Sympathetic Vibratory Physics- It's a Musical Universe!

Mind-Centered Thought-Ring

of Motion

SVPcosmos1 - This figure from Russell's "Atomic Suicide?" is a section of a body cell, magnified millions of times of diameters, showing relation of Mind [consciousness] to body [physical]. All matter is is composed of thought-rings of motion compressed together in spherical cells, atoms, planets and suns. Thought-rings are what we call our senses. They are Mind-centered and Mind-controlled through electrical messages sent to them from within, and are received as instinct, intuition, inspiration or other states of intelligence in accord with the ability of a body to recognize the nature of the message thus received. Man Alone has conscious awareness of the divine nature of the messages, but man must be far on his way to spiritual unfolding before he is fully aware that they are directly from the Creator to his Self. These centers in the omnipresent universe of Mind, constitute the "kingdom of heaven," which Jesus bade all men to seek. page 194, Atomic Suicide?
The configuration of energy patterns pictured above apply to any and all forms of matter. The outer ring may be seen as a symbol of One Whole with mirroring poles in the center and the periphery. The vortex lines are lines of centripetal (assimilative) and centrifugal (radiative) forces. All things are originated in Mind which is their source. The Mind in expression differentiates into two active polar states or forces: male/female, centrifugal/centripetal, positive and negative. I added "physical 3-D World" and "Pure Latent Energy" phrases for clarification. Think of the above as a cross-section of Atlin's sphere. The center of the shaft (does not move) is Mind while the brass sphere is matter (does move). DP 11/26/00

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