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12/18/01: Mind, Matter and Motion
12/8/01: Created an index of Graphics, Images and Photographs on this site. This is an incomplete list and will be completed as time permits.
11/1/01: 165,531 hits on this web site in November, 2001.
The new revised edition of "Atlin - Knowing I AM" is now available. PDF files located here.
11/1/01: 153,740 hits in October, 2001.
9/16/01: 163,759 hits in August, 2001.
7/30/01: Switched over to a more secure online catalog.
7/8/01: Important update (God and Music) to part four of the Universal Cosmology.
6/29/01: Added several new titles in downloadable pdf format to the secure online catalog. These ebooks are priced considerably less than hardcopy equivalents because our costs are less. PDF files located here.
Atlin - Knowing I AM
An Essay Upon Force in Nature and its Effect Upon Matter
Chord of Life Aura Chart Handbook
Dashed Against the Rocks
Keely and His Discoveries
Visible Sound
6/27/01: In an effort to improve service we now offer 50 SVP items converted to eBook format (pdf). These files are now available on the SVP online catalog: PDF files located here.
SVP Online Catalog
Type in < pdf > and hit return. A list of all the pdf ebooks will appear. There are a few new items on this list.
This new format allows us to deliver electronic ebooks anywhere in the world without the printing, fullfillment and shipping costs or the delays which can be as much as two months associated with hardcopy books. Eventually most of the other catalog items will be converted to this format as time permits.
4/12/01: Pier Ighina - co-worker to Marconi. Extraordinary scientific work paralleling Keely and Russell. Never before published materials and photographs.
03/14/01: Reservation of Rights & Copyleft Notice
02/13/01: Updated Universal Cosmology reworded some basic concepts added more definitions and links to supporting research. Added many new never before published graphics.
01/04/01: Updated Universal Cosmology - Genesis reworded some basic concepts added more definitions and links to supporting research.
12/28/00: Added several new art pieces to the SVP Art Gallery.
12/22/00: Posted Some Truths About Keely.
12/21/00: Enjoy the new beautiful art additions, Love and DreamSpinner on Wings, in the SVP Art Gallery.
12/20/00: Posted new Matter & Energy Chart
12/17/00: Updated the Universal Cosmology - Genesis.
12/9/00: New art/poetry in the SVP Art Gallery.
11/22/00: Creativity in the SVP Art Gallery. Also uploaded "Are Physical and Spiritual Energy Identical?"
11/20/00: Added much needed linking between SVP graphic images. SVP Art Gallery. Added graphic of Russell's Cubic Wave-Field.
10/27/00: Updated the SVP Events page. Check out SVP Workshops and where Atlin will be next summer.
10/22/00: Uploaded "Basic Acoustic Principles"
9/28/00: Disclaimer
9/20/00: added "The Ether and Its Functions"
7/30/01: Switched over to a more secure online catalog.
6/20/00: Uploaded Bloomfield-Moore's article The Keely Motor Secret
6/17/00: Placed Systran translation service on several SVP web pages. This allows translation from English into French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and German:
SVP Website Master Index
/svpvril: Mission Statement; Dynasphere, What Is It?; Engineering With Light, Life & Love
Keely's Forty Laws of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
Are Physical and Spiritual Laws Identical?
What Electricity Is.
6/16/00: Added 7 photos of Keely's Disintegrator.
5/26/00: New VoiceMail and FAX number for DSR: (720) 489-3788
The Dynamics of Mind by Henry Wood, 1895.
5/7/00: What Does it Mean to be Awakened?
Operation of the Vibratory Circuit.
Brown's Gas demonstrated to reduce radioactivity in Americium 241.
4/6/00: added Sketch of a Philosophy
3/27/00: SVP Workshop for Maine. The SVPvril web site has been accessed 1,788,326 times since July, 1997!!!
3/18/00: A Newton of the Mind - Propellor of Keely's Airship Described; and also Still Don't Believe in the New World Order?
3/8/00: China Threatens America with Nuclear War - World-wide Boycott of Red China underway
01/13/00: December, 1999 hit count for the SVPvril web site:
12/20/99: Uploaded original research detailing the Periodic Table Set to Music.

