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by Ben Iverson

Studying the advanced paradigm of Science is not so difficult as it at first seems. First we consider the air around us and how it transmits sound, by vibrations. Energy is really only vibration. The colder the air the more dense it becomes. Cold air being more dense will transmit the vibrations of music faster and further than will warm air. Again, air at lower altitudes is much denser from the pressures above. It too, will transmit musical energy faster and further.

The air is an analog to the aether. The air is matter but the aether is metaphysical. Aether is a progenitor of matter and of course, air. Aether condenses creates all matter, which takes organized form as we know it, including the individual molecules of air. The molecules vibrate internally and are essentially condensed aether. We need consider only the vibration, and not the medium, whether it is air or aether.

Aether continuously vibrates. When aether transmits energy it transmits it in three phases for each wave. Each wave has its positive high phase, its negative low phase and its neutral phase. In the neutral force, the positive force and negative force are both present but will balance each other. These are generally shown as sine waves. They transmit gravitational force, magnetic force, and electrical force.

We generally picture a wave beginning at its place of propagation as a positive wave which is always at the NEUTRAL CENTER. Every aggregated body has one neutral center for itself, and lesser neutral centers for each of its parts down to atoms and smaller. We will deal only with the main NEUTRAL CENTER at this time. It appears that the NEUTRAL CENTER receives its aboriginal energy from the surrounding aether and transmits the vibrations outward to the skin surrounding the object in question. Let us say the transmission is along a musical string. The wave starts out in its positive phase. On reaching the other end of the string the wave is reflected back in its exact opposite phase, from the far end of the string. This far end can be considered a second NEUTRAL CENTER, but an exact opposite from the original NEUTRAL CENTER..

The other extreme of shape is that of a sphere. Here the original NEUTRAL CENTER is at the center of the sphere. The other (reflecting) NEUTRAL Center is at the shell or the skin of the sphere or body, where the wave becomes a reflection of itself. It always appears in the opposite phase from that from the origin, which is being reflected.

In either case, the energy of the wave is not depleted in a single traverse of the string or body. If additional energy is continually added to the wave in the proper timing, according to its phase, this energy becomes great enough that it will strain and eventually explode the sphere. The timing is important. This is where the mechanics of harmonics comes into play. One can easily see how this can happen in a sphere. Harmonics will be described below.

But let us take a second look at the string. Instead of a string, let us look at it as a bridge over a stream. A marching army over the bridge will find the step will coincide with some harmonic of the bridge. The bridge will gain so much energy that it will eventually fail. That is why an army should break step, when marching over a bridge.

One end of the bridge becomes the positive Neutral Center and the other end becomes the negative (reflecting) neutral center. Long slender objects will have its neutral centers at the ends. A wider and more compact body will develop a neutral center at its center and another at its outer skin.

We can see and visualize this structure of energy in matter. Let us transfer it in analog form to the aether. The aether fills all space. This energy is considered to be generated at the NEUTRAL CENTER of the universe (THE CREATIVE ONE), and radiated outward to the edge of the Universe. At this outer skin of the opposite NEUTRAL CENTER, it is reflected back in its opposite phase. Both phases will essentially cancel each other and be undetectable by present means. There will be points at which one of the phases is more dense than the other. The aether will densify at these points and ultimately collect as matter, which is around us and of which we are made.

The original generation of energy at the center will be in the range of quadrillions of vibrations per second. Through the mathematics of harmonics certain waves will coalesce in groups of longer and slower vibrations to create the longer waves of energy, in what is called a waterfall. There are six waterfalls with which we must deal. Between waterfalls all is quantum and are called Myriads. Matter is created after the third waterfall, in the Myriad of Chemism. The myriad above is the Myriad of Light energy. Above that is the metaphysical Myriad of Thought energy, and then the Creative Myriad. There are "waterfalls" between the Myriads, as the energy flows downward into longer and lower frequency waves. Science calls it "entropy."

These Myriads go over a waterfall through harmonics, in which several different waves are attracted together. They coalesce and congeal to make a longer wavelength. It is very much like a chord as played in music. In order to better understand the mechanics one must go to the mathematical formation of music and musical chords.


