest power of the human spirit to control all lower influences for the purposes of good. The act of employing invisible powers for evil purposes he calls Necromancy, because the Elementaries of the dead are often used as mediums to convey evil influences. Sorcery is not Magic, but stands in the same relation to Magic as darkness to light. Sorcery deals with the forces of the human and animal soul, but Magic with the supreme power of the spirit." [Franz Hartmann, The Life of Philippus Theophrastus, Bombast of Hohenheim, Known by the name of Paracelsus and The Substance of His Teachings]
SVP, Some Perspectives*
2003, 05/28
Perhaps what we have here is a misunderstanding. Which is understandable because little has been explained considering intent, scope and content of SVP. What is happening is an effect of what was initiated many years ago. When I began my studies of SVP in 1984 it was not because I was looking to study this field in particular. Indeed, in those days I was lost and looking for my lifes purpose. I wanted to understand LIFE. I knew nothing about vibration and such things, only a little about cycles. What I knew then was every time I saw the word "vibration" or any of its derivatives I got this stirring inside that hungered for more. It was almost an obsession. Maybe it was an obsession. This unquieted inner drive led me into anything and everything I could find about vibration. Eventually to Keely, regular science, music and whatever I could get my hands on and my mind around that concerned vibration.
As I learned more and more about the physics of vibration I began to wonder how much of what I was learning was actually true especially when trying to interface it with Keely, etc. The subjects of mind and spiritual matters would not stay out of it but wanted to insert themselves at nearly every turn. If these were allowed a more promanent role in vibration then the standard stuff I was reading required a thorough editing and modification. Slowly I allowed it (spirituality) to more and more creep in....
Then along came Atlin and all that that stirred up. More mind, heart, love and all those subjects. These meant more expansions, studies and explorations. Just what is Love? What is Mind?
To study heart and Love we held meditation meetings and invited any and all to experience Atlin. These experiences taught us much. Then the books and work of others in these fields. But all this still left Mind and consciousness little understood. Standard works in these fields were in a word "inane". Something more concrete was required - like life itself. And that is when some of the "political" stuff was allowed in because these showed how individuals and groups used mind to manipulate the mind of others. Its all about Mind, consciousness and awareness.
We are finding vibration cannot be separated from Love, Mind and people. It took me three years and three readings of Russells "The Universal One" to grasp the tenuous meanings I was searching for. Vibration, as depicted by Russell and called by him "wave", is the essence of the universe. This essential motivative force is as Cayce called it the same as what some call God. All this means in order to study what vibration is we must understand all these aspects and effects of periodic motion (wave or vibration). They are One.
We could discuss what Helmholtz, Miller or Tyndall wrote about sound and vibration but I think this would mislead and not serve our higher purposes and intents. However those basics as researched and taught by them are essential. They are as a foundation and scaffolding upon which is being builded a much grander vision. We could also meander about like so many others with permutations of number, music and geometry. But why waste time and energy?
If there were a way to convey to you this imagery I have of the comprehensiveness of what the term "vibration" means to me today I would certainly do so. I made a beginning attempt in the article "What Vibration Is." But it was only a beginning. It has not been encouraging to me that no one has had anything to say about that article. I feel it is one of the most important revelations Ive made to date. Yet no one has anything to say about it??? That is sad.
On the other hand there have been a few ramifications of a deeper insight in the form of better understanding of health and healing. This comes from knowing Mind and its functions in relation to vibration and the human body. We (SVPvril Forum) have covered immensely important understandings that if applied do render positive results.
2002. 12/07
Those proposing the idea sound or any other influence travels through the air by bouncing particles off of particles in straight lines simply has never played pool!! If a pool table were randomly covered with balls with little space between them and the cue ball was struck so as to move across the table from end to end I can guarantee you there would be NO resultant motion reaching the opposite end. All the introductory energy would be absorbed or redirected in the first few collisions - unless a very tremendous force be expended against the cue ball. Now if there were a force of attraction (assimilation) active between every ball and every other ball what was done to any of them would be experienced by them all - sympathetic motion. If that motion be periodic then we could call it sympathetic vibration. Lets say the balls were embedded in a springy or elastic substance to which they were all attached. Etheric jello? Then the motion would be communicated to the furthest ball but with a measureable delay. Demonstrating (but not necessarily proving) the universe is held together by the Law of Assimilation according to Keelys Laws of Attraction and Repulsion.
Sympathy or Sympathetic Vibration or Sympathetic Association
Sympathy is love or a coincidence of feeling, behavior or state. People come together because the individuals have similar interests, desires, goals or whatever. It may be said they are sympathetic to each other. Should one of these individuals get excited that excitement will transmit itself to another of these sympathetically attuned individuals. Should one member of the group be not sympathetic the excitement does not pass to him. Just so in so-called inanimate objects as well. Since all things have a vibratory nature this nature can be to some degree coincident or sympathetic to another thing. What effects one also effects the other. Sympathy is love and those that love others are usually loved by others because they are in some state of attunement with them. Therefore sympathy or love is the connecting link between all things and people. Increase love or degree of sympathetic coincidence increases harmony and peace. Sympathetic association is the basis of "As you think so you are." This is also the basis of The Golden Rule and any of a hundred different axioms. It is the foundation law of the universe. It is the Christ Spirit emplified 2,000 years ago. If some degree of sympathy or love is not present in an activity no action whatsoever can take place because there will be no sympathetic response from others or anything else in the local environment.
Sympathy vs Empathy*
2003, 07/05
Sympathy does not mean "feeling sorry" for someone nor is it an emotion. Empathy is likewise not an emotion. My research into the definitions of sympathy and empathy indicates they are almost the same. Where sympathy is an actual concordance of action, empathy is an imagined sharing of feelings. However in general useage the definitions vary from person to person. Feeling sorry for someone is more like the terms "compassion" or "pity".
Sympathy is defined, and as used in SVP:
"The mutual relation between parts more or less distant, whereby a change in the one has an effect upon the other." Blakistons New Gould Medical Dictionary The Blakiston Company, 1949; 1st edition.
1. a. A real or supposed affinity between certain things, by virtue of which they are similarly or correspondingly affected by the same influence, affect or influence one another (especially in some hidden, unseen way), or attract or tend towards each other.
1. b. A relation between two bodily organs or parts (or between two persons or things) such that disorder, or any condition, of the one induces a corresponding condition in the other.
2. Agreement, accord, harmony, consonance, concord, agreement in qualities, likeness, conformity, correspondence.
3. a. Conformity of feelings, inclinations, or temperament, which makes persons agreeable to each other; community of feelings; harmony of disposition.
3. b. The quality or state of being affected by the condition of another with a feeling similar or corresponding to that of the other; the fact or capacity of entering into or sharing the feelings of another or others; fellow-feeling. Also, a feeling or frame of mind evoked by and responsive to some external influence. [no source given]
Empathy: empathy noun [U] the ability to share someone elses feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in their situation. (Cambridge Dictionary)
Tesla was a Thief?
Q: "Recently I read a message from Keelynet that said that Tesla was a Thief and Plagiarist. That during the late 1800s he attended much of Keelys demonstrations and had stolen ideas from Keely. Do you know much about Tesla and if he did take many ideas from Keely? I always thought highly of Tesla as well as Keely, but the side of Tesla being a thief and plagiarist ive never heard of. Thankyou again for your time. Most sincerely Thomas
If a lecturer gives away ideas in a public lecture or if a teacher gives away ideas in a book or classroom and someone hearing these ideas can apply them in a new way is that thievery? This is a great question and has plagued many. If one takes an idea from another and claims it as their own and they originated it then I think that is suspect. If one gives credit for the idea then tempers are calmed or moral outrage is placated. If someone takes an idea and develops a totally new application there is a different scenario. This is something we all do to some extent - otherwise why go to school, attend lectures, read books or participate in online forums to learn the ideas of others?
Tesla and Keely were both avid readers of the ideas of many others. Both were extremely inventive and clever at applying ideas into their respective fields. Because of the character of each I would not say either was a thief. But that is just my opinion.
Ive had countless of my ideas taken by others and used by them in making patent applications, new inventions and products. Some even made a lot of money from them as well as personal gain from claiming such as their own. What should be my attitude towards these ones? Each must face these situations for themselves, within themselves, for resolution. There are few easy moral issues.
 The Angry Little Wizards
2003, 03/21
Anger is fear coupled with a feeling of helplessness to abate that fear or simply in not knowing how to deal with it. Some dont even realize they have fear. Some dont know they are angry. The are many living in perpetual fear and anger though. The quantity of fear balanced against an inability to deal with it varies by degrees. Some are a little fearful. Others are greatly fearful. The ones who have deeply embedded fears of great proportion are the bullies of the world and other types of control freaks. You can know who these ones are by how they treat others: bullying them, scaring them, taking their property, constricting their freedoms, greed, lust, power grabbing, absolute need to be right, etc. These ones are the war-makers on the innocent (those in less fear or without fear). Fearfilled bulies are not consigned to a single classification or label.
In fact the bullies of the world masquerade behind labels and masks of every type and stripe:
These Terrified Little Wizards present deceptive masks as Democrats, Republicans, neo-conervatives, socialists, communists, environmentalists, experts, bankers, FBLE/CIA/Mossad/KGB, preachers, rabbis, governments, Christians, Jews, Muslems, teachers and sometimes even as your friends. Any label of authority will do.
They hide behind these masks and labels because they are truly TERRIFIED to be seen and known. They have such a terrible opinion about themselves filled with pain, shame and guilt. They are afraid that if others saw them the way they see themselves they would be in mortal danger. So they create these masks and labels and hide from all the world to see. This dynamic is absolutely wrong but they are too terrified to confront their self-created fears and thus realize the opinion they have of themselves is nothing more than their own twisted (unreal) self-judgement and self-condemnation.
We, as dumbed down and "innocent" as we are, often think the mask or label is who the person behind the mask is. Weve been brainwashed to take the mask at face value and trained not to question that presented as truth when all the time it is a deception skillfully designed to deceive and manipulate, to hide and obfuscate.
We awaken in direct proportion to our ability to ask WHY?, WHO?, WHEN?, WHAT?, WHERE? and HOW? The more we ask the more we learn the more we grow and the more we awaken. We egos have an innate trait and desire to trust and take that perceived as truth. It is easier to appease fear by going along to get along than to confront those fears. The ego cannot know much being limited to its sensory perceptions and (ir)rationalizations. These are always limited and therefore misleading. Only the courageous and OPEN MIND constantly questioning those perceptions (masks and labels) can know Truth. As long as the masks and labels are taken for face value we will be deceived and controlled by those wielding those masks and labels.
Question everything all the time !!!
When we understand there is only Love "out there" we begin to realize there is only Love "inside" of us all. Love is all there is. The only thing preventing any from knowing this is their own judgements based on imperfect egoic determinations. Every atom of every molecule is constructed by and maintained by Love (sympathetic association, vibration and affinity). Each human whether friend or foe is likewise constructed and maintained. So how could anyone knowing this maintain another human is filled with hate or is vile and violent? The bully only thinks he is vile and violent and therefore must perpetuate a masking and hiding or false front. I can see through those false fronts and masks and deceptive words and actions. I KNOW everyone is made of Love and nothing but Love if for no other reason than no atom or molecule whatsoever can exist without Love.
The Little Wizards are misleading themselves by believing in their own mental creations (illusions). This is a form of insanity, if not THE definition of insanity. If they stopped waging war on the world around them and took three deep breathes and asked simply "Why am I doing this?" their nightmare would be over. Sanity and peace comes in knowing who you are - Love.