12/16/99: Resolution from State of Georgia
12/4/99: Added six never before published closeup photos of the Keely Motor.
12/1/99: November, 1999 was the first month SVPvril web site had over 100K of hits:
11/26/99: New research paper of critical importance to SVP demonstrating Laws of Attraction and Repulsion.
11/25/99: New research papers: It Really Is a Musical Universe! and Psoriasis.
11/21/99: Added more interesting SVP Questions & Answers. Updated Keely's definitions of Ether.
11/7/99: SVP Workshop in Tulsa, Oklahoma has been moved to January, 28, 29 & 30th, 2000. Uploaded a corrected version of the Matter and Energy Chart.
10/27/99: Added printable version of the Matter and Energy Chart.
10/19/99: 1999 Cosmic Light Symposium pictures.
10/15/99: SVP Workshop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, January, 28, 29 & 30th, 2000. Don't miss out!
10/9/99: Added 12 new Atlin photos.
10/4/99: Put up a whole series of interesting new Questions and Answers.
9/23/99: Recreated the Matter and Energy Chart for easier loading, viewing and expanded its content: Revised Matter and Energy Chart
9/1/99: updated Events page.
7/15/99: Add The SVP Suggested Reading & Reference List.
Updated SVP events page.
6/10/99: Labyrinth diagram.
4/29/99: Introducing the Chord of Life windchime.
4/1/99: Updated Humor page. Humor about now might be helpful. Ask anyone in Kosovo.
3/13/99: Added three pictures of Yull Brown's original gas generator. Placed 12 new pictures of Atlin including some never before published construction photos and two new graphics. Tweeked Keely's Secret. Also new links.
3/9/99: Added a new search facility. See above.
2/22/99: Keely's Secret to Rotation and Levitation revealed at long last.
2/17/99: In January, 1999 this site experienced 84,426 hits!!! Looks like a great year ahead! Thank you for visiting.
2/11/99: Placed a new page of fascinating Quantum Arithmetic materials. You gotta see this -> Liability for keeping books & records and filing IRS returns.
2/7/99: A new animated graphic of the triple planes of rotation revealing the source of Sacred Geometry. Also The Great American Banking Fraud.
2/6/99: The DSR book store now accepts Master Card and Visa credit cards. Introducing a new video from Dan Meador: Banking and Court Frauds. Millions will retrieve fraudulently confiscated property with this information?
2/1/99: Click the animated graphics above for a description. Ever wonder what is REALLY behind Keely's science and philosophy? If you are seriously interested then sign up (it's free!) with the open SVPvril Forum for serious explorations into SVP.
1/26/99: Science and Consciousness Conference; Do You Own Your Own Car?; Updated Humor, sitelist and FAQ2 with explanations of the two animated particles shown above. Also a new expose of our government in/action Nationwide Banking/Money/Credit Fraud.
1/17/99: Updated FAQ2 and Humor.
1/1/99: In December, 1998 this site experienced 64,552 hits from 55 different countries world-wide!!! What a way to begin a new year! I wish a zillion blessings on everyone during this year coming which promises to be a marvelous and brave cycle of change.
12/30/98: Fixed a lot of bugs and broken links. Added animated gif of Keely's Triplet Molecule to upper left of this page.
From the archives: Here is a posting from Ben Iverson of interesting material earlier this year.
12/15/98: Perhaps one of the most important documents in SVP is Bloomfield-Moore's article "What Electricity Is." I read it years ago not fully understanding what it said or its importance - until I reread it a few days ago. I feel it is so important that I post it here for all to see, download or share freely with your friends. Updated FAQ and FQ2.
12/4/98: Added the Birthday Windchime or copper and accompanying Musical Aura Chart Interpretation Handbook to the DSR Online Catalog. This is a special introductory offer.
PS: Atlin moved again last week! She rotated about an inch. We are actually harnessing dynaspheric force!
12/3/98: Reworked header menu on all pages to make it easier to navigate this growing web site.
12/1/98: Uploaded pictures of the Stone for John project. New page for Dr. Sabo's Relief Missions to Honduras and Haiti. Checked for dead links and touched up default menus.