As is well known, music is divided into octaves Seven octaves of frequencies make up one Myriad. Before it goes over the next waterfall. The octaves in turn, are divided into single notes. These notes are all based on one keynote value. They are composed of the keynote and "partials" of the keynote. These partials can be added to the Keynote or subtracted from it. The following table shows the formation of six of the seven octaves.

These are six of the seven octaves which make up the Myriad of Music. The octaves are taken as the first four octaves in one group. The first two octaves are presumed to start in positive phase. The Third and Fouth octaves are presumed to start in negative phase, because they are doubles of the first two octaves. The Fifth and Sixth octaves are again in the positive phase and the Seventh octave (not shown), would be in the negative phase.

Notice that all notes are whole numbers except for the Fifth partial. In spite of the decimal values, the values are exact without any more residual decimals. The frequencies are all relative to each other. These note values can be multiplied by any number and still maintain this same relativity. For instance if they were multiplied by "5" they will all be whole numbers.

Research has indicated that if multiplied by 11, for one scale of octaves. The other scale of octaves can derived by multipling all notes by 19. Then if these two scales are intermixed and played together, they will produce an emotional reaction of Unconditional Love.

This is what harmonics is all about. In the first place, the original energy is multiplied and increased by the harmonics. In the second place, each harmonic chord has a certain message or information to transmit. This is broken down to a mathematical formula. We hear only the portion which is in the audible range but there are other aetheric ranges up through the higher Myriads, in the aether, which are also brought into play. One of these ranges will be in or near the value of the spectroscopic values which have been assigned to the various elements of the Periodic Table of Elements.

It produces its "Love" effect, in the case given, through the Myriad of Thought Energy. The main point to be put across is that the aether plays a part in all of Nature. The analog of the aether to the air of our atmosphere, is the only manifestation which is detectable by our human senses. As Edgar Cayce said, "We will find all higher science can be reached through Music."

For anyone who is capable of composing music using MIDI, it is recommended they utilize two of these scales, (one multiplied by 11 and the other multiplied by 19), to see what conditions are needed to produce the projected message and feeling of "Peace" and "Love". How are the two scales to be blended?

There will be other effects as well but one can only guess how drastic they may be. In my case, it burned out 5 different computer monitors before I identified the source. Even at low volume the music does carry messages which can cause of nerve interaction, and may interfer with sleep patterns.

Aether continuously vibrates. When aether transmits energy it transmits it in three phases for each wave. Each wave has its positive high phase, its negative low phase and its neutral phase. In the neutral force, the positive force and negative force are both present but will balance each other with one travelling outward and the other travelling inward. These are generally shown as sine waves. They transmit gravitational force, magnetic force, and electical force.

Our problem in harvesting this energy is to unbalance it. If we are working with the energy of music, we can unbalance between the positive and negative phase of the energy waves. This is done through introducing a dischord in the music, by using an "enharmonic" chord.

If we create this dissonance as the energy goes over a waterfall we can neutralize the positive phase within this lower Myriad. In doing so we must be able to retain its higher harmonics in the higher Myriads of Ultra Sound and Chemism. Within a sphere we will have more of the negative phase remaining. It is made negative by going through a reflection which changes the phase of each wave from positive phase to negative phase. This is done by introducing chemical subliming substances which will have pushed these higher harmonics into an even higher Myriad. This substance must be able to resonate with the higher harmonics and thus, let the higher harmonics sublimate and carry the energy to the higher scale. In this specific case the sublimates will be powdered carbon on one half of the interior of the sphere, and powdered quartz on the other half. These will sublimate the carbon and the quartz, which sublimate passes as ultra-fine matter, (a plasma) through the metal of the sphere. It enters an outer ring which will resonate with the specific frequencies, which are upper harmonics of the original entered frequencies. The lower frequencies are minimized by another sublimate of tin, tungsten, tin, and/or zinc.

Attached to the outer ring are resonators which cause the selection of the proper frequencies. These frequencies are again elevated by a sublimate, (powdered copper and zinc/or tin) within the outer ring which carries them further outward into the Myriad of Light.

The light frequencies radiate outward still further until they encounter the outer (invisible) skin of the device. This outer skin is an analog of the human aura on its outer surface. In both cases the outer skin is a thin slice of condensed aether like the film around a soap bubble. Here the energy wave is reflected back, ion opposite phase, along the route to which it followed on its outward journey. It will retrace its steps. It travels inward again until it reaches the original Neutral Center in a reverse process at each step. The sublimates will return to their original state at each step of the journey.