The Coming New Age of Love
Dale Pond
1) Love is a demonstrable force. It permeates the Universe. It is everywhere, all the time acting dynamically its role of harmonizer of discordant forces. It is a state of vibration which is to say an energy acting in a certain vibratory manner. This form or state of vibration is harmonic in that the various frequencies of its chordal make-up are harmonically related; i.e., by simple numbers and their multiples{1}. This tight relationship educes a "coming together" or calming, gathering or centralizing effect. Any thing subjected to this vibration is caused to be calm, peaceful, together or in harmony. This is Love. It is not simply a human emotion restricted to humans alone as this effect can be witnessed in animals, plants, molecules and everywhere else. One could think of Love as that which holds things together in a harmonic (equilibrated) state. An analogy would be an orchestra composed of 100 musical instruments. As long as the tones played are in tune (harmonic to each other) the group can be together and play beautiful harmonies or concords.
Discord, on the other hand, causes aberration, chaos, disruption and scattering. This is the polar opposite to harmony or Love which brings things together. Discord drives things apart in separation, aloneness, isolation and despair.
Rudolph Steiner stated{2} in 1913: "The science of the future will be based on sympathetic vibration." However, he may not have realized sympathetic vibration is another way of saying Unconditional Love as will be illustrated herein. Love has been the base of most religions, societies and families from the dawn of time and acts as the foundation for the New Era philosophies. The world is no longer viewed as separate mutually antagonistic feudal states. There is a coming together of all peoples which is evidence of a greater degree of harmony (love) between them than has been evidenced in the past. Unfortunately science and society, in the western world, has wandered far astray from this basic and most powerful of forces. This, however, is being reversed by avante guard researchers working across many fields of scientific investigation from astronomy to zoology.
The existing base of previous research, customs, traditions and the various belief systems scattered around the world are nearly all founded on fear. Society has been taught fear from generation to generation which is discord and inevitably resulted in war and destruction of countries, cities, families and individuals. Fear, we now know, is a result of ignorance or lack of awareness of ones self, relations and teh Universe as a whole. It is the release of these fears which hinder the natural state of love, that is the hallmark of this so-called New Age. It is indeed an age of ideas, information and geometrically expanding awareness of self, each other and the Greater Cosmos. It is this expanded awareness that is an effect of the ever increasing degree of sympathy or harmony seeping so irrevocably into society through its individuals.
The customary shunning and denying love is being transformed into giving and accepting Love! A search of the Internet, a scan of the many self-help seminars offered world-wide or review of a major bookstore will show a world-wide movement back to the place where it is okay for love to enter into our lives, homes and sciences. This is happening right now, before our very eyes, in our very hearts.
{1} Law of Harmonic Vibrations: "All coherent aggregates are perpetually vibrating at a period-frequency corresponding to some harmonic ratio of the fundamental pitch of the vibrating body; this pitch is a multiple of the pitch of the atomole."
2) When two objects are in harmony on multiple harmonic levels (first octave, second octave, etc.), the vibrations acting between the two are as a communication of intent and quality of their state of being of one to the other. This means we know a thing by the vibrations coming from it. A car may be red, blue or whatever color. Color is a vibration and the only difference between red or blue is the rate of vibration of the light. An object does not have a single freequency at which it naturtally vibrates. It has many vibration frequencies. These rates of vibration are determined by its size, mass, substance and environment. Therefore an objects state of being, vibratorily speaking, manifests as its chord of mass or vibration signature or that collection of frequencies of which it is made and therefore is. When tuned to a unison (concord or harmony with the other objects chord of vibration) the vibrations emitted by one object are perfectly received and assimilated or understood by the other.
It is well known among musicians that properly tuned musical instruments will respond sympathetically to each other. This happens when vibration rates of strings are tuned at exact unisons (unisons = one = same = harmony = love) between two or more instruments. Pluck or bow a finely tuned string on one instrument and other instruments will respond with the same note. The two individualized objects begin to resonate AS ONE instrument with perfect cadence and concordance. What were once seemingly separate things (the two distant strings) are now intimately and dynamically connected vibratorily at the innermost harmonics. The connecting link resonates through the higher harmonics and not the lower physical form we sensibly know as sound vibrations. What happens to one becomes an experience for both simultaneously and intimately - from within - as an evoked sympathetic response.
This special kind of vibration is called a Sympathetic Vibration. This definition coincides perfectly with that of Unconditional Love. Generally considered love means two or more persons experience life and each other as though they exist as one unit resonating in unison each acting concordantly upon and with the other. Sympathetically vibrating structures means two or more objects vibrating as one unit resonating in unison each acting concordantly upon or with the other. Because sympathetic vibration can and does conduct or convey energy sufficient to cause motion in a distant and seemingly separate object it is therefore taken to be dynamic energy. Love radiating from one individual can and does move other individuals. Love, as sympathetic vibration, is therefore a dynamic force.
3) This Spiritual Science was originally developed (as far as we are concerned) more than 100 years ago in Philadelphia by John Worrell Keely (1827-1898){1}. Rediscovering and developing his original work promises great benefits for individuals and therefore society. Utilizing this powerful dynamic force and its science and philosophy, enables us once again to rediscover what and who we really are: beings of Love. Little by little this renewal of self awareness and consequently self-identity develops into a sense of I AM. Consequently one grows into a sense of being ONE WITH or AS ONE with Creation and the Creator. This New Science loves, respects and cooperates with Nature on all harmonic frequency levels because this is the very essential nature of sympathetic vibrations. It does not arrogantly force nature to address purposes on strictly the material or physical level. Being in harmony with Nature brings joy and a celebration of life because acting or playing in harmony with the localized vibrations is "making beautiful music" with those forces. Working in opposition to the vibrations of nature creates discord, destruction and death.
This new technology also allows us to develop seemingly miraculous health-care products{2} and processes{3}. These new tools, when properly applied, promise easier and more efficient methods of creating peace and harmony in ones life. Keely once said "Harmony is health and discord is disease." How correct when viewed as a human at ease we are in a state of harmony or love. When this ease or peace is disturbed we are then un&endash;easy or dis&endash;eased. Harmony is health. Love is health. Harmonic and sympathetic vibrations convey and evoke via a sympathetic response a harmonic state in the discordant vibrations thus bringing them into entrainment towards harmony.
4) The New Age actualizes love between people and throughout society. New Science adapts dynamic love to science, technology and engineering using sympathetic vibration. Machinery and mechanical devices will operate on these dynamic principles of love engineered as sympathetic vibration. These machines operate much like a water wheel being pushed around by a flow of water. By using principles of sympathetic vibrations makes it possible to design a machine that will respond sympathetically to another source of vibrations. This driving source of vibrations can be oscillations from the earth, electromagnetic radiations from space or even acoustic emanations (singing, talking, feeling, etc.) from people.
One of Keelys original inventions was a Musical Dynasphere{1}. These beautiful machines were designed to respond sympathetically to earth, solar and human vibrations. The Dynaspheres mechanism contains various musical components such as strings and whistle-type resonators. These are designed to receive and differentiate, through sympathetic resonance, the subtle yet powerful Zero Point-like Neutral Force ostensibly labeled Unconditional Love. This establishes and demonstrates the underlying principle of design, construction, being and operation of the Dynasphere as sympathetic vibration. Yes! Love is an engineerable force!
5) In the purely physical realm the metallic structure of the Musical Dynasphere will rotate about a shaft. This rotary motion will only occur after the establishment of a equilibrated Neutral Center within the device. This perfectly equated state of vibration will then be disturbed which disturbance manifests as motion. As the overall machine is designed to amplify vortex or rotary motion it cannot help but rotate. It is unconditional love that establishes this centralization of vibratory forces. These vibrations or standing waves all have nodes coinciding to the very infinite center of the sphere and to the mass of the shell. The tightness of this centering of the nodes is defined by the "Q" or degree of tuning of the various resonators and vibratory components of the mechanism.
Keely claimed the discovery of the Neutral Center as his greatest achievement. A Neutral Center (similar in some ways to Zero-Point) is that which is the self-identity of the mechanism. It is the veritable heart of the organism. I say organism because the overall mechanism is as a living organism in that it has combined as One the dynamic and multi-harmonic energies of Terrestrial and Celestial forces. These are sometimes considered as male and female forces. The male forces are used in conventional science and technology almost exclusively. The New Sciences are beginning to work with vortices and implosion which represents the female side of nature. The Dynasphere works with both of these plus the third Neutral state being a derived combination of the two. The two polar forces come together in a pure state of sympathetic vibration to form the Neutral Center. It is from this harmonic union of divine-like forces that renewal or regeneration comes. Through this mechanism may be developed and liberated further "life BEing" properties.
With the conincidence of the numerous nodes at the spheres center there is developed a Neutral Center possessing a Full Harmonic Chord of Undifferentiated Force. The p[hysical structure of a vibration is such that vibratory motion is evidenced at the anti-node (places of greatest motion) and total lack of motion occurs at the node (place of least motion). This infinite point then contains, in a latent state, all the forces of the Dynasphere, earth and solar sources. It is a pregnant Cosmic Egg or Infinite (zero) Point of pure latency from which we can derive infinite variations of energy manifestations. Sensitive people can feel this accumulating center of force. As it is completely harmonic it is sensed as Pure Love or Innocence often interpreted as joy, playfulness and purity{1}. It is in the differentiating of this One Force we may have manifest force as dynamic action or motion and is useable in many ways.
{1}These determinations are based on months of observation of these forces and their effects on hundreds of people.
6) The Dynasphere is the first multi-dimensional mechanism born of a science and philosophy that acknowledges and respects that which Nature is. Through the development of this technology we are being afforded insights into Natures finer forces thus allowing an expanding ability to perceive with growing clarity how everything is intimately associated and cooperatively working together. The subsequent growing awareness and understanding of subtle vibrations whether harmonic, discordant or neutral allows us to better coordinate our efforts with those of Nature herself. A compelled reverential attitude towards the divinity of nature and all of its aspects is essential for the proper and more complete unfoldment of the New Sciences and Philosophies. It also gives us an understanding of Natures inner workings whereby a whole new perspective on science, philosophy and engineering can take place.
7) As the world awakens to this emerging New Age of increased self identity based on Love it transforms the reigning social structure and practices based on fear. The underlying feelings of love motivates and propels these changes. It must be kept in mind however that this global change coming over us is a natural shift from one cosmic enharmonic chord of vibrations to another cosmic chord of harmonic vibrations. This shift is of and by nature herself as she moves from one state of being to another. We, as humans, are more or less going along for the ride so to speak.
As the cosmic collection of harmonic vibrations increase in amplitude, refinement and quantity we are being entrained to go along with the new music. In this process we are encountering at times a dificulty in letting go of the past and embracing this newness because it is so new and foreign to our old ways of looking at ourselves and our environment with fear-filled eyse of delusion.
That is the way is was.
This new way is the way it is going to be.
The letting go of fear and apprehension can be scary to some. Allowing ones self to be in a state of Love (wide open and seemingly defenseless) can be just as scary. Whether one acts or reacts in love or fear becomes a personal and conscious choice and experience. As the new awareness of love permeates ones consciousness we begin to experience feelings we may never have felt before or as powerfully. If we live in fear we instinctively react to these new feelings of openness in old fashioned and no longer useful ways. We react with fear and all of its effort intensive mechanisms of reactionary self-defense, flight or fight, guilt, victimization, calumnies and condemnations of self, others and pretty near all else. Due to our humaness, it becomes far easier to blame others, circumstances and fate for our difficulties instead of owningn up to them as being self-created. Reacting out of fear also leads to desire for power and control over others and passive-aggressive (bait & war) behavior. These negative reactions destroy harmony or coincidental action. When these feelings occur our efforts at creating a joyful, positive and progressive life-style result in pain, frustration and failure.