11/12/98: There will be a gathering at Keely's grave site next Tuesday the 17th.
11/8/98: Placed 11 new video tapes in the DSR Online catalog. Lecture tapes from the earlier Keely Symposia with Ben Iverson, Dale Pond, Wim Leys, Shine Richards and many others. To be announced a new video on Dan Meador with more research background information and explanations of proper forms for implementing his research in court. Watch this space for its imminent arrival.
11/5/98: Placed 11 new audio tapes in the DSR Online catalog. Lecture tapes from the earlier Keely Symposia with Ben Iverson, Pamela Hughes, Dale Pond,Shine Richards, Lia Lissant and Dawn Stranges<. Music tape by John Heinle written from Keely's fabulous musical charts.
11/4/98: Added graphic of Keely's Dynaspheric Shells which surround the atom and molecule. Also a graphic of the Triune Terrestrial modes.
10/30/98: Of general interest to our visitors is how many of you are accessing this site - 31,097 hits in September alone! Thank you all for stopping by and partaking of this feast of the mind and heart. I feel quite honored. Access Statistics for September, 1998 and October, 1998, November, 1998, December, 1998.

10/27/98: Artoworld - unified approaches to Art, Science, Music, Mathematics, Engineering, Ancient Knowledge and practical applications.  Very interesting web site.
Added link to Dan Meador's latest version 4 of his research into Institutionalized Tyranny. Or see the shorter version.
Mata Amritanandamayi (Ammachi) awakened being with great teachings.

10/23/98: Check out this Fieldless Armature that Spins without a Magnetic Field. This image is part of my ongoing demonstration of Dynaspheric Force and what makes it work.
Looking for more books on Science and Nature ?
10/20/98: Added graphic of Edwin D. Babbitt's Atom taken from his marvelous book: "The Principles of Light And Color: Including Among Other Things The Harmonic Laws Of The Universe, the Etherio-Atomic Philosophy Of Force, Chromo Chemistry, Chromo Therapeutics, And The General Philosophy Of The Fine Forces"; 1878; 560p.
10/14/98: How about a great BC comic we can all laugh at...

10/12/98: Ben Iverson passed away last week. This is a great loss for us all. Ben was closer to me than my own family for 14 years. We developed many works in his specialty of Quantum Arithmetic and he helped and supported my work with SVP. Ben was the most loving person I have ever known and he will be sorely missed. He authored a number of articles found throughout this web site and a number of books on his marvelous system of Natural Arithmetic. He also authored a fascinating book on The Great Flood that shaped North America. I never met his children but I'm sure they are from the same mettle. Ben was one of the original rugged individuals that helped build this great country. Ben, I love you.

8/6/98: Probably the best presentation of Spirit/Mind/Matter issues I've ever read: The Asana of Science.
Science as a free-will investigation? Hardly, check out: Free Inquiry and Scientific Materialism. And by the time you have finished you will come to realize You Do Not Know a Single Thing.

Updated the Humor page, Other Sites.
Added new SVP/Keely items to the DSR Online Bookstore!!!.

7/4/98: Theo Paijman's new and extraordinary book "Free Energy Pioneer: John Worrell Keely" is now available!!! Theo has amassed a staggering encyclopedic collection of historical references on Keely and seeming all other researchers in America and Europe of that time period. He presents an astonishing array of science, technology and sacred/metaphysical/philospy ever to be brought under a single title. Theo makes a superhuman effort to cross reference the ideas and inventions of all these fabulous personalities. Contains new and unseen photos of Keely devices. A remarkable work! This book is destinied to become The Reference source for the New/Free Energy movements with its 57 pages of references and footnotes.Theo searched the libraries in Europe much as I searched the American libraries. Then I sent him everything I had collected on Keely so this book would contain everything findable and be the best possible reference on Keely. This is becoming our best-selling title! Order your copy now!!!
6/30/98: Added 57 new SVP/Keely items to the DSR Online Bookstore.
6/24/98: Public Notice.
6/11/98: Check out this leading edge research in vibrations and especially in acoustic levitation. This work, by a Russian scientist, parallels some of Keely's and my own research. Rhythmodynamics.