Energy is available at each step, but is collectable only within the sphere, On the outward journey the waves press against the inner half surface of the sphere which is covered with powdered quartz. On the inward journey the wave is attracted to and pulls against the inner half of the sphere which is coated with powdered carbon. This is supposed to cause the sphere to rotate.

Let us review parts of this scheme. Going inward, between Myriads the energy waves go over a waterfall through harmonics. As they do so, several different waves from the upper Myriad are attracted together, forming a single modulated wave in the lower Myriad. As they travel inward they coalesce and congeal to make a longer wavelength. It is very much like a chord as played in music, and listening to the undertones.

On their outward journey the waves are broken down into their original higher harmonics from the waveform creating waveletes. In order to better understand the mechanics one must go to the mathematical formation of music and musical chords. As they travel outward this process is reversed and each wave is broken down into its higher harmonics.

Notice that all notes are whole numbers except for the Fifth partial. In spite of the decimal values, the values are exact without any further decimals. As the waves go outward or inward they take up a different unit-of measure, but the numbers do not change. They adopt the new unit-of-measure of their new Myriad and remain as integers in that new unit-of-measure. If one has multiplied the original notes by 11 or 19, that same mutiplication applies to the higher or lower Myriads alike.

The analog of the aether to the air of our atmosphere, is the only manifestation which is detectable by our human senses. The one place it is manifested is in the outer skin before the return journey. Here will be seen a scintillation of light and colors. As Edgar Cayce said, "We will find all higher science can be reached through Music." How is that done? It will be explained again in a different format.

Consider this device as some sort of analog to the atom but on a much larger scale. It is also an analog to our Solar Planetary System but on a much smaller scale. In the first case the Neutral Center is an analog to the protons at the center of the atom. In the second case the Neutral Center lies at the center of our Sun. In this last case, the planets are all kept in perfect alignment by harmonics between themselves. Note that the Earth also has its own Neutral Center in the 500 mile core at its center.

In the case of the atom, the electrons maintain a balance, but this balance can be changed by input or output of energy from the electrons. That is therefore a closer analog between the Musical Sphere and the atom. So far, in our current science, the energy of the atom has been released only by the destructive sledge-hammer method. The Musical sphere releases this energy photon by photon by a much gentler method.

As the energy is input from existing earth energies, it is augmented by continuous input of Earth energies, and by the two different sets of resonators, through sympathetic vibration. These begin with the Myriad of Music; Go through the Myriad of Chemism; Then arrive at the Myriad of Light. So this Musical Sphere is a two-stage device whereas the atom is only a single stage natual conservitor of energy. So also is the planetary arrangement of our Solar System. We are able to draw energy from the intermediate between these two stages. This intermediate is the globe itself, which appears to rotate without input of visible outside energy. There is continuous input of natural earth energies.

Will it work? Yes! One need only consider what it was, that caused the collapse of the suspension bridge over Puget Sound at Tacoma Narrows, nearly 60 years ago. It was only a continuous input of discrete ultrasonic energy. This input happened to be a higher harmonic of this particular bridge. There are other cases other cases where harmonics were encountered to cause severe destruction.

On the other hand, in 1948 in England, Professor Searl built his first disc which was self powered. He went from here to make a two stage (SEG) device after that. This powered an electric generator for his home. From this later device he learned that it put out extraordinary healing powers and actually cleaned the environment of his home. This device, with its two stages, was more like the Musical sphere.

Then 30 years ago, Profesor Searl constructed a 3-stage device which he named "Disc I". It had levitaton powers and propulsion, such that it could fly through the air faster than any of todays airplanes. Professor Searl then constructed a second disc which was 20 feet in diameter. He called it "Disc II". He learned that it had its own built-in gravity which was repelled by Earth gravity, hence its levitation powers. These were all unmanned remote controlled devices. Professor Searl drew up plans to construct a still larger device about 150 feet in diameter with facilities to allow a person to operate it from within. It all came to an end when Professor Searl was charged with the crime of producing his own electrical power. He went to prison for more than a year. When he was finally released he discovered that all of his previous work and most of his data had been destroyed.