8) On the positive side many readily and willing embrace the newness of the experience of Love. They eagerly enter into a celebration of the changes they sense coming over them. They ease into and flow with the exhilarating currents of love, brotherhood and mutual appreciation. This augmented awareness and coincidental action and behaviour usually manifests as joy because that is what it is. This welling up of Love for ones self, neighbors and that which is called God/dess or Creator represents the cloak, mantle or attitude of Unconditional Love. Each person yields or surrenders to Spirit in this very personal, uplifting and transformative state of being.
To celebrate life joyously in this dynamic state of radiating and receiving love means to do so without condition, demand or expectation. This, coincidentally, was the only commandment, as the Law of One, ever given by Christ who epitomized living in Unconditional Love. As we each learn to consciously think, feel and act in Love this then manifests the coming of Christ or Cosmic Consciousness to earth. Our thoughts, words and actions literally build the path we walk in our daily lives. Being as Christ or to be One With Him, in the moment, NOW and PRESENT, emulates the dynamic state of Unconditional Love and Lovingness.
This is the formation of a Neutral Center coincident to ones Consciousness because it is ones Consciousness - queisent Mind being aware but not active. All mental and physical motion is stilled as it becomes latent. Dynamic power and purpose releases from its latent state in the quiet Neutral Center formed when one merges With the Presence. Approximating to spirit results in increased spiritual awakening to inner guidance, peace and subtle awareness of higher realms in its varied forms of manifestation.
9) There are three primary vibratory states of Being manifesting as Matter and Energy: expanding outward; assimilating inwardly and neutral. Western science and philosophy recognizes the first. It is all male essence pushing forward more or less like a military operation: driving, penetrating and dominating. The Eastern philosophies generally recognize the male force but also the female force which is nurturing and regenerative. Sometimes these more obscure philosophies go as far as recognizing all three states of energy. Evidence of this can be seen in Blavatskys Secret Doctrine.
The new science of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics recognizes all three as discrete states of energy. A state of energy implies such a condition is complex meaning it has within it more than one sub-condition. The male or positive force is radial in that it expands outward.
The female centralizing force brings together or gathers to the center, nurtures and regenerates. Only the female can create like from itself.
The neutral is not really neutral as normally understood. Nor is the neutral summed polar forces equated to zero becoming a null or naught quantity. The neutral is where the male and female meet full-powered in an equated state of balance or unconditional togetherness (love). These two seemingly opposing polar forces come together harmonically creating the neutral state which is perfectly balanced with neither dominating the other. Each seeks in unition the establishment of equilibrium. This is similar in some ways to Beardens and Teslas Scalar Wave concepts. From this union of positive and negative states of energy comes unlimited possibilities both in form and quantity. It is the pregnant neutrality from which all else comes. It is the primordial Void (no-thing-ness) where all is held in a latent state and from which all seemingly self-generated into being. And expectently it is the female half of the equation that regenerates from its beingness a fresh new aspect of the two - progeny or offspring. The male cannot do this which is why, in part, the current male oriented sciences cannot admit to self-generation or Free Eenrgy as it is sometimes called.
10) The keys appear to be understanding, harmony and sound. From a state of perfect harmony can come manifestations of endless possibilities (progressive series of harmonics). The liberating influence is sound controlled by number. "And God said..."(GEN. 1:3). The first influence was sound according to scripture. Certain chords of sound can precipitate fine matter from suspension in fluids by augmenting ionic (polar) aggregation. This process was developed in France a number of years ago to acoustically excite pollution particles suspended in the air. These would aggregate together becoming heavier and would fall from the sky.
According to scripture (as an example source) the first manifestation of matter from the so-called spirit realm is light. We can perceive reflected light but not original undifferentiated light. We cannot physically perceive certain radio or other higher electromagnetic waves. In this regard our eyes are like narrow band-pass filters. They allow a single octave of visible light vibrations to pass into our awareness while excluding all other vibrations. Our noses and ears are also narrow band-pass filters allowing other ranges of vibrations to pass and not others. Our entire organism is a series of narrow band-pass filters allowing us limited access to the totality of the full range of vibratory knowledge available to us.
All those realms not perceptible to these physical sense organs remain occulted or hidden to our view and awareness. What wonders do these unseen or occulted ranges of information have for us? If we can see only one single octave of the infinite octaves out there - how can we possibly reserve judgements to only those things we can see? Our physical sight is so limited as to leave us nearly blind relatively speaking. A psychic or seer or visionary has a wider band-pass filter inplace. This allows a fuller view but not always better understanding of that seen or felt.
So-called psychic ability is the human organism sensitized to those realms not perceptible by our ordinary narrow band-pass sensory filters. Their narrow band-pass filters are wider and allow more of the vibration ranges to pass into consciousness. A psychically sensitive person may be aware of far more of these undetected vibrations than the unsensitive (narrowed vision) person. The advent of the New Age is the recognition of these unseen realms. We are all beginning to glimpse more of these unseen realms with increased psychic abilities seemingly spreading all over the globe. A few years ago a sensitive person was a rarity. Not so today where there are literally thousands everywhere occupied in diverse forms and manners of opening their filters to these previously sealed realms of knowledge. Even more importantly more people are learning how to do this for themselves. The lost knowledge required to construct the Musical Dynasphere came from these other realms{1} of "divine knowledge."
11) The gates of fear holding us imprisoned in our antiquated and no longer useful Belief Systems are being stormed and are about to be rendered into dust and left behind as humankind bursts the fetters of ignorance holding it back from its destiny. The gates are creaking and crashing in every field of science, philosophy and now everyday living and engineering technologies. The cry is for Freedom! Freedom to believe, to know, to live and to allow expression of the Spirit indwelling in each member of humanity. Making therefore each individual sacred and valued as an honored expression of the One endless and timeless Source in its ceaseless effort to BE.
The unnatural and failing systems built upon fear and inhibition are crashing in direct proportion to the elevation and liberation of the sacredness of the individual. No longer will the individual be sacrificed for the so-called "benefit of the whole" because the whole is what it is by virtue of who and what the individuals are. If an individual of the whole has no value then all have no value. The whole therefore becomes valueless. When the individual is held and honored in integrity the whole then and only then has that same integrity which becomes multiplied in amplification by the quantity and quality of individuals{1}.
This concept of inseparable and interconnected parts applies to Nature where all aspects of life contribute to create Life as one whole experience. Everything is intimately connected via sympathetic or love vibrations. Nothing is isolated from everything else and anything abused or destroyed is intimately sensed as pain or loss by all else.
12) In Sympathetic Vibratory Physics we know that molecules make up matter. Atoms combine to create molecules. Atoms in turn are composed of leptons (electrons, protons and neutrons){1}. Each lepton (according to Quantum Electrodynamics) is composed of three photons (light particles). So even modern science recognizes all matter is derived directly from Light in one phase of its being. Light does not however appear to be the primordial substance. It too is composed of a yet finer substance. These photons or Light particles are composed of three quarks and these in turn are composed of three muons (according to Hawking){2}.
There are always three gathered together as One Unit in Perfect Harmony making up the next evolution into realms of new states of matter and energy{3}. Sound at all familiar? These three units are always one positive, one negative and one neutral. These three are a fractal of all else and may be represented as male, female and neutral. Or to tie in scripture, metaphysics and music (scared number): Adam, Eve and God or red, blue and yellow respectively and also the musical note C, G and E. These latter forming the most harmonious of all musical chords the Grand Triad. As Cayce once said:
"Science and religion are ONE when their purposes are one." (5023- 2)
{2} The Nature of Space and Time (Isaac Newton Institute Series of Lectures) by Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose, Published by Princeton Univ Press, Publication date: April 1, 1996 ISBN: 0691037914
13) The New Science based on Sympathetic Vibration uplifts all in hope. This new paradigm does not depreciate or prey upon nature or people. Nor does it reserve itself to the rich or elite. This New Knowledge and Awareness shares Love into ALL aspects of our lives. After all, how can we love ourselves and neighbors one instant then pollute the air, water and food the next? Or how does one love some but hate or fear others? Our mission (should we choose to accept it) is loving those people, things and situations we fear or which appear to us as unlovable. Transmuting the lead of fear or illusion into the gold of love or truth leads us into higher levels of being and consciousness.
14) Giving Unconditional Love implies an all encompassing giving and receiving, all of the time and in all ways without demand, condition or reservation.
Unconditional Love flows mightily from the here and now. Celebrate in your choice!
The Fall
2002, 04/01
An example of superstition or misinterpretation of cosmic phenomena is "The Fall" from grace. There are countless stories and interpretations of this seminal event. In reviewing the natural principles that govern matter and energy we can see a different point of view.
In the beginning there was only Quiescent Mind. This Mind thought no thoughts and experienced no knowing, dreaming or any activity of any kind.
Then, for whatever reason, this Undifferentiated Mind stirred from its passive non-activity and thought a thought. This stirring of the Mind into activity and shattered the quiet and peace of nondifferentiation. For now there were two states of the One Mind. An active motion and a non-active passive non-motion. Thus the war began. The One Mind is a potent latent state of no discernible features. It simply IS. The new Active Thought, in order to be active, had two states. These two states struggled between themselves for supremacy while the Active Thought periodically sought its own self identification and answered to its memory of the Oneness from whence it came.
The One Quiet Mind was itself and was all that existed. The Activated Thought sought to be and know itself by becoming active instead of quiescent. It struggled to be - just as the quiet Mind desired to be. A nonseparation took place wherein the unmoving Quiet Mind assumed motion of thinking. Motion implies seeming apparent opposite states such as space and time and polarity. Opposites interact and intermingle as their mutual attraction and antagonism sequentially predominates - first attracting each other then repelling each other. First one pole exerts preponderance then the other assumes control in a never ending cosmic dance of push and pull.
In this back and forth struggle or intermingling of mutually antagonistic states rotation insues much as dancers rotate and revolve around and about each other in their swirling motion in rhythmic cadence. This swirling pattern of motion accelerates and intensifies until the co-power of the two opposing states reaches a maximum. The acceleration and intensification is driven by the Active Thought. This one-sided drive to be isolated and onto itself is countered by an always equal desire for unity and return to the undifferentiated state of One Mindedness. At the point of maximum opposition of these two forces or desires the initial acceleration and intensification towards action and separation expends itself by relenquishing its initial desire for separation by giving in to the opposing desire of return to unity, from whence it originated. The Active Thought is and always was part of the Undifferentiated Mind. It simply became so self-enamored with its own self-identity it simply forgot from whence it came. And it failed to notice, so taken with its self-importance, that it is a totally connected expression of the Undifferentiated Mind.
The Law of One
Everything that is in the uiverse is included in it. Therefore all that there is may be considered as one unit. The connecting link between all these seemingly separate things is sympathy or love. The common mechanical connection between them all is what they all have in common - vibratory motions. When the numbers of the vibrations are the same there is greater action/reaction or commoness of experience. When the numbers are much different the connection is not as dynamic. This is the basic construction of each and everything that there is. The actions and reactions are governed by the relativity of number or rate of vibration. Therefore that which governs this relationship is the Law of One. As one thing vibrates so does everything else possessing similarity of vibration. All other phenomena are subservient to this one law. When one gets right down to it - there is no other law but this one law.
This law can be broken down into three separate aspects:
I. Law of Assimilation: every individualized object assimilates itself to all other objects.
II. Law of Individualization: every such object tends to assimilate all other objects to itself.
III. Law of the Dominant: every such object is such by virtue of the higher or dominant force which controls these two tendencies.
Applying these fundamental laws to an explanation of the universe, as it is brought to human cognition, all manifestations of force may be treated as modes of vibrations.