6/6/98: Updated Laughing Page, FAQ2, Other Sites, Dynaspheric Force master index of Volumes 1 & 2, new article from Ben Iverson. Spell checked every page on this site! DSR Online Bookstore online purchasing.
5/19/98: Our new Delta Spectrum Research Online Bookstore is NOW OPEN!!
Updated Humor, FAQ, Other Sites and Events pages.
5/14/98: Join our discussion list on Keely, SVP and related subjects: Science & Spirituality List ( at:
List-Operator: Peter K. Cross <>
4/12/98: Close-up view of Keely's Vibrophone. Graphic of Keely's Virtual Particles and its morphology. More new belly busters and more SVP Q&A additions.
Please mirror or download this site. Due to the "sensitive" nature of the materials contained herein and those soon to be posted we grant permission to anyone to mirror or download any or all files found on this site. Please retain source information.
3/28/98: Engineering Light, Life & Love. New funnies and more Q&As.
3/9/98: Announcing the Stone for John Project. Lots of new belly busters and more SVP Q&A additions.
Updated the Silver Colloid - Ętheroid information.
3/2/98: Updated Humor; Events; Other Sites and Frequently Asked Questions2. An interesting software announcement:
Voice Stress Analysis software - FREEWARE!
2/25/98: Updated Humor; Events; Other Sites and Frequently Asked Questions2.
2/15/98: Updated: Humor and Our Silver Works! page and posted new upcoming Events.
1/27/98: Unconditional Love is Dynamic Love.
1/14/98: It's a Funny Universe! Adding a little humor to laugh a lot!
1/7/98: Nearly all images have been streamlined for faster loading and/or improved image quality.
12/3/97: Added a few more Questions and Answers about Atlin.
11/25/97: Keely's original disintegration with sound is now being used to DISINTEGRATE MOLECULAR MATTER. NOTE: The company is called First American Scientific Corporation operating out of B.C., Canada, Nevada and California.
11/14/97: Declaration of Net Independence
10/16/97: What is the elusive energy Keely used to magically activate his machines? Read our review article: Playing in Grace and Mercy.
9/11/97: Nine new pictures of Atlin the Musical Dynasphere. First three, second three, third three.
8/9/97: What is the Dynasphere REALLY all about? Review our Mission Statement.
7/23/97: Included HPB's The Coming Force from her remarkable book The Secret Doctrine.
7/18/97: Added more pictures of the Dynasphere.
7/13/97: Another rare document found - An Interview with T. Galen Hieronymus.
7/7/97: Why does the Dynasphere exist? Service to Others is a collection of quotes from the Cayce readings revealing our connection to the Greater Universe and others. That connection is Love. Check out the videos on the Dynasphere.
6/15/97: Check out the marvelous and rare pamphlet Dr. Abrahms' Electron Theory.
6/11/97: Added Dawn Stranges' marvelous and revealing paper about the Dynasphere and its dynamics The Structure of Ether and Its Subtler Forces. Also a new perspective on sound and vibration in some old articles: Sound -- A Mystery and a Magic.
5/17/97: Uploaded a fascinating report of a visit to Keely's lab: Apergy: Power Without Cost. Also Dale Pond's latest paper: Roots of the Vibratory Etheric Tree plus a witnessed demonstration of Keely's Dissociation of Water and Iverson's article New Science New Energy.
5/16/97: Added new FDA piece on use of silver colloid for animals. Also read our comprehensive scientific and medical bibliography on silver, silver colloid and other silver bio-treatments.
5/11/97: NEW! Added a Search Field for locating pages within this site containing words or phrases. Give it a try.
5/9/97: Uploaded Mary Parmele's magnificent article defining and describing the laws of sympathetic vibration acting from molecular dynamics through the greater macrocosmic universe: Are Physical and Spiritual Energy Identical? Also a thought provoking article "Scientific Creation" by one of Keely's acquaintances, Julian Hawthorne.
4/29/97: Posted index of Dynaspheric Force newsletter, volume 1, 6/96-5/97.
4/21/97: New message from John.
4/1/97: Updated SVPvril catalogs of Vibrational (Keely's) Physics and Social Awareness.