The musical sphere was first constructed by John W. Keely more than 100 years ago. There are numerous accounts of his work as written in the newspapers, journals, and by individual authors, scientists and engineers. He was successful, but there were many detractors who had no knowledge of the inner workings as simply as described above. These detractors looked for weak points at which additional energy was being fed into Keelys Sphere. They were successful in destroying him by their know-nothing airs, and impossible conditions which they dallied in their own vacuous minds. It was enough that support funds were withdrawn unnecessarily. Most of his work was destroyed but some of it did survive, these 100 years.

Not enough information is given above to enable one to construct their own Musical Sphere.

1.) The harmonic musical scale,

2.) the description of a Myriad,

3.) the waterfalls between Myriads, and more-so,

4.) the exacting rules which are imposed from harmonics,

5.) sympathetic vibration, and

6.) chemical applications, are over simplified.

These subjects are further described in two books entitled, "Pythagoras And The Quantum World" Volume 1 (1993), and Volume 2 (1995). These five subject areas are described in these volumes and all have been used in the present Musical Sphere. A third, Volume 3 (1997), will be ready to be offered for sale very soon. It will take time just to learn the new paradigm which concerns all energy.

For now, the reader must content himself/herself with playing around with the musical scale as given. It must be done with a digital musical synthesizer.

It will give many surprises when slight modifications are made, and the changes in the amount of energy produced. One must proceed with caution because there are things which can cause the release of harmonic energy beyond anything dreamed. One must become aware of these dangers through a slow and cautious learning of the process.


The two preceding articles set up the basis of New Science in preparation for this portion of the application of advanced current science for practical use. We prepare the Earth energies, much as gasoline is prepared from crude oil to extract its most useable energies.

In this case, we use chemical formulation of the elements, mainly metals, to select from the input Earth energies and modify them to our needs. In outline, these energies are amplified and refined for their greatest energy content.

The Earth energies which are selected are in the subsound range. Each wave has a waveform which is shaped by five to seven wavelets of which it is composed. They are sent through a series of tuned musical strings. These strings will activate in the audible musical range through sympathy with the wavelets which form the earth energy frequency. This is a strictly mechanical conversion. The wavelets, of course, are what create the waveforms of the original Earth energies.

Having done that these refined energies in musical tones are fed into the device as wavelets. They become a series of waves in their own right as musical tones. They also each have their own waveforms which are composed of wavelets from a higher Myriad of energies. These waveforms are separated out as wavelets through a chemical process. This gets us into the nitty gritty of the energy conversion and refinement. Each type of elemental metal has its own resonance frequency. We must pick out the metals which have the frequencies which are needed to match the present wavelets in the selected train of energies.

When the low frequency Earth energies are fed into the device, each single frequency will have up to seven different wavelets. (If three different frequencies are utilized there will be up to twenty-one wavelets).

It does not require twenty-one strings to handle and convert this because every string is capable of vibrating in several different modes, or frequencies. This is the first phase, and/or, mode change as the energy is transferred through the structure of the instrument to the center of the globe above.

The second phase change occurs within the device. It is a reflection of the sounds within the resonant sphere. The reflection is a change of phase of the wave from positive to negative. The phase change occurs as it is reflected from the inner surface of the globe.

It is then passed on through the metal of the brass sphere, by the attached tuned resonator tubes to form a plasmic aetheric field around the outside for those frequencies which are more precise. The resonators must be tuned to an accuracy of one or two hertz, but we are now in the low megahertz range of frequencies. But some of the longer frequencies remain in the globe.

Those frequencies which are imprecise are retained within the sphere and are picked up by the three actuators, for further refining. Specific metals must be selected which are capable, through their electron energy states, to handle the corresponding aetheric frequencies. These metals will be those which will conform in energy states which are most closely to the precise aetheric energies of the now refined and elevated Earth Energies. One of these metals must be nickel. It is combined with at least two other metals to pick up the much wider range. There now somewhere between 49 and 343 different specific wavelet frequencies from the several waterfalls over which we have established a reverse flow of energy upward on the waterfalls.

Passing the energy on, within the sphere, to the actuators to convert the wavelets to be processed. The frequencies are now in the Myriad of Chemism. The vibratory range of the metals of the Periodic Table of Elements will bring the remaining energies back into the precise vibratory rate which it should be, and in accordance with the energy states of which these metals have energy states to do so. Other elements composing the actuators may be zinc, tin, silver, tungsten, and such others, including the rare earths. When the right proportions of the other metals are used and applied, their "Lawful" energy states will refine the residue energies within the sphere, correcting each one to their proper and precise frequencies before passing them through the walls of the sphere. These corrected frequencies are picked up by the resonators and passed through the sphere in a plasmic state to the outer surface.