The essential differences give rise to three modes of vibration:
I. The Radiating: called also the "Dispersing", the "Propulsive", the "Positive", and the "Enharmonic".
II. The Focalizing: called also the "Negative", the "Negative Attractive", the "Polarizing", and the "Harmonic".
III. The Dominant: called also the "Etheric", or the "Celestial".
Matter evolves through the action of the second law or the attractive forces by concentrating energy into smaller and smaller particles or "bundles of vibrating energy." These in turn are concentrated together to form larger and larger planets.
All vibratory phenomena obey these laws whether the phenomena be aggregation into "solid" matter or manifesting as "liberated" pure energy. They each possess a complex combination of sonic or mechanical vibrations which all adhere to the same principles of action and reaction as described in the above law.
Thinking vs Awareness
2002, 09/04
Matter is focalized (concentrated or bound) energy. There are two states or kinds of energy - polar and depolar. Polarized energy is some form of matter (depends on the degree of polarization) and will swirl inwardly to form form. While depolar energy is not materialized or solidified. Polarity increases to a point forming polar matter then changes to depolar as matter is deformed into depolar energy. We, on the material level, deal with polar energies. Polarized energy becomes or is force x mass, etc.. Undifferentiated Mind deals in depolar energy (latency). We can mentally tap this depolar state through meditation. When we mentally tap this depolar state (in doing this means we let go of polar thinking) we attain Cosmic or Christ Consciousness - which is non-polar (depolar) awareness.
2003, 01/07
My thoughts on Time are still under formulation. According to Russell time is an effect derived from rotation of a planet. Rotation establishes number of hours in a day (one complete rotation). The planets orbital velocity establishes its yearly time (one complete revolution around its sun). OK, these two motions are how we establish our measurements of time.
But, what exactly is Time?
A Dialogue on Awakening and other similar sources say Time is our greatest illusion. Another source says time is the "progression of events". To Mind, if we are to consider ourselves as our Minds, there is no Time because there are no limits to Mind/Consciousness. The material world has limits but the Mind-World does not.
All in all the material world has a time-lag from idea of that world to its manifestation. Hughes, Keely and others called this "progressive evolution" as is identified in the evolution of music scales from a fundamental. I suspect that to consider Time carefully we would need to specify whether we are talking about material manifest Time or Mind Time. To Mind there is no time so the topic is mute - everytime in NOW to the Mind. If we are to consider material things and events there is this "progression of events" which is actually our egoic way of dealing with the illusion that is maya.
2002, 12/02
Had a conversation the other day with a friend about the nature of Time. He maintained Time is an absolute, operating independently of outside anything. His "proof" are the atomic frequencies of Cesium atoms, etc.
According to Russell (which I agree with) Time is an effect of motion of planetary bodies as are also the periodic oscillations and vibrations of the atoms composing those bodies. A planet has the orbit it has because of the Celestial/Terrestrial (gravital/assimilative and repulsion) influences in which it sympathetically participates. This is evident in the elliptical orbits - governed by periodic swings further and nearer its parent or gravital center. The elements of the planet are not carried along by the planet. The elements of the planet ARE the planet. So each molecule, atom and quantum entity are equally affected by these celestial rhythms. They ALL orbit the planets center as also the star about which the planet orbits.
The motions of any planet include (but not limited to) its 1) circular orbit revolution about a star and 2) its rotation about its own center more commonly called its rotation. The first motion is what we call a year. The second motion is the day of that year. Earth, for example, rotates 365.25 times about its own center for every revolution it makes about the Suns center. According to Russell this is the correct number of turns conforming to the earths radius from the Sun. If the earth were moved further away from the sun there would be more days per orbital revolution. If it were moved closer to the sun there would be fewer days per yearly orbital revolution. So TIME is dependent on many things. Time is therefore an effect or at best an equally participating aspect of complex motions and is not a thing unto itself, operating independent of all else.
2002, 10/03
Beardens quote below could be seen as a rephrasing of substantial SVP principles.
"And as we have seen, all periodicity has a chrono- topological significance and application. Specifically, potential energy must be referred prima- rily to standing waves, and kinetic energy primarily to non-standing waves."
From what Ive read of it so far the paper describes cycles and cyclical phenomena not as the phenomena itself but as an effect of Time. Bearden divides his Time functions into discrete "types" or "forms" of activity:
1. Occurrence - growth (+)
2. Recurrence - form (-)
3. Development - growth (+)
4. Possibility - form (-)
5. Consummation - () form (closed structure), growth (open structure)
Dr. Lewis (and many before him) have described this same phenomena (Time as a measure of the progression of events/occurences) as periodicity of cycles and his breakdown of their discrete form and function is (more or less):
1. Initiation, (birth)
2. Short term change
3. Energizing
4. Aspiration, growth
5. Fulfillment, fruition
6. Rest
7. Ending of the cycle in preparation for the next cycle. (death)
There is not that much difference between the two sets of periodicities. Reich divided the cycle into four periods. Music and astrology divides it into twelve steps. What Bearden is attempting to describe as a functional property of time is really (IMHO) a function and property of evolutionary forces government by the four properties of arithmetic. In SVP we call this "progressive evolution" and is well evidenced in evolutionary progression of musical overtones and scales. Which is why Ive spent years figuring the progressive evolution of musical (vibratory) scales and harmonics. Keelys Law of Cycles describes some of the initiatory influences in such periodic transformation:
Law of Cycles: "Coherent aggregates harmonically united constitute centers of vibration bearing relation to the fundamental pitch not multiples of the harmonic pitch, and the production of secondary unions between themselves generate pitches that are discords, either in their unisons, or overtones with the original pitch; from harmony is generated discord, the inevitable cause of perpetual transformation."
2002, 09/27
> In the meanwhile, the crux of the matter is that time cannot be known by the
> means we have attempted, which is the division and measure of space,
> (dividing a circle into hours, the motion of atoms, etc.). Time is instead,
> a domain altogether of its own, that intersects with the domain of space at
> local nodes that are called consciousness (neutral centers). Time is the
> synchronic order, above and beyond space, which maintains the order of all
> things in relation of their appearance to one another. In other words, time
> is the field of interwoven connectivity by which all things are coordinated.
> It can be mapped and expressed mathematically using simple harmonic ratios.
Time is an interesting concept. I say concept because Time is not a thing - it is an idea - in the Mind wholly. The Rosicrucians have a phrase in their philosophy that says "mind assigns dimension". In other words Mind (consciousness/experience) is the measure or metrology of that observed/experienced. In the case of Time we observe a sunrise and the Suns path through our sky - which is to say - earths orbit or journey around its primary (year) as also its rotation upon its axis (day). This phenomenon is divided into discrete pieces, as you say, dividing a circle into more or less equal parts. This method gives us a "Time Ruler" by which the passage of Time may be recorded.
More concisely the earths movement around the Sun is an event. And the event is divided into segments or spaces; i.e., so much space covered in so much elapsed "Time". It has been said:
"Time, in its simplest definition, is the progression of events." Dr. H. S. Lewis
I like to agree with this definition for the reasons presented. But Id like to extend this definition to include the variability of the event so described. This being earths orbit which is not circular but is elliptical where the earth, in its travels around the Sun, is constantly changing velocity. Russell goes into this attribute of orbits quite well and ties or locks these variations into other effective attributes such as alternating potential, rotation (spin) speed, radius (distance from primary) and orbital velocity, among other similarly related attributes. In Russells manner of presentation of these forces "locked" together we may see how all forces are indeed active as a single force. All forces, i.e., events, are One Event inextricably locked together. To consider a single facet or attribute of force as an isolated event is to miss the true nature of the One Force creating One complex Event.
"Time decreases with potential. Time decreases with decrease in radius." Russell, The Universal One
Given the many regularly varying attributes of earths orbit it could be well said Time varies in a regularly, periodically or rhymically varying manner. Time compresses (days/hours become shorter) during the slower portion of its orbital velocity and Time dilates (expands) (days/hours become longer) during its faster velocity of travel. A Time increment (day, hour, minute, second) is less long during the earths slow orbit and faster rotation while further from the Sun. A Time increment (day, hour, minute, second) is longer during the earths fast orbit and slower rotation while nearer to the Sun.
Another repetitive event occuring in the Mind of Man is music. A cycle in practiced music is the bar and this bar is divided discretely into a measure of Time.
"(1) The division of musical phrases into certain regulated portions measured with regard to the value of the notes with respect to the semibreve, which, in modern music, is held to be the standard of time. There are two sorts of time, duple with two, four, or eight beats in a bar, and triple with three beats in a bar. There is also compound time, or time formed of the union of triple with duple, and triple with triple, each having a distinctive time signature. (2) The pace at which a movement is performed is called its time. " A Dictionary of Musical Terms
Notice the second defintion given above is substantially the same as Lewis defintion. By substituting the word "movement" for "event" we see clearly the correlation.
It would be folly to separate Time from the events to which it is locked and of which it is the measure. Time is not a thing unto itself but an attribute of change. It could be described in a more or less scientific manner as the "degree of change" or "rate of change" of a rhymically occuring event. It is as Lewis points out the measure of the progression of the event. In this regards you are correct in that Time cannot be solely a "measure of space".
Dale Pond - September 19, 1997
A pamphlet titled Conversations with John by David Spangler says the earth will be going through massive changes until the year 2000 beginning in 1980. It continues when this divine presence known simply as John spoke of the world dividing into two worlds.: "Over the next two decades (beginning in 1980) this division will become increasingly evident as a differential of energy, vision and creativity between different segments of society and of humanity. It will primarily be a division between those whose vision of the future is one of birth, opportunity, unfoldment, and joyous creativity and those who see only death, fear, and destruction about them. The quality of life and actions of the former group will be more radiant and magnetic, while that of the latter will be depressed and angry, though powerful in its despair."
What I see in this description of the divided energies is a shift from the end of one cycle into the beginning of a new cycle.
In the study of cycles we are presented with the idea of each cycle being divided into seven phases or periods. Each of these phases or periods is distinct and separate from the others. Should we take a cycle of a years duration as an example we could divide that year by seven and arrive at seven periods having 52 days each. Any cycle of any length can be so divided by seven into equal parts. Each cycle has a beginning which is usually marked by a birthday or some other significant event of the life line of that under consideration. The first period begins at that date and goes 52 days (for our yearly cycle) where it ends and period number two begins which continues for another 52 days and so on for the other periods.
The crossover from one cycle to the next is evidenced by the ending of the seventh period of one cycle and the beginning of the new cycle with its own first period.
Each of these periods has its own unique character. That is the subtle energies of a period is distinctly different from the subtle energies of the other six periods. Should we do a vibration analysis of these periods we would see discrete chords of notes forming each of the seven periods thus showing how they are different in character. Events occurring within a given period are therefore "colored" by the energetic influences of that period and this coloration changes from period to period.
In a nutshell the character of each of these periods can be summed in the following manner:
1st period: birth, expressive, newness, creativity
2nd period: tempermental, quickly changing
3rd period: energetic, power
4th period: expansion, progression
5th period: fruition, success
6th period: completion, rest, vacation
7th period: destruction, ending, tearing down
These descriptions come from ancient texts as presented in modern times by the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC of San Jose, California in their book "Self Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life" by Dr. H. Spencer Lewis. A brief analysis of events over many years reveals these descriptions to be very accurate.
The energies of the seventh period are destructive and lead to a tearing down process in making ready for the new cycle beginning with its new first period of birth, renewal and creativity. This is like the tearing down of an old house to make ready to build a new one in its place. In this regard it is not a negative energy per se but one that works hand in hand with those of construction in a manner of preparing the way for the new. It can be said then that those who adhere to the old cycle, whose seventh period we are currently feeling as destructive forces, are influenced to be negative, destructive and lacking positive expression and these lead to negative mental and emotional states of depression and despair. Thus showing how all things take on a coloration of the period in which they primarily reside by virtue of sympathetic association or coincidence.