3/18/97: Two new articles Silver Colloid Medical and Technical Research Bibliography and FDA speaks out on Silver Colloids.
2/19/97: New message from John; discussion on Keely and Occultism and Resonance vs Sympathetic Vibration. - What Is Money?
2/4/97: Added Keely's Charts of Molecular Morphology, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 and Pond's Chart of Matter and Energy.
1/29/97: New message from Atlin and New Science and New Times and a new feature - Frequently Asked Questions.
1/22/97: Added the remarkable book Lux Naturae about the universal properties and effects of Keely's Philosophy of Sympathetic Vibration. 
1/16/97: New messages from John and Atlin.
1/12/97: Featuring U. S. Patent Law Title 35 expose - this you have to see to believe! Also brief article on Colloids and the Tyndall Effect.
1/9/97: This site featured by The Discovery Channel OnLine on James Burke's History Connections contest - Webweaving- January, 1997. Added rare 1890 pamphlet Keely's Discoveries - Aerial Navigation.
1/5/97: Doubled number of quotes on ETHER from science. Added Un. of Texas - An "F" Grade article by FTIR, updated Pond's bio; added Bloomfield-Moore's Eulogy to Robert Browning.
12/21/96: Added the rare Moray Valve Manuscript. Pierre du Lac's articles on Common Sense and Personal Responsibility. Common Law and Zoning article.
12/12/96: Added three messages from Atlin, #1, #2, #3; and one each from Keely and Tesla. Also The Keely Motor - How It Works and Dawn's bio.
11/23/96: Added Propositions of Astronomy and Geometry, Quaternions, Hint of Our Philosophy and Musical intervals.
11/19/96: New message from John. Also drawing of Keely's 1877 room-sized motor.
11/18/96: Added new message from John.
11/16/96: Included Keely's Patent drawings with links to patent text. Added several new links including one to Col. John Jacob Astor's book A Journey in Other Worlds. Added 14 additional articles relative to SVP, levitation, Quantum Arithmetic, Keely and Bloomfield-Moore. These can be found in the Master Index.
11/14/96: Added The Doom of Steam or The Coming Force - this is one of the most significant articles ever presented on the subject. Added Keely's 40 Laws of Harmony.
11/13/96: Added 17 more original articles about Keely covering 1881-1899. There are now approximately 134 articles and photos about SVP, John Keely and the Musical Dynasphere. These can be found in the Master Index.
11/11/96: Added new message from John and 17 more original articles about Keely covering 1881-1899. These can be found in the Master Index. Also new picture of the Musical Dynasphere interior.
10/19/96: Added The Veil Withdrawn and Letters from Keely to Bloomfield-Moore and a new message from John W. Keely..
10/16/96: Added six more original articles (click here) about Keely covering 1881-1899. Also added Professor Daniel Brinton's The Laws of Being.
10/12/96: Added 20 more original articles about Keely covering 1881-1899. These can be found in the Master Index.
9/14/96: Added new page MESSAGES FROM JOHN W. KEELY which contains an ongoing stream of messages from the spirit of John Keely and others as recorded via Dawn Stranges.
September, 1996: SVPvril/DSR is now onLine! These first few pages are just the beginning. There are literally hundreds of articles, pamphlets, graphics and photos to be placed as time allows. New pages will be posted to this site from time to time so come back often.
Dynasphere Project: There is a Keely Musical Dynasphere or Globe Motor or Musical Sphere under development. More and more details will be posted here as the project goes more and more public. Check out the photos!. Check out the index to volume 1. We are currently publishing a newsletter Dynaspheric Force which discusses the ongoing dynasphere project. The newsletter covers every aspect of the device: its construction, theory, photographs, tuning and ongoing messages from spirit which are not limited to John Keely. The newsletter is issued once a month. Subscription rates are US$120 per year domestic and US$150 foreign. All issues mailed first class. Subscribe by sending snail mail to the address below with check or money order. Your subscription helps keep this project going! Back issues are US$10.00 each or US$80.00 for the complete volume of 12 issues bound together.
Dynasphere Project Summary part 1
Dynasphere Project Summary part 2
Dynasphere Project Summary part 3
Dynasphere Project Summary part 4
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