These frequencies on the outside of the sphere are all well beyond our sensory range but probably can be picked up through Kirlian photography, as used to detect the aura surrounding the human body.

The plasmic frequencies are then picked up by an outer stationery ring ready to be advanced to the higher Myriad which is in the seven octaves of the nano-hertz range. The outer ring is filled with materials which will sublimate to elevate these frequencies into a more true refined aetheric form. The sublimate here is powdered copper in a matrix of shellac.

This outer ring may be considered as an analog to the current atom smashers of conventional science. It can also be likened to the Van Allen Belt which surrounds Earth It breaks the frequencies down to true aetheric form beyond its plasmic state.

The energy has now been taken from its first "earth" state through its "liquid", its "air", and its "fire" states through different forms of phase/mode changes. It is put into its photonic state within the seven octaves of the Light Myriad.

The energy, as a sublimate of copper and organic shellac, then migrates to the "outer skin" of the device which is the outer bounds of the aura.

These many waves, being wavelets above light will then drop back over its last waterfall and create a scintillation ring around the device. Here it again comes within our sensory capability and the rainbow of scintillating light can be seen. At this point the energy in a different form from that of its outward journey now begins to traverse its journey in reverse direction and in reverse phase. It goes, step by step, returning the sublimates to their original origins, and back to the Neutral center of the sphere.

The Neutral center is densified aether being more dense than anything we have ever created. It can be the analog of the theorized "black hole" of space. Some of the energy will go back through the structure of the instrument to the base plate and cause the musical strings to hum audibly.

Its round trip completed, the energy is now ready to begin another traverse of its outward journey followed by its inward journey to repeat the process through the established Laws of Harmonics. The whole process is nearly instantaneous, and the obtainable energy is nearly infinite in quantity. One can readily observe that extreme caution must be used in operating the device. A sudden release of this energy can be disastrous.

The globe is designed to rotate from the attraction/repulsion of the sound when reflected on its inner face. Estimated rotation speed is about 1,500 r.p.m. and estimated horsepower output is approximately 30 HP. But this is not designed to be a motor or an engine. It is designed to be a device through which to learn the parameters of its operation. There is so much new material, beyond what is given here. The device is to be used only for the considerable education which we presently lack.

Several of the pieces of education which contribute to the building this device, (The Musical Globe), comes from the newly developed mathematics of Quantum Arithmetic. It comes mostly under the proven Laws of Harmonics as developed in Quantum Arithmetic. The design of the strings applies the Music of the Spheres which is found as a part of Quantum Arithmetic. The metals used as sublimates are determined and mathematically checked by quantizing the energy states of all metals. The progress of the energy over the various waterfalls, and the seven Myriads, is found only in Quantum Arithmetic. The balancing of the inward and outward flows of energy are explained in the part of Quantum Arithmetic described under "Synchronous Harmonics".

The two flows of energy, balance each other throughout their journey to the extent that they are undetectable by ordinary means or instrumentation. We have gained information and learned how the energy travels in vortexes and tori. Some of the details are described by Quantum Arithmetic, in Volume 3 of "Pythagoras And The Quantum World."

But all of this, (even Quantum Arithmetic), is not of human origin. It occurs through spiritual input from the metaphysical Myriad. A consortium of the spirits of long dead scientists is actively guiding todays scientists through the routine which must be utilized. This consortium has also guided others in the past in conventional science, but conventional science has chosen to ignore them, not realizing that their "creativity and enlightenment" by spiritual participation, is what lead them to their conclusions. There is still so very much more to learn, and it will take time to do so.

Some of the parts of the information come from current science. Especially so, is the adaptation of a very rudimentary "Wavelet Theory" and finalizing that theory into Law. This was done, again, through Quantum Arithmetic, and the actual synthesizing of single tones by using wavelets. This is the only current theory which is applied to any degree. The dogma of current science is dismissed entirely in the Musical Sphere. The truth emerges and the validity of the aether is finally justified.

Ben Iverson 2/27/97

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