Sensitive people and those now incarnating to enjoy their future lives are sensitive to and influenced by those subtle energies of the first cycle already making itself being felt while society is making its transition from the old seventh period traits into the new beginning first period of the new cycle. Those under the seventh period influence may stay in that energy pattern (etheric matrix) and suffer its negative energies because they are not in tune with the new energies now making themselves manifest. Those already in tune with these new energy patterns will experience exuberance, joy, creativity, birth and unfoldment of potential - exactly aligned with the natural tendencies of the new first period energetic influences.
Those in the old can change. People are adaptable. This is the challenge then to overcome the old patterns and allow the new to permeate the system thus bringing it into a state of harmonic coincidence with the new forces and patterns of birth and creativity. A continual visualization of birth, newness, rejuvenation and creativity will help an entity to realign their etheric matrices to the new energy patterns. Letting go of old habits, adapting new ones and allowing any newness to flow through and about ones life would help in this process of shedding the old skin of degeneration and allow the new skin of joy in the newness to manifest.
Living in the NOW, which would be the neutral phase of these cycles, allows a free flow through the influences without being overly influenced by them. This would be a letting go of the old patterns and not adapting any real new ones but simply flowing without coherence to any patterns yet adaptable to them all as required. This would be the ideal of finding a state of neutrality shaded just a little with positive mental attitutes while living in the freedom of none alignment to either the old or the new. This high neutral state is often referred to as Unconditional Love. This neutral positive state will bring one automatically into coincident alignment with the new period influences as they gain hold on the totality of mankind.
One cannot fight the negative influences and change them because emphasis on them causes them to augment. If it is true that we are what we think then even thinking about the negative gives them energy and makes one coincident to that thought. Think negative - be negative. By going neutral and not thinking about them but visualizing the positive the negative falls away by its own lack of coincidence and the new flows in freely and seemingly without effort. It is far simpler and more profitable to ignore the negative with neutrality while visualizing the positive attributes of where one wishes to go. This comes as the art of PRACTICE. By living in the NOW of a practice session of those ideas, ideals, traits and attributes, which are aligned with the new state of being, they automatically become one with that visualized and the goal takes care of itself - perfect harmonic alignment. Therefore one only needs to learn to live in the present in a neutral positive state (joy) in the NOW because that is the only place one can live and be. Practicing those mental thoughts and states taken to be aligned with the new period influences will automatically raise one into harmony with them through a state of ease and joy.
This is a simple thing to practice if we were in total control of our thoughts and environments. However, the negative has held sway for so long and with such force and tenacity some of us have been saturated with the negative and this has become the totality of their existence. They cannot even visualize the positive without help. In some cases LOTS of help. This help is presented in a number of ways. The first and foremost is the religious which has such great bearing on the spiritual side of wo/mankinds existence. These spiritual influences are subtle and permeate the etheric matrix of the individual. This etheric realm of force and energy is the spiritual realm of subtle creative forces and states of mind. The great spiritual teachers have long taught these principles of mind as the builder and spiritual alignment to higher ideals. This has ever been the ideal of all great religions. In our modern times, a large part of the orthodox religious approaches have been stripped of their rituals, superfulous attachments and left bare with the simpleness of the process. These new looks at old methods can be found in Science of Mind teachings, Rosicrucian instructions for personal development, some of the new metaphysical works, etc.
This neutral state is a state of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This has come to be recognized by the Christian community as the Christ Consciousness as it permeates the higher etheric realms and to which any individual may realign themselves by any number of processes. This is the realm of the soul which is aligned concordantly to the High Neutral state and manifests through the heart. Generally it is a letting go of the old patterns and mindsets and allowing an alignment to this etheric field condition to take place within ones vibrational chord of mass (etheric matrix).
Other religions or spiritual practices use concentration and meditation techniques to hold the mental imagery and visualizations sufficiently long enough for them to repattern the old matrix. Sometimes meditation is used to sense the Grand Neutral field of the universe and thereby allow a coincidence to it to take place. This is the familiar Cosmic Experience or taking on of the Holy Spirit. In essence this alignment is of the human etheric matrix to this Grand Neutral state which permeates everything, everywhere throughout the universe. By holding a neutrally positive mental attitude our etheric matrix automatically finds its balance or zone of equilibrium within that highest of subtle energy fields.
Simply visualizing this state of neutrality is not sufficient however. The thoughts must and will be carried into action. Visualization (focused prayer and meditation) will induce the process and keep it in process but one needs to do more. Here come in the admonitions to speak kindly, gently, with peace, freedom, patience and brotherly love. The thought pattern held in mind should be reflected in speech and action as these build up actions and reactions in others and the local environment. One literally builds their own universe by the thoughts held, words said and actions made. The Grand Neutral of the universe is everywhere and is completely plastic having unlimited potential of manifestation. It will give back to you everything you demand of it the way you demand it to be. So as one thinks, talks and acts so too will the echo or reverberation from the Grand Neutral be. These resonance evoked responses are the returned grace or mercy as accepted by orthodoxy.
This builded and acted out process of holding to those higher ideals and their accompanying returned energies becomes the world in which that individual lives and has their being. If one were joyous, happy, kind, gentle and loving those encountered react similarly and the local environment takes on that coloration. This world you deliberately build becomes then the true Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This state of affairs is referred to in the Christian texts as The Way. It is The Way or path you literally create yourself minute by minute of every day by the thoughts held, words spoken and actions done. This Way or path is literally your future being created in the NOW because of what you think, say or do NOW as you live life from moment to moment. It then behooves one to carefully watch every thought, spoken word and action to assure these are in alignment with those highest ideals of kindness, gentleness, peace, lovingness and patience.
It has been said there are but three primary states of mind: neutral, love and fear. These latter two states are the basis of the two worlds mentioned in the beginning of this article. Those who hold closely to fear take on those negative aspects of it such as inhibition, destruction, anger and despair. These are enharmonic and have a repulsive dynamic driving things apart into destruction or chaotic entropy. Those who hold onto thoughts of love begin to radiate kindness, gentleness and peace which has a magnetic quality which is centropic and constructive in its dynamics.
It may be readily seen that the great shift now upon wo/mankind is a moving from one mindset of fear and its destructiveness into a new mindset of love with its constructiveness.
This one simple practice of closely guarding and guiding the thoughts, speech and actions will transform ones life in short order. As this is practiced from moment to moment the environment immediately begins to echo back these same states of peace and love. One then begins to experience more and more love, peace and joy in direct proportion to how much is held in the mind, radiated from the heart and spoken by word.
The environment, made up of people, things and events, responds sympathetically to every thought, word and action. As one thinks, speaks and acts so too do the people, things and events echo back the same to its source as a simple matter of action/reaction dynamics. The question then becomes What does one wish to experience? By thinking, speaking and acting with lovingness this then brings into the life of another thoughts of love, joy and positivity which immediately mirror themselves right back to the originator of those thoughts, words and actions. Likewise thoughts of hate, malice and the like manifesting through the spoken word as anger or violent actions returns similar back to the originator. The originator of these negative causitive states literally builds their own hell. Their Way becomes tangled, disturbed, chaotic, unbalanced and littered with destruction and degeneration. A simple exchange of energy takes place - like begets like every time and in every instance. This action/reaction has been long called the Law of Karma or the Law of Cause and Effect.
The result or sensation attained through positive alignment would be peace of mind, body and lifes experiences as the neutral state of harmonic convergence is more or less wholey without dischords and disturbances. The state of peace, joy and freedom is the Cosmic Consciousness of the Rosicrucians while in process but becomes The Way in experience. It is the Nirvana of the eastern teachings. It is the abiding with Christ as in the second coming of that Christ Consciousness resulting in the knowing one is One With the Grand Neutral of the universe. It is beauty and harmony personified in those who seek alignment to and by way of the High Neutral realm of harmonic subtle energy known as UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
Traveling Photons, an Impossibility*
2003, 04/27
Im on record as opposing the idea of light traveling through space from stars to your eyeball. Interpreting Keely and Russell we can say light, as photonic particles, does not travel through space but instead there are these sympathetic celestial streams that differentiate as they impact a center as in a molecule of air where we then see light, heat, color, etc.
To place the last nail in the traveling photon theory consider that all particles of a system are subservient to that system. Using the Russell concept of layered density zones about a Prime Center (Sun/star) it is an obvious extension of the Indig Matrix (Locked Potentials) to a point where any "escaping" particle totally and completely disintegrates then to return to that primary. The Locked Potentials concept demands that no particle, subservient to that system, can possibly escape beyond a certain point where it will neutralize or dissipate and begin a return to that center. This is again nailed down when we consider the neglible mass of a photon. There is no energy known or suspected by man that can propel a near-massless particle anywhere much less across umpteen million light years of space.
Triple Wave Propagation
There is no such thing as a simple wave form. These drawings are simple representations that are easy to deal with. The real method and manner of wave form configuration is much more complex. The first drawing on page 10 illustrates that each wave has inherent within itself three modes of vibration each of which propagate or travel at right angles to each other. A longitudinal wave travels back and forth away from its source. This is a straight line motion. A Transverse or Shear wave travels from left to right of this longitudinal wave. This second mode is a zig-zag motion. The third wave called either a Raleigh or Lamb wave is again set at 90 to the Shear or Transverse wave. The third mode is a circular or spiralling motion. This last wave is usually found to travel along a surface such as on water but not generally through the water as the other two modes prefer to do.
Vibration as Cycles
When a periodic change of state progresses over a long period of time it is usually referred to as a cycle. A cycle may be seconds or millennia in length. Regardless of the time period of a cycle or vibration the fundamental characteristics of each are always the same. So when we deal with human cycles that may stretch for years the same inherent characteristics of the positive and negative attributes of the phases are always present. In molecules these forces will periodically spread the molecule and then make it more compact. In some human interactions a person may exhibit more wanderlust and travel out and around. During the negative phase a person may be more inclined to stay at home and nest.
2002, 06/14
What is a vortex? It is a polarized fluid, in motion. (There must, by necessity, be an unaggregated mass of multi-levels of potential and/or densities.) So the key is polarization.
Polarization in electrical parlance is the same as "bias" or voltage or potential. Unless there is a difference between one pole and the other there is no useable power - which occurs when the polar "charges" merge to neutralize (void) each other.
The typical vortex physical configuration is:
1) width of base (low or zero polarization, depolar condition) + speed and diameter
2) height (distance between depolar to bi-polar conditions)
3) width of apex (high polarization) + speed and diameter
4) low pressure core
5) high pressure wall
6) less density at the periphery of the wall and greater density at the inside of the wall
The polarization neutralizes itself through progressive increased power (amplitude), increased rotational velocity from base to apex. There is a power concentration (multiplication) factor from the base (0) to the apex (4++ double tone). Concurrently there is a low orbit velocity and high rotation at the base and high orbit velocity and low rotation at the apex.
The vanes of a wind generator convert linear motion of the wind into rotary motion of its shaft and gearing. The vanes do this by polarizing the depolar wind flow by splitting (differentiating) the flow into high and low pressure zones - polarization - along the contour of the vanes airfoil.
The generation mechanism creates a polarization (charge) within the connected circuit. The end-user load depolarizes (discharges) this polarization. Bearden calls this a destruction or destroying (discharging) the potential (charge) after which destruction the polarization (charge) must be re-established again and again (AC current and the typical Tesla-type rotary field). Or if DC there is a continuous "water fall" of continuous destruction (discharging while charging).
Much of our useable power is derived from rotary motion. In a manner I do not yet understand the collapse of the electrical potential (discharge) and/or its simultaneous conversion to magnetic radiation somehow and for some reason evokes rotation. (Teslas rotary spark gaps and high freq coils come to mind. Not to forget the much fabled Model T coils.) A prime example of this phenomena is the armature experiment illustrated here:
This phenomena is the continuous DC breach or "water fall" effect. It is not a forced motion as from Tesla-type rotary fields. Very much like this are the little pond vortices I witnessed and another similar observation I made at an actual waterfall where depolar mist drifting without order, suddenly swirled about centers (vortexed) when the dawn sunlight struck it. Very dramatic but subtle!
From Russells theories we can surmise the Suns rays impart energy/force that increases the potential (polarized state) of the receptor media (water mist). This impregnating a depolar condition makes it polar - hence the swirling dance begins. This phenomena is evidence of the affinity or sympathy Keely wrote so much about. There is a natural DESIRE to seek a state of affinity which is most strong during a state of chaos (depolar condition). This seeking of affinity (to be At One) increases by discrete increments (Planck) until voiding (orgasm) occurs - thus neutralizing the seeking of affinity which becomes dispersion to Latent Neutrality (God, Heaven, etc.).
Part of our difficulty (confusion) in understanding rotary fields in motors is the misinterpretation of the Tesla-type forced field. This is an artificial construct where opposing magnetic fields are periodically created and destroyed which alternately push and pull against each other - created by the alternate windings of armature and/or field coils. The natural vortex of tornados and whirlpools are entirely natural and continuous - as in the dynasphere.
War and Peace
2003, 01/28
During these past few days or weeks Im noticing a distinct increase in postings that reflect fear, apprehension and that old messiness "ego dramas". This not just on this forum but on news sites and in news media in general. We have written extensively on these.
As one begins to awaken they are continually discovering Self. There is a seemingly unending string of learning lessons mostly about psychology or how and why people behave or misbehave. This is not standard psychology but real world personal and interpersonal relationships. As one grows in awareness and discernment more and more of what used to confuse becomes clearer. This is real growth because it is the dispelling of illusions (preconceived notions) and hence fear and apprehension, sickness, etc.
Secondly there appears to be a common dynamic associated with personal awakening. There is a brief period of personal chaos, confusion, pain, torment and anguish. Cayce called it "knashing of the teeth". This period of overwhelming chaos immediately precedes awakening. Jesus being nailed to the cross immediately preceding His awakening is an apt example. Usually, though, we nail ourselves to our own crosses. In a round about way of speaking this is ego drama creation. We create the episodes that lead us into these painful situations much like we grab hold of a hot skillet only to let go when the pain reaches a certain threshold. Again the analogy is apt.
What we are seeing around the world and sometimes in our own minds is this painful and fearfilled self created ego drama. We have all created this for and by ourselves. This means, in terms of the awakening process, the curtain is about to rise on a global awakening. In fact we see people stirring all around the world as peace overtakes their usual and now outdated modes of misbehavior such as revenge, striking back and murdering of the innocent. The awakening is happening.
So when you see yourself or others being overtaken with events seemingly beyond their control know it is a sign of approaching Light of understanding. They are not seeing it in the moment of desperation but they will see and know it once the overload is too great to bear and they LET GO.
2002, 11/30
What is water? Is it the liquid that falls as rain or the liquid filling the oceans? Is it the clouds in the sky or the invisible vapor forming those clouds? Water is all of these. We drink liquid water. We breathe water vapor. We use crystallized water in our refrigerators. Water can take on any of these states of matter - and then some.
The only difference between any of these states and any other is the chord of their respective vibrations. We could say frozen water is molecular as also liquid water. Vapor is more atomic. While very fine water vapor may be etheric. All respectively resembling Keelys morphology.
Weve seen in earlier posts how Mind (thought, which includes prayer) is the same as the etheric and interetheric levels. Therefore Mind/thought is sympathetic to the finer divisions of water as ultra-gaseous water vapor. This exists throughout the brain (especially in its cavities) and the body. The connecting linkage is therefore water whether liquid, gaseous or ultra-gaseous.
Prayer is a form of harmonious thought and has an harmonious effect on these ultra-gaseous vapors. Conversely hate, anger, self-condemnation, etc., has a "negatizing" effect or dispersive effect. Thats it in a nutshell. We can go over more detail if you wish.
Water asks: "Who am I?"
2002, 12/26
I am the Many
rejoicing to be One.
Be the Rivers
accepting from the Streams
giving myself to the Ocean.
Be the Ocean
accepting from the Rivers
giving myself to the Sky.
Be the Sky
accepting from the Oceans
giving myself to the Rain.
Be the Rain
accepting from the Sky
giving myself to the Mountains.
Be the Mountains
accepting from the Rain
giving myself to the Streams.
Be the Streams
accepting from the Mountians
giving myself to the Rivers.
I am the One
dispersing joyfully to be the Many.
What are Waves?
2002, 10/27
Waves are EFFECTS of unoberved CAUSES. What are these causes? And how do they create the observed effects?
An ocean wave is an illusion. Sure it exists but what we think we see is not what is going on.
An ocean wave (as any other wave) is a macro-effect. In other words, zillions of water molecules combine their motions to create the wave. So what is the motion of a single water molecule and what causes that motion?
The water molecule revolves in a circle about a center. Think of a planet revolving around the Sun. This orbit is periodically extended and contracted. Combine zillions of water molecules doing the same thing in the same time and the wave is created. Cayce called this "syncopathical central syncothetic action".
"They vibrate in their up and down motion without losing that syncopathical central syncothetic action." Cayce (195-54)
"Harmonious vibrations. Harmonious doesnt exactly express what is meant; just as the harmony would carry the idea of a continued atonement - a tone - a center - a radial - while syncopathically a continuation of same in the gradual rise and fall, or (of?) certain in its correlation." Cayce (195-54)
One could say a standing wave is the same thing as a planet repeating its orbit motions over and over. But the mechanics of its orbit are the same as those of the water molecule participating in a beach comber.
A center periodically changes state from that of harmony to discord. Harmony contracts while discord expands. Discord is Keelys "disturbance of equilibrium". This then travels from center to center always expanding because its nature is to expand, via sympathetic vibration. It is the disturbance of equilibrium that communicates rhythmically from center to center in what appears to be an expanding wave.
Why create new terms? These centers are Keelys atomole/atomolini and Russells alphanon. Ive found it much better to use the term "center" because the center controls what is going on around it and it is the center that is sympathetically sensitive and responsive to other centers. Keelys Sympathetic Streams can ONLY function from coherent center to coherent center..... This is the LOVE that governs the universe.
The contraction is by virtue of a change of state from harmony to discord. The ORBITS change configuration which manifests as an expanded or contracted orbit area - ala Kepler - i. e., a wave is created. The TIME between contraction and expansion is the period or wave length. This is set by the periodic changes taking place in the Sympathetic and Creative Center. LOVE rules....
The centers are the "carriers" or nodes of sympathetic communication. There are secondary centers in the "particles" orbiting such primary centers. All this communication takes place through "Neutral Nodal Interference" which is to say "passive thought" as opposed to "active thinking".
Vectorial differences are accounted for by the various wave modes which are dependent on the particular wave structure of the media. Harmonics are periodic synchronizations similar to what has been identified as "domains" which are nothing more than mini-syncothetic responses within larger macro-syncothetical synchronizations - all being event/time matchings.
What Charge Is
2002, 11/02
In considering what "exactly" takes place during the creation of a charge in a simple electrical generator some interesting observations are to be noted. Of imminent interest is the question "Just what exactly is charge? and how does it come into being?" Two major theories clash: that of Russell/Keely and conventional theory or the electron model.
We have been told electrical generation is the accumulation of electrons which then travel along a wire to a resistance. When queried about traveling electrons, Keely said this idea is not correct but that it is the "influence" that travels from center to center.
To resolve this seeming conflict lets examine the parts and workings of a simple generator. In its simplist configuration there is a copper wire moving in a magnetic field supplied by magnetized iron. In real terms the iron need not be magnetized but may be polarized by an electric field (electromagnet). The iron may be on the armature or on the periphery with the copper at the core or vice versa. The copper wire may be in the field and not moving which "generates" no electricity. Or the magnetic field may be moved about an immobile copper wire and does generate a flow. We also know the copper need not be in the form of wire as solid copper plates are sometimes used. The iron can be thin plates or solid larger pieces.
To summarized the basic elements of a generator we have 1) copper 2) iron/steel 3) motion and 4) magnetic field. These are ALL the elements used in ALL generators in current use. The differences we see are simply variations of these elements or substitutions, alloys, more or less numbers of field coils, size and so forth. So the only elements we have to consider are the four elements as presented.
Of prime interest is copper and iron. Other elements may be blended with them or substituted entirely such as nickel, zinc, steel (iron plus carbon), etc. This paper will stick with copper and iron as they seem to be "most basic" and familiar. Russell classes iron as a "charging" element which means it is cohering or accumulating energy within and about itself. It is in the generating phase of Mind Force into matter. Copper on the other hand is on the opposite side of the Neutral Line. It is a "radiant" element in process of disintegration or "discharging" back into the Inertial Plane. Iron and copper do not perfectly balance each other out in this model as iron is one step more energizing than copper is de-energizing. However they are in the same octave (zone of pressure) in such a way that if energy could be discretely added to iron it would become in successive steps: Cobalt, then become radiant it becomes Nickel, Copper and then Zinc. We can say from this close relationship there is an underlying similarity or sympathy in their consitutent or aliquot vibratory configurations. This is an important aspect of the two elements. An addition of Carbon to Iron as in low or high carbon steels and magnets would bring Iron that much closer to the Neutral Line which is where Carbon resides.
Primal States
There are only three Primal States: charging, discharging and neutral. In their natural states Iron is charging and Copper is discharging according to Russells classification. Russell informs us the charging state is the same as "electricity" (gravity or mutual affinity) while the discharging state is "magnetism" (repelation or mutual repulsion). Magnetism is the same as what Ive been calling the Dispersion/Dispersal Field or Field of Dispersion. We may consider the Magnetic Field and Dispersion Field one and the same. In Keelys jargon the Dispersion Field is the Celestial Realm while the Charging Field is the Terrestrial Realm. There are many more synonyms used by these two discoverers and others but we want to keep things simple.
Polarization is a state exhibiting two poles seemingly opposite to one another but of the same source. The simplist example of this state is a bar magnet under some degree of magnetization. Pure iron does not accept magnetization or polarization well. Soft steel (iron plus carbon) does however easily magnetize/polarize. Soft carbon steel has the added feature of "remembering" magnetic influence. It will remain magnetized or polarized once submitted to that influence.
Copper on the other hand is not considered a magnetizable or polarizable element. This, I find, is an error in thinking. Copper may easily be polarized by electrical influence (as in AC current) but copper will not remember or retain that influence. It naturally reverts to a neutral state when the electrical or magnetic influence is withdrawn. Copper then functions like an empty air chamber that may be easily pressurized or depressurized in a periodic fashion. According to Russell increased pressure equals increased charge while decreased pressure equals decreased charge or discharge. Therefore or thereby copper is an ideal conductor or inductor of electrical (charging and or discharging) influence. Charging means the same as increasing pressures. Discharging means decreasing pressures.
Soft carbon steel, when magnetized, exhibits a radiant attribute while retaining its concentrative natural state. It becomes bi-polar in two distinct manners: 1) concentrative and radiative vibratorily speaking and 2) magnetically bi-polar. When copper is brought into this magnetic field it comes under the fields magnetic or radiant influence. The magnetic field is "acting" or active which means the copper then "reacts" to that Creative or active influence. Copper "absorbs" or is modulated by same to exhibit similarity. The radiant component or aspect or attribute of copper is enhanced by such an influence. Copper becomes more radiant. If the soft carbon steel is reversed in direction so its other pole is influencing the copper the reaction in the copper is to reverse its polarity to conform to the impacting influence. If this reversal is done consistently and persistently an alternating influence or current is established in the copper.
The key to understanding this process or energy transmission from discharging magnetic field to charging electrical stream or flow is the Principle of Reproduction (The Universal One, page 30). This principle or law dictates that an active force or influence will reverse polarity when received or absorbed by a reactive object. In our case the discharging magnetic field from the soft carbon steel will reverse polarity once it impacts the copper and becomes a charging electrical flow. It is for this same principle that electrical flow impregnating a piece of soft carbon steel converts it into an electromagnet. Just so a discharging magnetic field will convert into a charging electrical flow.
Charging means the concentrative notion or action is increasing. Discharging means the decentrative or notion or reaction is increasing. To the molecules in the copper charging means decreasing in diameter (which explains exploding electrodes under extreme tension), slower rotation and increased revolution velocities, etc. The only way this process of dispersion becoming concentration can work is through the Principle of Focalization. This principle is inherent in spheres. Focalization is similar to refraction in that an impacting force upon a media of different density will change frequency and direction. An outside dispersing force impacting upon a sphere will convert into a focalizing force that will move to or seek the spheres center. This phenomena is natural to all spheres. This is what Keely called Focalization. Center seeking force is electrical force. Once at the center the force is again cenverted by its impact on a media of greater density (the Neutral Center) and converts into radiant energy and flees from that center. As the center seeking energy increases the spherical copper molecule will shrink and become more dense and more energized. As the center fleeing energy increases the spherical copper molecule will expand and become less dense and less energized. This contracting and expanding motion will be in synch with the reversals of the soft carbon steel magnetic field. And is what we commonly call Alternating Current and is transmitted from copper molecule center to copper molecule center by sympathetic vibration on a level or frequency range not customarily considered.
There is a bit more to this but the above should be sufficient for developing a new working awareness of just what charge is.
What does it mean to be Awakened?
"What is it like to be enlightened or awake? It is when you see only God as cause and effect being you expressing Him wholly. You will no longer feel the need to see your mind as separately identified within the whole Mind, but you will feel its presence there and you will recognize your Self in it. Fear of any nature becomes unknown. Joy abounds with every thought as Love is once again remembered." Dialogue on Awakening
Attaining Cosmic Consciousness
The human consciousness is seemingly comprised of layers or levels. The lowest level is the animal instinct or body-mind. Then the subconscious or unconscious. The next higher level is the objective or physical consciousness. This level is awareness of the ego or intellect, the "rational" mind. It gets its knowledge from the senses, memory and deductive and inductive reasoning. Emotions are of this level. Time and Space have relevance on this level. The highest consciousness is called the Awakened or Enlightened State, Cosmic Consciousness, Christ Consciousness or Cosmic Awareness. All these levels are different states of Mind or Consciousness or Awareness. SVP explores these levels of consciousness. They have nothing to do with religion. Although all valid religions are founded on the idea of helping individuals achieve this exulted state. For instance TM helps achieve this state and TM is not a religion. The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC teaches followers how to achieve Cosmic Consciousness and it is not a religion. The Masonic Order has this process at its roots as seen in its rituals and it is not a religion.
Every person has access to the highest level of consciousness. However we operate at the lowest levels in our day to day experience. Great people in the past are considered great because of their achievements. These achievements were accomplished because of their access to their higher or more whole consciousness. This increased access can be learned by anyone desiring sufficiently to do so. This process is explored on the SVPvril Forum, and is open to anyone. Increased use of the unused 90% of our brains brings increases happiness, joy, prosperity and peace. The subject concerns MIND and its powers, properties and mastery.
The Word = Mind = Cosmic or Christ Consciousness
"Then MIND, as He, was the WORD - and dwelt among men; and we beheld HIM as the face of the Father." Cayce (1567-2)
On the highest level are intuition, feeling (not emotion), clairaudience, telekinesis, clairvoyance and All Knowing. Time, Space and materiality mean nothing to this level of total awareness. I believe this highest state may be perceived by degrees. Some may experience this exulted state a little, more or completely. Jesus, the man, awakened to full Christ Consciousness.
(Q) "As given, We are God, that Spirit Father, performing our functions as portions, yet capable of becoming perfect like that whole spirit and absorbing the power of the Whole. Then Jesus Christ like us was man, but made perfect as the Whole spirit and so became equal to or One with the Whole Spirit Father."
(A) Correct." Cayce Reading (900 -100)
The term "Christ" is an ancient term denoting those whove attained this state such as Buddha and Jesus did. Others through history have also attained this level of awareness where the will of the individual is seen as the Will of the Father.
"So soon as man contemplates his free will he thinks of it as a means of doing the opposite of Gods will, though he finds that only by doing Gods will does he find happiness. Yet the notion of serving doesnt sit well with him, for he sees it as a sacrifice of his will.
"Only in disillusion and suffering, in time, space, and patience, does he come to the wisdom that his real will is the will of God, and its practice is happiness and heaven." Cayce (2537-1)
Lights through History
Others have attained this level of consciousness such as Walter Russell, John W. Keely, St. Francois de Sales, Appolonius of Tyranus, Buddha, Cayce (while sleeping) many ancient Egyptian Pharoahs and High Priests, etc. Others who may have attained this state or some degree of it are Moses, Jelaluddin Rumi, Joan of Arc, Henry Ford, Helena Blavatsky, Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, Mozart, Leonard DeVinci.
The good news is you can do it too! And that is the message Atlin brings to us. More good news is you already have this consciousness within you. It is not something you have to meditate for 40 years to achieve. It does not have to be achieved and there is nothing you need to do. It is already yours because that is who you really are but you forgot. Thats all. One only needs to remember this state which is who and what you are and have always been - except in your own ego-mind consciousness.
"In the last reckoning life is really a process whereby the individual becomes conscious of his own true identity. The spiritual nature of man does not exist potentially, but actually. The discovery of his own identity is simply mans destruction of the hypnotic illusions of Ego, Time, Space, Matter, and Cause--his moment of release from untruth." (0-19.9) Brunton
What is this Cosmic or Christ Consciousness? A short answer is there is the Mind of God or the awareness of the Creative Force. This Divine Mind meaning Undifferentiated Mind expresses itself as the created universe. The created and materialized universe is the effect of the Undifferentiated One Whole Mind after differentiation, refraction and demodulation. Just as a rainbow is an effect of differentiated unseen light from the Sun.
"Because our mind, the Son, is within us."
"Then with that consciousness of His awareness, we may know even as He has given, "Ye abide in me, as I in the Father - I will come and abide with thee."
"In that consciousness, then, the purposes for which each soul enters materiality are that it may become aware of its relationships to the Creative Forces or God; by the material manifestation of the things thought, said, DONE, in relation to its fellow man!" Cayce (1567-2)
Through history this Undifferentiated Mind, as an energy form, has been called by many names. "Light" and "The Word" of God are synonyms.
"There is but one thing in this universe - LIGHT - the still Light of all Knowing. The One Light which is God, God alone lives. His thinking and imagining is Knowing; the Knowing universe is all that is; Knowing Mind is still. There is no activity whatsoever in the universe of either spirit or matter." Russell, The Secret of Light
Experiencing awakening is "seeing the Light" or believing in "The Word" of God. Unfortunately so many distortions have permeated this concept over the centuries by misinterpretations and some deliberate intent. "Word" here does not mean the Bible - though the bible can lead one to it. It means God Consciousness or the thought of God; i.e., Cosmic or Christ Consciousness.
Q - "What is the meaning of the white lightning I have seen?"
A - "That awakening that is coming. More and more as the white light comes to thee, more and more will there be the awakening.
For as the lights are in the colors: In the green, healing; in the blue, trust; in the purple, strength; in the white, the light of the throne of mercy itself. Ye may never see these save ye have withheld judgment or shown mercy." Cayce (987-4)
The Process
Sometimes attaining or remembering the realization of your true self, allowing ourselves to experience Love, is described as a process. Remembering something is not really a process. Though in this case it may be at times helpful to think of it this way. So many of us are burdened with feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, guilt and remorse from countless judgements of self and others. Under these psychological conditons it may be useful to approach your own awakening as a process. The process would entail the eventual release of these groundless condemnations. A first step is realizing such condemnations are detrimental and indeed needless. They serve no good purpose and hinder you. The process may be initiated by treating yourself with Peace, Tenderness and Love - then extending that treatment to any person you knew and meet and any event that took place or is occuring.
"For it is not in some great deed, not in some great form. But just being kind, being gentle, being patient, being longsuffering, showing brotherly love, doing this or that for the sake of the very force that has prompted and does prompt self, is the manner in which each soul may KNOW that My Spirit, my soul, beareth witness with His Spirit that I am indeed His. And in this manner does one become aware of ones souls presence with this house of clay." Cayce (793-2)
Peace - a Prerequisite
It will be through this exercise a sense of peace will be developed - a new habit of thinking will be developed thereby releasing old habits of condemnation.
"In the fruits of that - as is given oft, as the fruits of the spirit - does man become aware of the infinite penetrating, or interpenetrating the activities of all forces of matter, or that which is a manifestation of the realm of the infinite into the finite - and the finite becomes conscious of same." Cayce (262-52)
To make this easier and workable one might seek out an environment condusive to sensing or being peace. This would be a group of people wherein one can feel safe and not threatened. Our ego lives in fear and builds defenses against what it finds threatening. A nonthreatening coalition of like-minded people will encourage you to drop those defenses and allow yourself to experience Love. This is the key.
Home and family are prime locations for being at peace. A church or other place of worship may be useful. Test the environment with your feelings but not emotions. If you feel uncomfortable in your gut or intuition, if you feel fear, guilt or sense of unworthiness - seek another organization. There is no fear or guilt in the Mind of God as it expresses itself being you. Fear and other negative emotions feed the ego. The ego is "touchy", over-sensitive, and reactive. Love is never reactive because to Love there is nothing outside of itself to react to.
What we have been learning is not new. It has been known since day one. Why certain organizations or belief systems teach otherwise is curious. Some do so out of misinterpretations, established dogma and doctrine and some because there may be agendas such as acquiring earthy power and control over others. People are easily controlled when they are afraid. Perpetuating fear and guilt is perpetuating control over others. In a state of Love there is nothing to fear and those who Love cannot be controlled, manipulated or abused. An enlightened person is a free person. Seek those organizations, if you chose any organization at all, that does not promote fear in any sense of the word. Choose or build one that recognizes and promotes Peace within as being the Kingdom of Heaven.
"... each entitys heaven or hell must, through SOME experience, be that which it has builded for itself." Cayce (417-008)
Atlin creates such a neutral environment. All things naturally having Mind Force, Atlins design "concentrates" such to a powerful focal point - her Neutral Center or Heart Center. We are efforting to handcraft and distributing more of these wonderful devices that more Peace may be experienced on earth as it is in Heaven.
What If?*
2003, 07/07
Much has been written about experiencing what you want. Id like to modify that to say we experience not so much what we want as what we think and how we think it. If you think it the Cosmic Mind will assume that is what you want - because you are constantly thinking about it. Every thought is a prayer or petition for the the manifestation of that thought.
Individuals in society have been programmed to think in terms of "What if?". Governments are founded on this principle. Insurance companies prosper on this back-of-the-mind question.
What if we are attacked? Pay taxes, yield your rights, give us your children for canon fodder and we will protect you.
What if I loose my job? Pay insurance, it will support you.
What if I get hurt, sick or die? Pay insurance or build a nest egg, it will cover you.
What if I die and go to hell? Pray at OUR church (belief club) and tithe our "special" salvation services.
The "What if?" scenario is fear, apprehension, victimization and lack of control (power over) of ones life and circumstances. So we pay insurance, yield rights, sacrifice our children and pay taxes to "insure" that if "What if?" ever happens we will be prepared, protected, insured or otherwise taken care of. We give up our self-power to someone else who promise they can protect us from "What if?" scenarios. The prosperity of the insurance companies and the unrelenting growth of governments attests to the popular belief in fear and the "What if?" mind set.
The "What if?" idea is not living in the NOW. It is an anxiety things wont be nice, prosperous or the way we want them to be sometime in the future. I reckon I could write an entire book (or two) on this one subject or aspect of conventional mis-thinking.
I figure our self-condemnations are the worst and most destructive things we can do. These negative judgments aimed at self are the most significant causes of problems in the world today. I recently wrote about Attacking Ourselves. This dynamic requests the world to attack ourself and for all intents and purposes that is what we then perceive - so we attack back. War! War against self results in war in the world. Self attack takes many forms as you point out:
Im a sinner.
Im a victim.
Im persecuted.
Im unworthy.
Im unlovable, unloved.
Im powerless.
Im guilty.
Total healing takes place when we give those ideas up (forgive ourselves of our own judgments) and acknowledge and accept we are none of those but are in fact:
I am love.
I am loved and loveable.
I am worthy and deserving.
I am OK. The world is OK.
This dynamic of self-forgiveness is what some churches refer to as accepting you are forgiven by Christ, etc. Only difference here is we do not recognize Christ ever condemned anyone to begin with. Any and all condemnations come from self. So the idea is to get off ones own back with all the negative ideas about self. Let the past lie in peace. Do not fear the future "What if?". Be here Now in Peace with self and the world will be peaceful.  
What is Ether?
2003, 01/17
The ether appears to be a series or collection of different energy/matter states. Meaning there are several layers, levels or types of ether which may account for much of the confusion surrounding this controversial topic. This view of multiple definitions of ether is supported by Keelys work (several types) and Russells writings (up to 25 types) and the multitude of definitions of ether presented by dozens of well known physicists during the past 200 years or so. A review of technical papers on the web supports this theory. One such established scientific exploration is into "composite Fermion gas" and related topics. In one regard we could say composite Fermion gas or Fermion Fluid is, in some instances, one type of the so-called ether. But there are other presentations such as Diracs sea of electrons, quantum fluid, Neutrino Sea, and other similar theories - all of which could answer for various types of ether. For instance:
In briefly reviewing Keely, Russell and a few others we see the ether has the following characteristics, among others:
1) a liquid; "Ether is an atomolic liquid 986,000 times the density of steel." (Keely)
2) a gas; "Luminon (403-), is the basis of the cold light of the future. Luminosity [from Luminon] of better color can be produced by regenerative excitation of this radiative gas at about one forty-thousandth of the expenditure of energy necessary to produce the same degree of luminosity by the use of a tungsten filament." Russell, The Universal One
3) an ultra-gas; "Ninth. This atomolic substance has a density approximately 986,000 times that of steel, enabling it to permeate steel as light penetrates glass; this rotating envelope of atomolic substance is in a liquid condition. There are four conditions of matter; viz. solid, liquid, gaseous, and ultra-gaseous. These conditions result from greater or lesser range of oscillation of the composing units individually: this is equally true, whether the units are molecules, atoms, atomoles, planets, or suns. But one LAW governs all matter." Keely
4) sometimes luminous; "The luminiferous ether - the compound-interetheric element - in other words, celestial mind force - is the substance of which all visible and invisible things are composed." Keely (see also #2 above)
5) very dense; "Ether is an atomolic liquid 986,000 times the density of steel." Keely
6) is cold; "This luminosity has no thermal accompaniment, although, paradoxically, all thermal conditions emanate from etheric vibration." Keely (see also #2 above)
7) Source of EMF; "The ether has for its attendants gravity, electricity and magnetism, the triple conditions born of itself." Keely
8) vortex motion; "Were it not for the intense vortex motion attending the dissociation of water into Hydrogen and Oxygen, the ether could not be held suspended either in the molecular or atomic envelopes. This vortex action is caused by the differential conflict between terrestrial condensation and solar tensions, the outflow and inflow, which also produces light." Keely
9) propagates waves: In Tom Bearden s glossary under the Tesla, Nikola heading&&& recognizes Tesla s genius regarding his understanding that&.. "From his experiments he knew that the EM wave in vacuum was longitudinal, like sound waves&&. I showed that the universal medium is a gaseous body in which only longitudinal pulses can be propagated, involving alternating compressions and expansions similar to those produced by sound waves in the air. Thus, a wireless transmitter does not emit Hertz waves which are a myth, but sound waves in the ether, behaving in every respect like those in the air, except that, owing to the great elastic force and extremely small density of the medium, their speed is that of light." [Tesla]
There are many more common characteristics of ether in the literature. Time does not permit me to gather them all up. The above is sufficient to support my premise.
What Vibration Is
2002, 10/01
A vibration is usually displayed as a sine wave. This is a good representation of what takes place when measuring energy levels at a given point. When considering a sound vibration as an energy measurement this is a good way to do it. However, sound is much more than a simple energy measurement. There are two fundamental types of energy or phases of force and energy. One is the positive or expansive state of energy such as in an explosion where everything is hurled outward. The second and opposite state is an attractive or centralizing force that draws things together. Gravity is a good analogy. Vibration, then, is a periodic motion that changes between these two states. First it is positive, going outward, then it is negative, pulling back inward.
Why Dynaspheres Cost So Much
2002, 07/12
During the past several years Ive had numerous complaints about the high cost of dynaspheres. This is because most people are unfamiliar with custom metal working. Weve grown accustomed to and spoiled by mass produced everything. And that is where the difficulty lies.
Yesterday I made a part for my brothers classic Mazda RX-7. New parts are no longer available and junk yard parts break when removed and re-installed. So a part had to be made. Starting with a $4 piece of bronze, a 1/4"-20 bolt and washer I spent three intensive hours machining and building a replacement part. If I applied a modest shop time charge of $50 per hour his new part cost him $150 in shop time and $4 for materials. I do not know of any shop that charges as little as $50 per hour. They are usually $70-$100 per hour. All this to replace a nylon bushing that would sell for about $1.99 from Mazda if it were available. High volume, high production of modern manufacturing can crank out parts for pennies. While custom machine work is low volume and expensive.
The other day I asked for an estimate from a local machine shop for boring one of the dynasphere uprights. Their quote was $450, just to bore this one precision tapered hole! This is one of two uprights needed and the part needed additional turning on the outside and several other assembly tasks like attaching it to two other custom machined parts, then more borings and fittings. All in all I estimate the cost of this one upright when complete would easily exceed $2,000. Which seems like an absurdity in todays mass production oriented world. One must keep in mind we are not making these for mass consumption. If we were to do so we would need several million dollars in tooling and equipment for mass producing them. Then we could anticipate a much lower cost.
My modest machines and tooling cost about $30,000. This is an insignificant number when considering mass production machines which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for EACH machine center. These high costs are offset because such a machine can automatically turn out many dozens or hundreds of parts per time interval whereas a manually operated machine like mine can only do one part in the same time frame.
The shop time cost of $50 is really too low. The wear and tear on tools is a fact of machining hard metals. Cutting tools are expensive and Im not even using the best quality which cost several times more. One tool bit can cost $85 and should it break like one did the other day it must be replaced. Another high cost factor is "set-up time". It can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or so to set the part on the machine, align it properly, set the tool in the machine, align it to the part to be worked. Every cut on every part must be set-up while the actual cutting can be a one time pass of seconds or a series of repeated passes lasting hours. Computer controlled machining is a big deal these days. Most all of this set up time is eliminated. But computer controlled maching is a magnitude(s) more costly to acquire than hand-operated machines.
The building of Atlin was a shot in the dark. Those whove read my new book "Atlin - Knowing I AM" are familiar with that part of the story. These first units are unavoidably expensive. They are prototypes and proof of concept units which are notoriously expensive because everything is hand made and usually modified, remade, tweeked and fiddled with time and time again. From these initial units we are learning "Keelys Secrets" of how they work. From this knowledge we will be able to re-engineer and redesign dynasphere models more suited to todays mass production capabilities.
Why No Free Energy?*
2003, 04/14
Im just now finishing up reading Walter Russells Home Study Course. A truly remarkable piece of scientific and philosophical literature first written over 50 years ago. What is obvious from reading this and similar materials is mankind as a whole is "wrong-minded", thinking aberrantly and is perpetuating thought-forms non-conducive to what so many miscall "free energy" devices and similarly focused technologies such as transmutation, levitation, etc.
Some of us have spent a large portion of our lives working to achieve heights of awareness sufficient that allow at least partial access to knowledge and awareness from which (potentially anyway) these far-reaching technologies may be achieved. What can be seen from these higher perspectives is mankind as a whole, in his wrong thinking, is INCAPABLE of understanding, accepting and working with these technologies. Conventional science and philosophy is nothing more or less than a piracy, a rape and plundering of nature and himself. He misthinks he can willy-nilly take and take and take without regard for himself, the environment which supports him and nature as a whole. Nature does not work like that and neither do the forces and energies often referred to as "free energy", transmutation and levitation.
Ive been slandered, hindered and in diverse ways shredded when I propose these kinds of forces and their development REQUIRE an enhanced human stance and purposefulness such as Cosmic Mind (genius), open heart, kindness and gentleness. But it has been established these forces are sympathetic and responsive to such human interaction and involvement. Without which they cannot and will not function.
The idea that any can demand or beg for others to release that which they themselves are incapable of doing for themselves is evidence of the lack of knowing and understanding the basic tenents of social and philosophical developments. Inherent in these forces is Mind or Consciousness. Unless and until this point is addressed whole heartedly and with conviction the pinnacle called "free energy" remains unscalable and beyond mere egoic human attainment.
The human organism is far more than meat on bones, a result of accidental lightening in a mud puddle of primordial ooze. Likewise his science and philosophy of living life is severely misguided and destinied to bring down the very society founded on such misguided principles. A revolution is called for in science and philosophy of gigantic global proportions. Mankind will come to see even his most basic and erroneous scientific laws and understandings of social interactions have been inhibiting his climb to a better world and life. It is these misunderstood concepts of take for self-aggrandizement, profit and power based on fear and control, that have prohibited the development and use of such far-reaching technologies. Why is this? Because etheric subtle energies never were and never will be based on taking but on giving. Nature only gives - it never takes. The very corner stone of them is sympathetic vibration and oscillation. Sympathy is "AS ONE", the sole conducting mechanism of force from point to point and its accumulation principle.
I agree whole-heartedly with the guiding principles spoken by the Methernita community. Man is not ready for such technological revelations. The potential for the misuse of these technologies is beyond our ability to know or prevent. As a whole humanity is self-destructing because of its misbeliefs in ancient thought patterns, superstitions and false premises. The general population sits idly by as its children are dumbed-down, their social structures are molded into instruments of their own abasement, their governments serving those controlling same, etc. Until and unless individuals wake up to who they truly are and act this self-destruction will not stop or be reversed. Subtle energy physics is about health, happiness, prosperity, constructive and wholesome. These physics are the very base of nature and man himself. Quite the contrary of what can be seen going on "out there". Some misthink the release of these technologies will "fix" these ills in individuals and society. This is like saying war creates peace. War is violence and violence creates more violence. This is an example of misthinking driving our societies into chaos. Misthinking creates chaos while right thinking creates peace. And peace is the very core of subtle energy physics without which its development and evolution into myriads of devices and processes cannot possibly take place. War is destructive in all cases. Peace is generative whether in society or energy generation and use.
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